Ushi No Tane - Harvest Moon Gameboy PHP-Update LoH Players Guide and March '18 4-col Comic Happy Farm'n Friday! Overnight temps are getting warmer, so hopefully this weekend will be the big spring bulb planting project. There's a lot of daffodil, tulip, and allium bulbs to plant that, hopefully, won't need to be replanted once they're in the ground. The broccoli and marigolds are ready to be planted outside too! Granted, with my luck it might start raining and I'll then be stuck indoors playing video games...

Light of Hope Strategy Guide
Prima Games will be publishing a hardcover strategy guide for Harvest Moon: Light of Hope, set to be released on May 29. This collector's edition guide is a separate purchase and not included in the NISA Limited Edition bundle or the Gamestop Special Edition bundle. The guide retails for $39.99 USD and includes:

A two-sided foldout poster,Interviews with the makers of Harvest Moon (you guys, make Doc a candidate already!),Farming strategies and profit maximizer,A guide to all the fetch-quest missions in the game,Full character profile and friendship/gift information, andA promo code to download a digital guide for the game that includes crop and mining data.
The digital version will be available for a discounted price of $9.99. The Harvest Moon: Light of Hope Celebration eGuide will also be available early on "May 28th 09:00 PM" for those who will be getting the game on the 29th.

The collector's edition guide isn't sold directly through the Prima Games website. Prima is linking to other retailers who will be selling the guide. These include Amazon (North America), Amazon Canada ($50.45 CDN), Amazon France (€33.99), Amazon Germany (€34.75), Amazon UK (£28.66), and Gamestop US. The guide is listed as English language text for AMZ France and Germany though, but at least it's a bonus that is available for farmers outside of the United States! Kudos to Prima and Natsume for making it available to a wider audience.

You can read more about both versions of the Light of Hope guide on the Prima Games website:

Harvest Moon: Light of Hope A 20th Anniversary Celebration Collector's Edition GuideHarvest Moon: Light of Hope A 20th Anniversary Celebration eGuide
March Nintendo DREAM 4-col ComicAnd here's the March 2018 edition of the Nintendori 4-col comic! Looks like Emi continues to really like fish farming.

Until next time!

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March 2018 Mobile Events, LoH Plushie, and Gerry HM64 Guide Funded Happy Farm'n Friday! The new crop planting attempt this week was verbena. While the tomatoes and marigolds are easy to grow (and they're doing quite well too), these verbena flower seeds have some odd instructions. So far I've had to put them in dirt like normal, but then place the tray of dirt in the refrigerator for a week (i.e., cold stratification). After that I'm suppose to keep them in a dark spot and then wait 3 to 4 weeks for the seeds to sprout. Oye, now I understand why that plant costs more than other similar annuals at the local garden centers.

And this morning one of the marigolds lost a branch. Overnight it seems one of the Fogu interns (I'm assuming it wasn't Mr.Fogu) tried to eat the plant's foliage, but then spit the unchewed leaf back out. Perhaps there is something to the theory of marigolds being pest deterrents.

Bokumono for Mobage March Events
It's a new month with a new set of community events in the Japan mobile Bokumono game on the Mobage network. Starting today, there's a harvest-style festival with a Hinamatsuri theme. Players can grow lamp trees, platform flowers, and care for little chicks dressed up in their girl's day doll attire. Harvesting farm products will earn festival points, with awards being given out on March 9 based on the total points earned.

Starting on the 11th is a hungry animal event, where players grow special crops to feed to one of three randomly appearing animals on their farm. Feeding the right number of crops per animal will award prizes depending on the total number of each type of animal fed. The 500-crop animal is challenging to feed during its appearance time, but other players can feed your assigned animal as well, helping to complete the task before it expires.

Then on the 22nd, a bingo-style event will take place. Players have a special event 3x3 sized field to grow bingo flowers. Match three in a line (or max bingo with all 9 slots) to earn bingo points, with prizes awarded based on points earned.

Light of Hope Preorder Bundles
The Ps4 and Nintendo Switch versions of Harvest Moon: Light of Hope is scheduled to release on May 29 in the US and Canada. For farmers in the US, preorders of the physical edition of the game at Gamestop will receive a Chocolate Cow plushie (as long as they're in stock and not sniped by store employees, of course. Or stored in the employee bathroom, but that's another story...) The special edition of the game retails for $39.99:

Harvest Moon Light of Hope Special Edition (Nintendo Switch)Harvest Moon Light of Hope Special Edition by Natsume (Playstation 4)
Currently the special edition and its Chocolate Cow plushie is only available for Gamestop preorders in the US.

