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The Ushi No Tane websites specialize in information, FAQs, and guides about the Nintendo console versions of the Harvest Moon, Story of Seasons, and Legend of the River King video games. These game genres are created and published in Japan by Marvelous. In other regions, you'll find Natsume, XSeed Games, Marvelous AQL of Europe, and Rising Star involved in the series' release.

The latest version of the mainstream farming series in various regions of the world are:

The latest version of River King, in all regions of the world, is River King: Mystic Valley (2009).

Since 2000, Ushi no Tane has been run by a grouchy old lady who happens to be fond of video game agriculture along with two feline interns. The website is not officially affiliated, sponsored, endorsed, or employed by the developers of Harvest Moon, Story of Seasons, or River King. This is simply a fan site.

Latest Harvest Moon News

Shirts, HM Game Sale, and LoH Spotlight #2 | Posted at 06:53 PM on 22 September 2017
Happy Farm'n Friday! As summer goes away for another year, it's cool enough to finally plant some spinach and not have it bolt due to heat. I've to grow something this year, dang it!

T-Shirt Review

Last week I picked up three of the farming themed shirts available on Amazon.com: the Farming Simulator pink heart, the RSG "Now Loading" chicken, and the Natsume bubbly bluebird. All three were made of different fabric blends. The FS shirt is 90% Cotton / 10% Poly, the RSG shirt is 100% Cotton, and the Natsume shirt is 65% Poly / 35% Cotton.

All three shirts fit pretty well for their purchased size. The RSG shirt didn't shrink (that I could notice) after it went through the laundry, even though it's made of 100% Cotton. The FS and Natsume shirts looked just as well as they did before going through the washing machine and clothes dryer, although the RSG shirt's design looks a little more scuffed up as its print feels different than the other two, as best as I can describe it at least.

Generally they're all pretty good shirts. Keep an eye out for the tag though, as Amazon puts a label sticker on the inside neck opening of the shirts. Not removing the sticker before washing results in a piece of paper stuck to the inside of the shirts that is now more difficult to peel off. Ooops! Ah, the stickers will eventually wear off, I hope!

Digital Game Sale

Until September 30, many of Natsume's digital farming game offerings are for sale for 50% off in North America:

The sale does not include the Nintendo Gameboy virtual console games Harvest Moon 1, Harvest Moon 2, or Harvest Moon 3. These three Nintendo classics remain at their $4.99 price in both United States and Canada. It also does not include the older Playstation game Harvest Moon: Back To Nature.

Light of Hope Feature Spotlight #2

This week, Producer Taka explained some of the new farming features in the new Harvest Moon game he's working on. There's also a new video of the main character tilling up soil in the farm areas, planting seeds in various spots, watering, and harvesting.

In this version there is a new "farming friend" feature that gives players hints as to how their crops are doing. The thought bubble color appears to change color when you apply fertilizer or compost. If you've not picked the crop before, the icon in the Farming Friend bubble will display as "?" until you harvest and its entry is added to the encyclopedia. But if you're already picked that crop before, Taka explains the "?" appearing again indicates a successful crop mutation!

The video has several types of crops (Potato, Strawberry, Pink Pansy, Cabbage, Carrot, Tomato, etc.) and even an Apple Sprout is seen as the main character pages through her seed inventory. A few animals are also included such as cow, sheep, horse, and two colors of Poitou donkeys. Tools can cover multiple areas, and there's even some decorations like stone blocks, hedges, and lumber.

If you want to learn more about a topic or have any questions about Light of Hope for Producer Taka for future Feature Spotlights, Natsume is welcoming any inquires sent in by curious gamers. You can send a tweet to the Natsume_Inc Twitter account along with #HarvestMoon hashtag, reply to the post topic on the company's Facebook page, or send an email directly to ceecee@natsume.com. Natsume is taking questions for Taka until the 25th (next Monday), so send in what you want to know more about!

Until next time!

- Cher
(Unripe watermelon -> watermelon pickles! At least something positive is coming out of it.)
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