Ushi No Tane - Harvest Moon Gameboy PHP-Update Natsume QA, Sale, and SV EU Info Happy farm'n Friday! It is raining today and will also be raining be tomorrow, and the next day, and the next day, and so on. It rains a lot here.

It is time for Natsume's Spring Q&A session, where company representatives Pres Hiro, Boss Man, Localizer Adam, and CM CeeCee will answer public-submitted questions about the company and its published game series as best as they possibly can. Granted, questions about games they haven't announced yet or if the company is hiring won't be answered, but there are a plethora of other great questions to ask such as:

When will Doc get his own game series?Doc is a wonderful character, so he will be a marriage candidate in the next version, right?Will there should be more eccentric characters, like Doc, in future Harvest Moon games?KA-POWZA NEED MORE DOC NAO PLZ?
You can submit your questions to the company by posting them to @Natsume_Inc on Twitter, to the company's Facebook page, or to Community Manager CeeCee's Tumblr.

In Europe, Rising Star Games has kicked off their promotion of Harvest Moon: Skytree Village, announcing that the game will be available in early June. The publisher has also released an EU intro video, but it seems to be missing one key feature: there's no Doc! Egads! Perhaps RSG will reveal the great inventor closer to the EU release date. The trailer is in English, but there are French, German, and Spanish flavors of the village name on RSG's press release.

Back in the USA, there is a Playstation flash sale on a variety of Natsume-published games, including three Harvest Moon titles:

Harvest Moon: Boy and Girl = $4.49 (from $14.99)Innocent Life: A Futuristic Harvest Moon (PSP/Vita) = $4.49 (from $14.99)Harvest Moon: Hero of Leaf Valley = $5.99 (from $19.99)
This sale will only last until Monday (27th) and does not include Harvest Moon: Back to Nature, Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland, or the Ps2 Classic versions of A Wonderful Live and Innocent Life.

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3oT Animal Care Info Happy St.Patrick's Day and March 17, 2017! And Farm'n Friday too! And Happy Birthday to everyone who has a birthday today.

There's not much news to disclose this week. There hasn't been an official release set yet for the download content for Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns, and Natsume is still going along with their 20th anniversary celebration of Harvest Moon. I'm still hoping for a Definitely Dashing Doc edition of the series.

So this week let's go over a bit about animals in Trio of Towns. You can buy and sell animals from Animal Instinct or Rural Outfitters, and each animal will have a "type" or personality assigned to them. These types give a slight bonus to the animals' other attributes such as size, byproduct amount, affection, byproduct level, and coat; hence, there are also five types:

Active = Byproduct levelCalm = SizeCheerful = AffectionGentle = CoatTimid = Byproduct Amount
As you interact with your animals and do things to raise their friendship, you'll trigger this bonus to the animals' attributes. For example, good 'ol Bella here has a bonus to her physical size, and at a month old she's already at the largest physical size possible just by interacting with her and feeding her normal Fodder. No need to feed Fluffy Treats at all. The size attribute just happens to be the easiest one to maximize. Affection is the next easiest, while the last three take the longest.

Speaking of treats, these crackers are also for sale at the animal shops once you win an animal festival. You can feed one treat per day to an animal that will also give a bonus to a specific attribute:

Soft Treat = AffectionFluffy Treat = SizeVelvety Treat = CoatCrispy Treat = Byproduct levelChewy Treat = Byproduct amount
Most players are going to want to stock up on Crispy Treats to make their animals give plus-quality goods (wool+, milk+, etc.). There is a fodder you can feed that increases byproduct level, but you have to make it yourself with the appropriate animal feed Farm Circle from Ludus' shop.

And here is March's Nintendo DREAM 4-col comic!

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3oT Release, Wild Animal Gifts, and HM 20th Happy Farm'n Friday! Sorry about last week's missing Farm'n Friday. I didn't expect to get sick last week, and my eyeballs wouldn't allow me to sit in front of my computer for any length of time before they'd become strained and uncomfortable; yea, it impacted 3DS farming time too :(

Farming time? Of course, since Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns was released last week! Now everyone in North America (or those outside of North America who own North American consoles) can try to convince dear 'ol dad that they are capable of managing your own farm. Growing crops, raising animals, fishing, festivals, and all sorts of activities are available for players to go through to experience the unique cultures of the nearby towns.

Many players have been sending me JP->EN changes, so thanks for that! It will help everyone who is going through the game.