But there's a second option: The NISA Limited Edition bundle

This special bundle contains a copy of either the Nintendo Switch or Playstation 4 game, the above mentioned Chocolate Cow plushie, a CD of the game's music, an animal pin set, and a hardcover blank farmer's journal to keep notes in such as crop mutation tracking. This limited edition of the game is available on the NISA store and costs $64.99 plus shipping, with a release date of May 29:

Harvest Moon®: Light of Hope SE Limited Edition (Nintendo Switch)Harvest Moon®: Light of Hope SE Limited Edition (PS4)
Just FYI, NISA had some, erm..., security issues with their shopping site the past few days, so use Paypal if you're planning on ordering their Limited Edition of LoH.

Gerry's HM64 Guide Kickstarter UpdateMatt Gerry's crowdfunding Kickstarter to release his detailed Harvest Moon 64 players guide to the public has reached its $3,500 funding goal and is still growing. Gerry has shuffled in some special prints of his guide to backers such as $30 for a black/white paperback copy of the guide, $40 for a color version, and $60 for a hardcover copy. There's still time to jump in to get a last physical print run of the guide:

Harvest Moon 64 Player's Guide PDF and Video Guides
Until next time!

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HM64 Guide Kickstarter, RSG Contest, and Feb 2018 4-col Happy Farm'n Friday! I was going to start planting bulbs last weekend, but Mother Nature has decided it is no longer early Spring and has several below-freezing nights coming our way. Bah! I did manage to till compost into the flowerbed where the bulbs will be going, so at least that'll be ready for when the weather stops being doofy.

Many of the broccoli and spinach seeds didn't germinate either. Only 2 of the 7 broccoli sprouted! New seeds have been planted, and one of them has already started to take root, so originally I probably planted them too deep. That first marigold seedling already has its second set of leaves too.

Gerry's Guides HM64 KickstarterMatt Gerry from Gerry's Guides has launched a crowdfunding campaign to release his Harvest Moon 64 Players Guide for free in PDF format. A hard-cover version of the guide was for sale through etsy, and a digital format is currently available through Apple iBook. For those who don't have i-devices, Mr. Gerry was looking into making it available on Amazon Kindle devices. Unfortunately it would require an enormous effort to publish the iBook version to Kindle. As an alternative, he's decided to start a Kickstarter to fund a PDF and ePUB version of his guide. If the funding is successful, then the guide will be available for everyone to read and enjoy.

Gerry's guide is a meticulous how-to walkthrough for Harvest Moon 64, covering how to get all the recipes, photo album pictures, raising friendship with the villagers, stamina levels, and so on. It's the ultimate guide to the classic game that took him over two years to develop.

If you're interested in donating to the project, even if it is just a little bit, you can learn more about it on the Kickstarter website:

Harvest Moon 64 Player's Guide PDF and Video Guides by Gerry's Guides, LLC
The Kickstarter ends April 9, 2018.

RSG's Lunar New Year ContestThe overseas publisher for Harvest Moon is having a plushie contest to celebrate the Lunar New Year. Those in the region supported by RSG can like their Instagram photo of the Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley dog plushie to possibly win the it. The winner will be revealed next Tuesday (the 20th).

"We at RSG HQ would like to wish everyone a very Happy Lunar New Year!"
RSG's Instagram post also revealed that the company still plans to release Light of Hope this Spring in Europe, Australia, and the Middle East.

Harvest Moon LoH SaleAlso in celebration of the Year of the Dog, the Steam version of Harvest Moon: Light of Hope is on sale for 10% off. The sale will end on February 19. Other games are on sale as well such as Natsume's Wild Guns: Reloaded.

Save 10% on Harvest Moon: Light of Hope on Steam
February 4-Col ComicHere's Matsuyama-san's February 2018 4-col Comic from Nintendo Dream!

