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The Ushi No Tane websites specialize in information, FAQs, and guides about the Nintendo console versions of the Harvest Moon, Story of Seasons, and Legend of the River King video games. These game genres are created and published in Japan by Marvelous. In other regions, you'll find Natsume, XSeed Games, Marvelous AQL of Europe, and Rising Star involved in the series' release.

The latest version of the farming series in various regions of the world are Bokujou Monogatari: Mitsu no Sato no Taisetsuna Tomodachi (June 2016), Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories in the App Store in various regions (except Japan), and Story of Seasons (December 2015, Europe).

The latest version of River King, in all regions of the world, is River King: Mystic Valley (2009).

Since 2000, Ushi no Tane has been run by a grouchy old lady who happens to be fond of video game agriculture. The website is not officially affiliated, sponsored, endorsed, or employed by the developers of Harvest Moon, Story of Seasons, or River King. This is simply a fan site.

Latest Harvest Moon News

ANB NA Sale and 3oT Face Options | Posted at 10:30 AM on 26 August 2016
In North America, Nintendo is having a Summer eShop Sale on a variety of digital video games, including Harvest Moon: A New Beginning. The digital version of the game is on sale for $20.99 (30% off from $29.99). The sale will end on September 1.

This week (Wednesday the 24th) was the 10th anniversary of the Japanese release of Rune Factory 1 and Innocent Life. The character illustrator for Rune Factory, Minako Iwasaki, created a special 10th anniversary image for the official Rune Factory blog. Both she and Producer Hashimoto thanks everyone for being fans of the game series. No word yet whether there are plans to develop Rune Factory 5.

Since not much went on this week, let's go over the facial adjustments you can make for your character in Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns. Once you unlock the door to the ancient ruins in Lulukoko, you can interact with the now-awake Witchie to change some of the character facial features that you selected at the beginning of the game. All you've to do is give her a crop, flower, or fruit that native to Lulukoko (Paprika, Melon, Pineapple, Cassava, Hibiscus, Blue Maria, Lychee, Orange, Mango, Banana, Cocoa, etc.), and she'll use her magic to change your skin color, face style, and eye color.

The facial options are gender specific; you won't be able to select a male-style face on your female farmer. Skin color and eye color are available for both genders.

There are 5 extra face styles (per gender) available at Witchie's shop that weren't available to select from when creating your character at the beginning of the game. To unlock these special face options, you merely have to raise Witchie's friendship to 25,000 FP or more. Here are the 5 extra options for girl farmers:

screen shot

Witchie also have 4 extra monochromatic heterochromatic (bi-color) eyes that you can select from. These options don't require you to win a fashion show or jump through a lot of hoops to unlock; you just need to raise your friendship to 20,000 FP with Witchie, Dessie, and Inari. The special eye color choices are yellow/blue, purple/pink, white/gray, and red/black:

screen shot

You can make these selections more than once per day if you'd like, and the cost is only a gifted item. Witchie doesn't charge a gold fee on top of the offering you give to her.

Famitsu's Top 30 Ranking estimates that Trio of Towns has now sold 180,572 retail copies since its released in June.

Until next time!

- Cher
(UNoT 16-year anniversary is on Sunday! Yipee!)
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