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The latest version of the farming series in various regions of the world are Bokujou Monogatari: Tsunagaru Shin Tenchi (Japan), and Harvest Moon: A New Beginning in both North America and Europe.

The latest version of River King, in all regions of the world, is River King: Mystic Valley (2009).

Since 2000, Ushi no Tane has been run by a grouchy old lady who happens to be fond of video game agriculture. The website is not officially affiliated, sponsored, endorsed, or employed by the developers of Harvest Moon, Story of Seasons, or River King. This is simply a fan site.

PAX and Plushies | Posted at 11:50 AM on 29 August 2014

Happy Friday!

PAX Prime is this weekend in Seattle, where the Natsume fun-time rep CeeCee will be in attendance. If you are also attending the expo, keep an eye on the company's Facebook and Tumblr for times and locations at PAX where visitors can possibly snag some uncommon Natsume plushies.

The mega Harvest Moon plushies from SOTA Toys are now available for purchase at the SOTA Toys website. You can purchase the Harvest Moon: Lost Valley puppy, Lost Valley Chicken/Chick combo, Panda, and the mega cow that was part of the special Natsume-only pre-order promo from Harvest Moon: A New Beginning. Here is an image of the Lost Valley plushies and the Panda for size comparison:

The little yellow chick is actually reversible, similar to a Popple for those of us old enough to remember them ( Popple your Popple, they're a baaaaaaaallll ). It can look like a chicken egg, and then folded back around to look like a baby chicken, then squashed back into egg form.

The Lost Valley dog, in a smaller form, will also be the pre-order bonus for the game. The pre-order red bandana puppy will be available at Gamestop stores in the US and EB Games stores in Canada. There was a blue bandana puppy (which I missed, *sniffle*) that was given out during E3, but it was specifically for the show and will not be a pre-order bonus. There will be a special pre-order package from the Natsume website, but the details have not been released yet.

Two more characters profiles have been released for Lost Valley: Sam and Gilbert.

Sam is the local tough-guy merchant who sells you supplies as well as buys your products from you. Gilbert is a whimsical bard who has a poetic way of speaking. Gilbert is also a marriage candidate for those who are playing as the female main character. That makes two revealed bachelors and one bachelorette so far! CeeCee has also posted about the personalities of your farm animals, and how certain types will prefer different seasons, handle stress better, produces high quality or more products, or increase affection faster.

It's interesting to note that Story of Seasons also has animal personality traits. In the previous version of the game there were animal personalities, but they didn't appear to do anything. In this version, the animal personalities can randomly produce high quality items, produce an item with a bonus +1 star on its Star Rank, or receive multiple items at a harvest. There are only three types of animal personalities available, but the same personality won't affect a type of animal the same as on another. For example, having a docile personality on a Jersey cow might result with a random HQ item, but a docile Suffolk sheep may return a increase in Star Rank on its wool instead of HQ wool.

I am still plugging along in the game, working on unlocking the last Trade Depot vendor and finally proposing to Ms. Irresponsible-turned-responsible Elise. When you do hand over the Blue Feather and it is accepted, it just means that you're engaged to marry. You don't get married immediately seven days later. The next step after the feather hand off is to decide on a wedding plan, and then pay for the plan by talking to Veronica at the guildhall. The more elaborate the plan, the more it costs you to hold the ceremony. The most expensive plan will also produce a pregnancy faster than if you choose the simplest plan.

Until next time!

- Cher

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The first Lost Valley bachelorette! | Posted at 05:18 PM on 10 August 2014
Natsume continues to reveal new characters for their upcoming game, Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley. We now have Hanna, Jimmy, and the bachelorette, Emily.

Another character who was revealed is the first harvest sprite, Rowan. The yellow fellow will help you start your story in the valley by guiding you through the basic tutorials.

We already know that the Harvest Sprites will eventually be able to help you manage your farm, so hopefully we'll learn what Rowan's special ability will be.

As for Story of Seasons, things are quiet from XSeed's side as they are still toiling away at the game's localization. Remember that any release dates you discover online or at retail stores are just placeholders and not confirmed information.

The game's newely-patched Novice Mode has made it easier to conserve stamina when using tools, and items cost less in the stores, but it didn't seem to resolve the material supply problem. Construction objects require the same amount of materials; the boulders at the Safari Zone still require 600 Lumber and 100 Stone Lumber, yet the cost of construction is now only 70,000 G instead of 100,000 G. Being that money is rather easy to collect, especially now that you can work more by using less stamina, it doesn't feel like goals like the Safari remodels have been rebalanced with the introduction of a beginner's mode. It just means you can buy the required materials from Gunther's carpentry shop for less money, although Corona doesn't sell more of the materials while playing Novice mode versus playing Veteran mode.

Here is the September Nintendo DREAM 4-col comic!

- Cher
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Lost Valley Characters | Posted at 02:44 PM on 19 July 2014
Ceecee at Natsume has started ramping up the promotion of Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley by introducing some of the characters that you'll meet when playing the game.

The Harvest Sprites are a big part of the game, as they act as the upgrades for you tools. Instead of having to upgrade your watering can, you can ask the sprites to water your crops for you. The bag you carry around will also be categorized for easy searching, plus you can carry 255 of each item that you have inside your bag. How handy!

As new information becomes available, you can find it on Ceecee's Tumblr page.

On the Story of Seasons side of things, the game will finally be available for download on the Japanese Nintendo 3DS eShop starting on the 24th. There will also be a patch available for those of us with the Japanese version, which will add a novice difficulty setting when starting a new game. The exact details for this new playmode aren't known yet, but Marvelous has stated that:

I would hope that there are adjustments to key features of the game, mainly unlocking the last two Trade Depot vendors and the constant need for stone lumber. The material is needed for a lot of blueprints, for construction of the boulder area of the Safari (500 pieces), and even for your own house upgrades. To get the material you'll have to smash it yourself from the random rocks you find each day (or from the initial boulders on your farm), or by buying it directly at Gunther's shop, where it exists in limited supply each day for 1500 G each. Things like making required materials more plentiful would be great in a novice mode of the game, but we won't know how simplified the game will be until after the patch is available.

- Cher
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