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(Finally got a Banananya Cat event in Mura+, but I put the game in sleep mode to photograph it later and my JP 3DS locked up...) Sat, 17 Feb 2018 01:55:23 +0000
Light of Hope SE and TGL Funding Happy Farm'n Friday! The broccoli, spinach, and marigold seeds are now happily germinating under their new grow light, all tucked in and ready to sprout. Mr. Fogu has the house automation system turning on the grow light for 12 hours each day, and the auto-watering system is in place, so I'd expect that we'll have better success with this setup. So far there's been one marigold seed that has emerged, with a second marigold beginning to pop up. Nothing on the broccoli and spinach though.

Light of Hope Ps4/Switch DetailsThis week, Natsume and Producer Taka announced that the Playstation 4 and Nintendo Switch versions of Harvest Moon: Light of Hope will be released on a to-be-determined date in May in North America, while Rising Star Games will be handling the release in Europe, Australia, and the Middle East. The special edition for the home consoles will cost $39.99 and be available in both digital and physical editions. It hasn't been revealed yet what makes this so "special" though. Maybe P.Taka has finally ceded to my relentless nagging for Doc to be a marriage candidate?! Ha, yea probably not...

Looking at the special edition logo, there's a distinct purple crystal in the lower-right corner that is not on the normal Light of Hope logo. Inside the crystal are two little guys, each having one blue eye and one purple eye. We'll have to wait and see what these two jeweled kiddies are bringing to the console version of the game.

The Good Life Tries AgainBack in September there was a crowdfunding campaign for Japanese video game director Swery's latest vision, called The Good Life. In this game you would play as Naomi, a reporter heavily in debt who is sent by her newspaper to check out the village of Rainy Woods. Naomi ends up in the middle of a murder mystery in the old English farming village, exploring its secrets in both human and mysterious cat form, while taking on part-time jobs to pay off her debt such as sheep sheering and delivering milk. The funding campaign did not meet its $1.5 million goal to move the game forward into development, but Swery said that wasn't going to be the end of his idea.

Starting on March 26, there will be a second attempt at crowdfunding his game, this time through Kickstarter instead of Let's hope there'll be more backers to support this who-done-it mystery game with farm'n feels.

Until next time!

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Feb 2018 Mobage Events, 20th Winners, and Nintendori News Happy Farm'n Friday! The mild winter we've had means rain instead of snow, which is a-okay with me! Now even the Iris rhizomes that were divided and translated last fall are beginning to come up, though I don't expect they'll bloom this year.
Bokumono for Mobage February EventsWhile it might be warming up for Spring here in the Pacific Northwest, over in Japan the Winter-themed events continue in the social browser-based version of the farming game. This month there are three community prize events scheduled:
From the 1st until the 9th, the Snow Festival is taking place. This is a harvest-style event where players grow Ice Castle trees, Snow Flower crops, and care for muffler-wearing farm dogs and ear-mittened farm rabbits. The more points collected with each harvest, the higher the overall point rank will be. This event also includes the heart exchange feature, where harvesting lots of products will allow you to give heart points to your farm friends, which can be turned in for more prizes.Starting on the 11th, a bingo-style event will take place. Players will grow special bingo crops in a 3x3 field and if they align up at maturity, a bingo triggers that awards points toward the festival rank. In similar past events the bingo crop seeds required real-time currency (yen) to purchase, but typically there's a few crops awarded for the daily login or watering the crops on another player's bingo field.Then on the 21st, a big-crop event begins. During the deka events, players grow special crops to raise a rank level. At level up, a three-card monty game begins that will award special event nuts the longer players keep guessing the correct card. Once the wrong card out of the three is selected, the nuts are awarded and can be exchanged for in-game prizes.
Natsume's 20th Anniversary Contest ResultsThis week Natsume revealed the winners of the art contest celebrating the 20th anniversary of Harvest Moon series' release in English. There were six Grand Prize winners and 12 First Place winners. There's some pretty neat things in there, and not just drawings! There's also a modeling clay sculpture, a crochet diorama, a cross stitched project, and even some cookies (oohh num num)!

Visit the Natsume Facebook page to take a look at our fellow farmers with some pretty awesome artistic talents:
Harvest Moon 20th Anniversary Art Contest GRAND PRIZE WINNERSHarvest Moon 20th Anniversary Art Contest FIRST PRIZE WINNERS
Producer Hashimoto's Last Nintendori MessageFor the past few years in every issue of Nintendo DREAM magazine, Bokujou Monogatari series producer Yoshifumi Hashimoto has published a little note to fans in the magazine's monthly Marv-Fan article, letting everyone know how he's doing and giving some insights into the farming series. In the March edition of Nintendori, Producer Hashimoto has decided that this will be his last update published in the magazine. In his 72nd update, "HashimotoP" thanks the series fans for all their support and suggestions, the staff at Marvelous, and those who publish and report game information such as Nintendo DREAM. He also wrote a bit about those in the industry he's worked with and respects. Finally, Hashimoto wrote how he enjoyed putting together the recently released collaboration DLC for Futago no Mura+.