As the Fogu guide continues to be filled in (luckily my eyes will allow for site work this weekend), here's some favorite gifts for the wild animals you can befriend:

The sparrows and pheasant love Rice, which you can buy from Ittetsu's shopThe bears love maple syrup and all types of honeyThe yellow foxes love apples, and the winter white foxes love carrotsThe weasels love walnuts, both brown and white weaselsThe parrots love starfruitThe brown monkey loves mango and banana, while the yellow monkey loves apples, oranges, and persimmonThe lemurs love grapes, kiwi, and coconutThe eagle loves sockeye salmonThe turtles loves turbans and clamsThe elegant peacocks love cherries (oh my, the blog censors it!)The shoebill, catfish and snakehead
It looks like the StreetPass is restricted between regions though. My Japanese version of the game won't tag my English version of the game, which was also the case with the first Story of Seasons game too.

Also in North America, Natsume continues to promote the 20th anniversary of Harvest Moon with a new dedicated page on their website that lists the timeline of Harvest Moon releases, starting from 1997 (my first was HM GB in 1998 ) all the way through 2016 when Skytree Village was released. So far we've been able to play many of the classic Harvest Moon games on the Nintendo Virtual Console such as the GBA games, the three Gameboy games, the SNES game, and recently Harvest Moon 64. Over on the Sony side, we can play the PS1 and PS2 games. Perhaps someday the A Wonderful Life series (that isn't the slow-moving PS2 version) will become available for those who haven't played yet.

If you happened to missed out on the 3DS Skytree game bundles, the Bluebird and Bobcat plushie+game bundles are back in stock at Amazon:

Harvest Moon®: Skytree Village Bluebird BundleHarvest Moon®: Skytree Village Bobcat Bundle
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Harvest Moon 64 Finally Sprouts on the Wii U This week the long desired classic game, Harvest Moon 64 (Push the Start) was released on the Nintendo Wii U Virtual Console in North America and, for the first time, in the Europe region. The game cost $9.99 (USD) and requires 60 MB of space on your Wii U console. The game was originally released in 1999 for the Nintendo 64 console, a nostalgic console for many older video game players. It's a first time playing it for me, as I moved to the Playstation 1 after the SNES and experience Harvest Moon: Back to Nature instead. I've already goofed up by not standing in the middle of my plowed field before sowing my 200 G bag of Cabbage seeds. Au dangit...

There is a Nintendo Miiverse for the game available for players to post journals and screen shots!

Miiverse - Harvest Moon 64 Community(Play Journal Entries) | Nintendo
There's not much information from Nintendo regarding the Virtual Console system for their upcoming Nintendo Switch game console, set to be released next Friday. We know that VC games won't be available at launch (per their confirmation yesterday), but perhaps in the future we'll be able to play Harvest Moon 64 on the mobile console.

There's less than 5 days to go before Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns will be released in North America. Later today, XSeed will host a live stream of the game on their Twitch channel starting at 2:30 PM Pacific Time.

And here's the Nintendo DREAM 4-col comic for February!

Until next time!

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SV free DLC, 3oT Boys, and 3DS Themes This week a new DLC became available for Harvest Moon: Skytree Village. The Harvest Sprite Statue Set is a free DLC that requires 7 blocks of SD space. This package unlocks the following Architect decorative objects at Doc's shop:

H. Sprite Flowerbed - 5 Bronze, 10 Great Tulip, 20 Yellow Pansy, and 50,000 GH. Goddess' Pergola (Blue) - 20 Material Stone, 1 Mithril, and 20,000 GH. Goddess' Pergola (Pink) - 20 Material Stone, 1 Adamantite, and 20,000 GH. Goddess' Pergola (Green) - 20 Material Stone, 1 Orichalcum, and 20,000 GH. Goddess Pergola (Yellow) - 20 Material Stone, 3 Gold, and 20,000 G
Back when Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley was receiving DLC, these items were given to players for free and could go to Doc to have additional ones constructed. In Skytree Village players must go to Doc's to have them constructed.

With less than two weeks to go for the North American release of Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns, this week XSeed is busy introducing players to the male marriage candidates:

Ford is the local doctor in Westown. He is rather serious and studious and doesn't have much experience with affection. He's actually quite clueless when it comes to romance.Hinata works at Moriya's wholesale shop in Tsuyukusa. He set out to become a famous actor to financially support his parents and many siblings.Ludus is the Mr. Fix-it of Lulukoko village. He constructs Farm Circles, clothing, house upgrades, tool remodeling, and even attaches bait to your fishing pole.Wayne is the postman of Westown. He has an somewhat-awkward fan following (in the game) that he fuels with eye winks and a charming smile.Yuzuki from Tsuyukusa makes hair accessories by trade. He's more mellow than his close friend, Hinata, and enjoys chilling out with some tea and snacks.
The Story of Seasons and Rune Factory 4 Nintendo 3DS menu themes were finally released in North America this week. These themes were originally released in Japan back in March 2016, and the EN ones look the same as the JP ones. Each one is available for $1.99 USD on the North America theme shop.

