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The Ushi No Tane websites specialize in information, FAQs, and guides about the Nintendo console versions of the Harvest Moon, Story of Seasons, and Legend of the River King video games. These game genres are created and published in Japan by Marvelous. In other regions, you'll find Natsume, XSeed Games, Marvelous AQL of Europe, and Rising Star involved in the series' release.

The latest version of the farming series in various regions of the world are Bokujou Monogatari: Mitsu no Sato no Taisetsuna Tomodachi in Japan (June 2016), Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns in North America (February 2017), Harvest Moon: Skytree Village in North America (November 2016), and Harvest Moon: Skytree Village in Europe (June 2017).

The latest version of River King, in all regions of the world, is River King: Mystic Valley (2009).

Since 2000, Ushi no Tane has been run by a grouchy old lady who happens to be fond of video game agriculture along with two feline interns. The website is not officially affiliated, sponsored, endorsed, or employed by the developers of Harvest Moon, Story of Seasons, or River King. This is simply a fan site.

Latest Harvest Moon News

Natsume Contest Winners and MELON OVERLOAD | Posted at 05:23 PM on 11 August 2017
Happy farm'n Friday! It's mid-August already? This year is flying by so quickly...

Trio of Towns Updates

The Japanese version of Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns is still appearing on the Nintendo 3DS eShop popularity ranking for downloadable cartridge-based games for the past two-week period. The game was ranked #28 of 50, with Dragon Quest 11 taking spot #1. Not too bad for game that's been out for over a year in Japan.

XSeed is still working out the details for the game's ginormous DLC release in North America. Hoping to be able to give more information soon, the localization team posted a tweet this week of a scene from the cultural event between Westown and Lulukoko, where the Westown marriage candidates go on an adventure to try out different activities with the Lulukoko marriage candidates.

Natsume Collection Contest Winners

The 10 selected winners of the Show-Us-Your-Collection contest were posted on the Natsume Facebook page. There are some impressive-sized collections! Games, boxes, plushies, promo items, and even some paintings! Congratulations to the winners! You can browse through the winning entries on the company's photo album:

Meh, Forget Tomatoes...

It seems to be a no-go for tomatoes this year. After the deer ate the San Marzanos and the cherry tomato still not producing anything, it's best to change pace and concentrate on something that appears to be growing better.

Maybe a bit too much better... "Watermelon don't need that much spacing," or so I thought. They were just cute little sprouts when I planted them. Now they've completely taken over the front yard crop space and are beginning to expand into the other two beds. Five different varieties were planted, and I've no idea which one is which anymore! I do know that they are producing fruit, as each melon is now marked with a bright-colored stick flag. All that compost shoveling earlier this year appears to have helped make this lovely weed-like chaos possible.

What to do with all this watermelon? Margaritas? Grilled? Though I should probably wait until I can harvest it before thinking of cooking possibilities, as the local wildlife may just steal my juicy crops.

Until next time!

- Cher
(Maybe this weekend there'll be less adulting time and more fun time!)

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