Thanks for your updates over the years, Hashimoto-san! Hopefully he'll be able to reveal what's going on with the Nintendo Switch version of Bokujou Monogatari as he continues to work on the farming series.

Until next time!

- Cher
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Mura DLC #4 and #5, and Classic 4-col Comic Happy Farm'n Friday! The peonies planted last fall are beginning to sprout along with the tulips and narcissus. Spring will be here soon! The average night temperature has been in the low 40s °F (~6 °C), though this zone still has a chance of frost until April 15. So far the black/purple carrots are this year's unique crop, but I'm hoping to find something else exceptional to grow. Jicama looks to need hotter temps, and last year's tomatillos and watermelons were disappointing... though the pickled watermelon turned out rather sweet!

Don't forget there's only two more days to pick up the iOS/Android mobile game, Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories, for 50% off! The sale ends on the 28th.

Mura+ DLC 4 and 5DLC #4 came out on the 18th for 100 Yen, adding the Bananya cat as a character in the game. It's suppose to appear as you visit houses and shops, but for me it hasn't appeared at all. Perhaps another requirement is needed before it appears. Dangit kitty cat, where areee yooouuuuu?

The Basket de Gohan DLC, the last announced addition to Futago no Mura+ (#5), was released on the 23rd. It costs another 100 Yen and requires 2 blocks of SD space. This time it is the penguin Ginpe who is added to the game. Ginpe appears in the game when walking up to the top of the mountain from Bluebell High-Mountain. The little penguin is excited to see the pond by the festival grounds and jumps in and out of it. Of course, tossing something into the pond at the top of the mountain will summon the Harvest Goddess, who makes an appearance and quickly realizes it wasn't an offering that went into her pond.

The Harvest Goddess will ask why the penguin is here. He tells her that he was separated from his friends, Sanpe and Cheza, and is now lost. Sanpe and Cheza are also penguins from the zoo. They were tired of their everyday lives and decided to venture out to see the world. HG wants to see the zoo, but her goddess duties means she has to stay put. Ginpe gets an idea and asks if the Harvest Goddess can locate his missing friends. HG then volunteers you for the task; the issue is that Ginpe can't talk directly to humans, so she's asking you for help in his place. The missing friends must be around the mountain somewhere, and she'll give you a Gold Ore as thanks for helping. Since you can't talk to Ginpe, he'll just hang out by the pond until you find his friends.

Now it's up to the player to locate the other two penguins. I've found Sanpe so far, who was by the waterfall in Konohana Mid-Mountain. Haven't found Cheza yet, but it's only a matter of time!

Older Nintendo DREAM 4-col ComicAnd here's the 4-col comic from May 2012, with Hart from A New Beginning!

Until next time!

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SoM iOS Sale and Mura DLC #3 Happy Farm'n Friday! The Narcissus are already beginning to sprout through the piles of leaf mulch. Spring will be here soon! Now, what to plant in the front yard this year... probably not watermelons again...

Farming Game SalesHarvest Moon: Seeds of Memories is currently $4.99 USD (50% off). The sale is for the iOS version hosted on the Apple App store and not the Android Play Store. The game works on iOS 6 or later, doesn't require a persistent internet connection, and doesn't contain in-game third-party advertisements. The sale ends on January 28.

Update (Jan 21) - The game is now 50% off on the Google Play store too!

Mura+ DLC #3On Wednesday the third Japan-only DLC pack for Futago no Mura+ (or Tale of Two Towns 3DS) was released for the game. The Hana Kappa Collab costs 93 Yen and requires 2 blocks of SD space.