There is also a Trio of Towns 3DS theme available in Japan, so perhaps some day it too will be released in other regions.

Until next time!

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Welcome 3oT Bachelorettes Happy Farm'n Friday!

This week, XSeed has started introducing the female marriage candidates from Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns:

Lisette knows the language of flowers (it is the topic of her first "friendship event") and manages the flower seed shop in Westown between Brad's Garden Grill and Miranda's general store. As you increase the Town Link Rank of Westown, eventually you will get a crafting collaboration request from her to supply flowers for her exploration into perfume and bouquet making.Kasumi is a teacher in Tsuyukusa who doesn't find conversation with the opposite gender very worthwhile. Ginjiro will try to converse with her for the sake of his daughter, but in general Kasumi just keeps to her work.Komari works as a waitress at Ginjiro's teahouse in Tsuyukusa. She and Kasumi can be seen hanging out here and there around town when Komari isn't working, but most of the time you'll find her at the shop.Iluka manages the counter at the Carosello snack shack on the beach in Lulukoko while her sister, Siluka, serves the guests. Iluka thinks highly of herself, but she really cares for her twin sister (although she keeps it to herself). Iluka, Siluka, and Ludus grew up together and had quite an interesting adventure, which you'll learn more about when you trigger their friendship events.Siluka is the quieter twin sister. She's more laid back than Iluka, and while Iluka can predict weather, Siluka can detect health ailments and auras.
XSeed also posted a short video on Youtube containing a summary of each bachelorette:

XSeed is still unsure if they can localize the extra download content that was made available in the Japanese version of the game. In total there were four DLC packs that contained much-needed bug fixes along with bonus content such as new clothing outfits, cultural events, an expanded Winter 25 festival, a snow bunny story from the traveling Producer storyteller, wedding clothes for Inari as well as a gifted child, and the addition of Stephanie and Woofio as marriage candidates. If the localizer moves forward with making the DLC available in English, it would be paid instead of free and Cheburashka the extra pet would be omitted. Naturally, fan feedback for the paid DLC has been very supportive. You can read more about the DLC decisions on the XSeed Tumblr:

XSEED Games — About DLC for Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns
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Skytree 2.0 Patch and Stardew SE A new patch for Harvest Moon: Skytree Village was released on Tuesday. Players will be prompted to download the latest update when starting their Skytree Village game. The free support patch will update the game from version 1.01 to version 2.00 and requires 36 blocks of SD space. According to Ceecee's announcement, the patch will "ease the severity of all storms and other conditions which are damaging to crops." This was an issue for players due to the number of storms and fog that damage crop health and affecting the chance of crop mutations. Some weather was so detrimental that whole patches of crops were destroyed despite players trying their best with fertilizer and watering to keep crop health high.

Blossom, I think you may be the only one that likes the foggy weather in Skytree Village...

505 Games has announced that they will be releasing a physical retail collector's edition of Stardew Valley on April 11 in the USA. The special edition comes with a copy of the game, either the Playstation 4 or XBox One version, a town map, CD soundtrack, and mini player's guide. The packaged deal will retail for $29.99. In the UK the SE is expected to be released on April 13. You can read the announcement on the official 505 Games Twitter:

505 Games
XSeed Games is having a bit 'o fun with the pre-order Capybara plushie for Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns and pre-order Bunny plushie from the first Story of Seasons game. The Capy and Bunny Adventures have been popping up on XSeed's Twitter. The localization group has also been posting some screens of the upcoming farming video game, so keep an eye on their tweets to see more Bunny and Capy-san!

Until next time!

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Skytree DLC Released and no Hamtaro On Tuesday, the second set of DLC for Harvest Moon: Skytree Village became available through the game's Download Content menu. The two new DLC are $2.99 each (plus tax if applicable). The first is the New Female Character/Statue Set that requires 8 blocks of SD space. It includes the new bachelorette Nova and a totally awesome statue of the game's neglected should-of-been-a-bachelor, Doc. The second DLC is the New Male Character/Statue Set (9 blocks of SD space), which brings new bachelor Edmond and a statue of the Harvest Goddess.

The new statues can be crafted at Doc's Insta-building shop, but their material requirements are high! The golden Doc statue requires 10 Gold (30 Gold Ore), 3 Orichalcum (9 Orichalcum Ore), and 100,000 G! Nooo I was saving that G for my house upgrade! I don't have that much to spare! The golden shrine to the smexiest Harvest Moon character ever will have to wait for now. The Harvest Goddess statue requires 10 Bronze, 3 Adamantite, and 100,000 G.

