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Wild Items


During the Spring, Summer, and Fall seasons you can find shippable items for free throughout the village. The items will regrow and you can pick them up every day. Some things grow back quickly, but then there's other items, like the Bluemist Flower, that take several days to reappear. There's nothing better then free money!

You can also eat some of the free items to regain some of your stamina if you need to keep working that day. Honey is a good food that recharges your strength, but you can't eat the flowers.

NameSeasonSell Price
Moondrop FlowerSpring40 G
Very BerrySpring45 G
Purple HerbSpring75 G
Green HerbSpring100 G
CayenneSummer40 G
BlueberrySummer50 G
Red HerbSummer80 G
Pinkcat FlowerSummer150 G
ChestnutFall50 G
Orange HerbFall130 G
Bluemist FlowerFall500 G
HoneyNot Winter83 G
CoralAll Seasons35 G
MushroomAll Seasons50 G
ToadstoolAll Seasons60 G

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