Players meet Hana Kappa by walking from Bluebell Village to the Bluebell Low-mountain area. It introduces itself and says it came from Yamabiko Village in search of a flower that will help it grow. Since you live in the area, Hana Kappa asks if there are any yellow-colored flowers around and requests that you come back to talk when you have one in your bag. The flower in question is a Moondrop Flower, which are found wild in the mountain area. Once collected, you simply return the next day to the BB Low-Mountain area to show it the flower. Hana Kappa will be pleased with what you've managed to bring, and the flower on top of its head will turn yellow after you show it to kappa. While the flower is pretty, Kappa says that it's not the the lifetime flower it is looking for. To reward your efforts it will give you a flower in return (in my case it was a Sunflower) and then ask to see a blue mountain flower. This'll require you to hunt down a Blue Magic Flower (reward: Blue Rose) and then a Red Magic Flower (reward: Red Rose).

After that, Hana Kappa will be happy about seeing all the lovely flowers, but decides it's time to return to Yamabiko Village. It will say that you're now its friend and then heads up the mountain path.

The game also updated to version 1.3, which added support for the DLC as well as corrected a cooking recipe.

Stardew is SUPER POPULAAAAAAAAAccording to Nintendo of Japan's download stats for digital games outside of Japan that were released for the Nintendo Switch console (basically NA and PAL), the mighty Stardew Valley is the most downloaded game in 2017. The farming game outranked Minecraft for Switch, Sonic Mania, and even Rocket League. Everyone likes a good farm'n game!

Stardew was just released for the Switch in Japan on the 10th of January this year, so its impact on the JP region has yet to be determined.

Until next time!

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Mura+ DLC #2, SV in JP, and Jan '18 4-col Happy Farm'n Friday! Christmas is mostly put away for the year, except for a little two-foot tall fiber optic tree sitting in the corner of the living room. Mr.Fogu said he's fine with having that one item out all year round (woo!) CHRIIISTMAAAS ALL YEEEARR LOOOONNGG!
Mura+ DLC #2The second bonus Japan-only DLC was released on Thursday for the 3DS version of Tale of Two Towns+. The Pisuke and Usagi DLC costs about 93 Yen and takes 2 blocks of SD space.

After purchasing and downloading the extra content, the mayor of the town you're living in will visit in the morning to introduce the little bird and little rabbit. You're invited to talk to them if you happen to spot them in the mountain area. I have yet to see them wandering around the mountain though, so I'm probably just missing the day, weather, or time that they appear. Ok, finally found their first event by going from Konohana to Kono Low-Mountain after 4pm. So they're definitely around.

The game also updated to version 1.2, though I couldn't tell what the patch corrected.

Stardew in Japan
In the Nintendo Direct Mini earlier this week, Nintendo of Japan promoted the release of Stardew Valley for the Nintendo Switch. The popular indie farming game was already launched on the North America and Europe Switch eShops in October 2017, and is now downloadable from the Japan eShop. The digital game costs 1480 Yen after taxes (about $13 USD).

You can read more about the Japan release on the Nintendo website:

Stardew Valley|Nintendo Switchソフト|Nintendo
January 4-col ComicAnd here's the January 2018 Bokumono 4-col comic from Nintendo DREAM magazine!

Until next time!

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New Futago Guide and Jan 2018 Mobage Events Happy Farm'n Friday! This weekend I've the sad task of removing all the Christmas lights until next holiday season. Though, it keeps raining every time I go outside to take something down. I don't think the weather will convince Mr.Fogu to let me keep the lights up (drat!)

Futago no Mura+ kind of plusSo with Tale of Two Towns+ in Japan, I was hoping there would be some special, unrevealed features that were still waiting to be discovered. Maybe Marvelous will remove the ridiculous house upgrade from Eileen's options for at least the first season she offers? Maybe Alisa will be able to have a kid? Maybe the kitchen will stop asking to rewrite the recipe every time you cook a dish?

Yea nope, nope, and nope, or at least from what I can tell. The Kodakawa strategy guide was released for the game last week and the book is the same, page for page, as the guide book that was released for the DS version back in 2010. Content wise, the new strategy guide has 8 more pages at the end, but everything from page 1 to page 287 is identical between the two books. The new pages at the end simply cover the five points that makes the game "plus": the 3DS game controls, Streetpass, character personality traits, the post-marriage art cards, and the animal petting mini game. There's also a separate page for the DLC covering the two DLC options: the three wild animals and then the four character collaborations that cost 100 yen each.

