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Harvest Moon 64

Console:Nintendo 64
Japan Release:
N.America Release: January 2000

Introduction: The Game begins on a farm on this island in the middle of no where. You are introduced by the Mayor and are given a tour around not only your Farm, but the Town. You are quick to notice that the farm is in very poor condition since no one has worked on it since your Grandfather's passing. Yes that's right, your Grandfather used to run this farm. You are given the assignment to restore the Farm to its original state and befriend most of the villagers in a 3 year spam. At this 3 year mark your Father will come to the island and evaluate your past 3 years work. Throughout this game you will be playing the role of "Jack" the farmer reliving childhood memories, dreams, and befriending dozens of villagers from around the Town. The main part of the game lasts only 3 years, but if you succeed you can play on until your heart's desire.

The game's central story line is exceedingly simple. You are a farmer named Jack in his early twenties. You are to raise money by growing crops, raising animals [cows, chicken, & sheep] and you are to restore the state of the farm to what it used to be back in the day. Clear away the weeds from day to day, raise your Dog, raise a Horse, add-on to your House, and raise a family. Throughout your stay on the island many different events will occur. Every season [four in total] there will be 3 to 7 different festivals in each season. Besides those festivals there will be dozens of minor events with separate characters, which in turn will build your relationship with them. Life on the farm is a never ending journey, so roll up your socks and roll around in the mud, its time to get dirty!

Information supplied by hmotaku.net (Oct 2003 - Oct 2006)

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