As for the new marriage candidates, they appear to be pretty nice. You'll meet Nova as you exit your farm house. She's doesn't want to tell you much about herself, but after seeing how the wild bobcat likes you, she introduces herself and says she wants to see more of your animals.

With Edmond, the introduction is also when you exit your house, where you'll find Tabitha and Gareth arguing about the one-magic-user-per-area rule. Edmond is using his own magic to hide his appearance from the two, but you appear to be able to see him just fine. Rowan can't see him either, confirming that Edmond is a very powerful magic user indeed.

As reported by XSeed Games last week in their latest Trio of Towns localization blog, the pet Hamtaro will not be available in the English version of the game. Placing Hamtaro on your farm allows the little guy to find wild items for you once per day if you saw the ! above his head, but he is not the only pet that can do so; any of the pets can possibly have that job. You also couldn't make Hamtaro your furmiliar. The hamster could be taken for a walk and hunt for treasure just like any of the other types of pets, but it wasn't anything special other than its voice that would pop up on occasion.

There's no news yet if Cheburashka, the post-Japan release DLC pet, will be available in the English version. Cheburashka's job is to fetch you gems, ores, and colored pearls when you see the ! above its head. It too cannot be a furmiliar but it also doesn't require to be fed Pet Food every day.

Until next time!

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Skytree Bachelorette and 3oT Release Date This week Natsume revealed the silhouette of the next downloadable marriage candidate in Harvest Moon: Skytree Village. Naomi the reporter is also setting up an interview with this mysterious lady, so head over to the Facebook page to submit questions for Naomi to ask. Don't forget that buying the DLC package that includes this new bachelorette will also get you the magnificent smexy Doc statue.

Just a few hours ago, XSeed Games announced that the official release date in North America for Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns will be February 28, 2017. The localization branch of Marvelous also released a new English trailer that highlights what you'll be doing in the game. It also clarified some JP->EN changes; previously, Zahau's spouse has been literally translated as Kalira ( カリラ ) and now her EN name is confirmed to be Caolila in the English trailer, which is a bit prettier I think. So far Tototara, Ginjiro, Frank, Carrie, Hinata, Kasumi, Yuzuki, and Lisette all keep their original names.

The trailer also included the logo for the Nintendo eShop at the ending. The Japanese version was launched on the JP eShop on the same day as the retail release on June 23, 2016, so it may be looking good for the same to happen in North America next month. There isn't a wishlist entry for it on the eShop yet though.

Here is the latest EN trailer of the game!

And here's the January Nintendo DREAM 4-col comic!

Until next time!

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Skytree DLC and Nintendo Swith Happy farm'n Friday! This week a patch for Harvest Moon: Skytree Village was released on the Nintendo 3DS eShop in North America. This free download requires 36 blocks of SD space and updates the game to version 1.01. The patch included some bug fixes, preparations for future download content, and unlocked high level fertilizer purchases from Sam's shop.

Within a few weeks we'll have two additional marriage candidates in Skytree Village. The bachelor DLC comes with a Harvest Goddess statue for your farm land, while the bachelorette DLC comes with a STATUE OF SMEXY DOC to decorate our farm spaces with. The new candidates will be $2.99 USD each.

Community manager CeeCee will be introducing the new marriage candidates as it gets closer to their DLC release date. Keep an eye on the company's Facebook page for character interviews from reporter Naomi:
Next month the Harvest Goddess Pergola from Harvest Moon: Lost Valley will be a free DLC along with a Harvest Sprite Statue.

Also in North America, both Skytree Village and Story of Seasons are included in Nintendo's January Digital Deals. The farming games will be discounted until January 25. Skytree Village is 28% off ($21.59 USD) and Story of Seasons is 37% off ($18.99 USD). The sale also includes Natsume's River City Tokyo Rumble.

Last night's Nintendo Switch conference revealed the realistic game Farming Simulator was in development for the new home console (and confirmed by Giants Software) and a Bokujou Monogatari game was planned (and confirmed by Hashimoto). We already know that Stardew Valley is planned for the upcoming console. There's three farm'n games already associated with the Nintendo Switch!

Unfortunately there doesn't appear to be any publicized interest from Marvelous for a new River King game. Back when the 3DS was revealed, a Kawa no Nushi Tsuri game and Bokujou Monogatari game were listed on Marv's website as planned for the new console. Eventually we received Hajimari no Shin Tenchi or Harvest Moon: A New Beginning for the 3DS, but the Kawa game fell off of Marvelous' website. It has almost been 10 years since the last River King game was released in Japan (June 2007). It would be super awesome if a new game was developed for the Switch, but that may just be a fish dream...

Until next time!

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