That's it; no extra clothing outfits, no new marriage candidates, no new recipes, and so on. The guide did reveal exactly the benefits of the new personality types though:

Animal Lover: Puts you at 300 points of friendship with the wild animals. At this level they won't attack or flee from you. This has no affect on the poultry or livestock animals on your farm.Fisher: The fish you catch with the fishing pole will get a bonus +50 star points, which will increase the star rank of the fish. As a fisher, players will catch fish that are at least 1 star in quality.Tycoon: Start the game with an extra 10,000 G.Charmer: Villagers will begin with 10,000 points of friendship (2 flowers). This makes it a bit easier to start going out on dates with marriage candidates and may speed up the marriage process.
January Bokumono for Mobage Events
This month in the mobile version of Bokumono, there are three community events scheduled:

Starting on the 2nd and lasting until the 10th, a harvest-style event is taking place. Players can harvest new year's sea bream flowers and trees that produce new years food boxes (osechi). They're also collecting goods from lucky cranes and New Years doggies. Harvesting at the right time can reward with heart tokens to give to other players, which can be exchanged for various in-game rewards. Likewise prizes will be awarded based on the player's earned rank for harvesting the special new year celebration items.On the 12th, the deka-nut style event will begin. Players will have special fields to grow special crops that when harvested will raise a level gauge. Once the level reaches max points, a three-card monte game will start where picking the correct red, blue, or green card will continue with the card selection. Once the wrong card is picked, deka nuts will be awarded based on how long the didn't-pick-it chain lasted. Earning certain numbers of nuts will award prizes such as new farm backgrounds, hair styles, and clothing outfits.After the deka event, a hungry animal event will begin on the 23rd. In this style of event players will grow crops that can be used to feed animals that randomly appear under each player's account. They can also feed the animals under their friends' accounts, as successfully filling an animal's tummy will mark it as fed in the list of available prizes. Feeding certain numbers of animals will reward prizes.

Until next time!

- Cher
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Futago Sales, 2018 Celebrations, and Older 4-col Comic Happy Farm'n Friday! Hope you all got some nice farming equipment for Christmas. Mr.Fogu's mom gifted me a pitchfork and a bag of tulip bulbs :) Now I can use the pitchfork to dig up my dahlias in the Fall without accidentally splitting them with a shovel.

Futago no Mura+ Sales
The tracker of Japan retail sales, Media Create, reported that from the 14th (the game's release date) to the 17th, the 3DS Japan release of Tale of Two Towns sold about 15,600 copies. From the 18th to the 24th, the game had already dropped off the Media Create Top-20 sales chart.

The reviews on are (unfortunately) generally unsatisfied, as players are comparing it to the improved Trio of Towns. Complaints about its expensive cost for a simple DS-to-3DS port and its DS-quality graphics are mixed in with general gameplay complaints such as the once-per-day save system, game progress tied to the cooking festivals, and how shops are closed on rainy days. One reviewer had experienced conversation dialog that contained no text, and another complained about the Harvest Goddess' constant use of "pan pan pan" (i.e., Taaadaaaa). The addition of the auto-run without needing to press the left-shoulder button is liked though, as is the introduction of main character personality trait options at the start of the game. So far there's 18 reviews with an average score of 2 out of 5 stars. The original DS game is scored at 3.5 of 5 stars from

Oh my :| But on the bright side, the rating for the game in the JP Nintendo eShop is 4 out of 5 stars! Sixteen of the 26 ratings are 5 stars and only three ratings are 1 star. The game itself plays just like the digital version off of the English-based Nintendo digital eShops. It doesn't have the mountain slowdown from the retail cartridge version of the 3DS game, so all is well there. I haven't noticed the no-text dialog yet, but time has only permitted me to reach midway through the first Spring season.

Farm'n into 2018So far next year we'll be looking forward to the Nintendo Switch and Playstation 4 versions of Harvest Moon: Light of Hope and the reveal of the Nintendo Switch version of Story of Seasons.

We'll also have the 10th anniversaries of the JP release of Sunshine Islands (Feb 2008) and the EN version of Island of Happiness (Aug 2008). It is also the 10th anniversary of the North American release of the last River King game, Legend of the River King: Mystic Valley (April 2008).

It will also be the 20th anniversary of the handheld Gameboy Color version of Harvest Moon 1 in North America. I just tossed the game into my neon green GBC and the save state is not there anymore :( Well poo...

4-Col ComicAnd here's the older April 2012 Nintendo DREAM 4-col comic featuring Hart from A New Beginning

Until next time!

- Cher
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