Ushi No Tane - Harvest Moon Gameboy PHP-Update New Sleeved Shirts, ToTT+ DLC #1, and Dec 2017 4-col Happy Faaaaaaaaaaarm'n Fridaaaaaaaaaay! I was able to fix Doc's house in Light of Hope this week (huzzah!), but I still haven't finished the Community Center in Stardew Valley. Almost finished with the Christmas lights though! Tough to do as a one-woman project, but I'll get it done!

New Long-Sleeve Shirt OptionsSome new long-sleeve shirt options have been added to the Harvest Moon shirt options on the US Amazon website. There's now a long-sleeve bluebird and long-sleeve 20th Anniversary logo shirt available, each priced at $29.99 (plus tax if applicable):

Official Harvest Moon Blue feather Long Sleeve ShirtOfficial Harvest Moon Anniversary Timeline Longsleeve Shirt
The 20th Anniversary shirt has an image timeline of the Harvest Moon games printed on the back of the shirt, starting with the SNES game and ending with Skytree Village.

Two Towns+ DLC DetailsIn the latest edition of Nintendo DREAM, Bokumono Producer Hashimoto outlined the plans for the first download content bundle they want to add to the 3DS release in Japan of Bokujou Monogatari: Futago no Mura+ (EN: Tale of Two Towns 3DS). The first DLC will contain new types of wild animals that will appear along the mountain path between Bluebell and Konohana: the Sable Cat, Raccoon (not the Tanuki "raccoon" that already exists in the game), and Fennec Fox. The first DLC is planned to be available at the same time as the game's release on December 15.

December 4-Col ComicHere's the new Two Towns themed 4-col comic from the December Nintendo DREAM magazine! Emi is the new protagonist deciding whether to live in Bluebell or Konohana, but she seems to have confused 主 (nushi, a farm "master" or "farmer" in this case) with the fish-related reference ヌシ (nushi, the fish king from the long-neglected River King series).

Until next time!

- Cher
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Win a LoH Steam Key and Preload ToTT+ from JP eShop Happy Farm'n Friday! We've reached the last month of 2017 already. Time to bring out the hot chocolate, gingerbread, and mistletoe (smoooochies to all of you!)

LoH Steam Code GiveawayIf you follow @Natsume on Twitter, you could possibly win a Steam game code to exchange for a free copy of Harvest Moon: Light of Hope. When the prompt appears in their Twitter feed, simply follow the instructions (typically a retweet) to enter the contest. You'll need to have a valid Steam account and be at least 16 years old to win. Winners will be picked at the end of the time designated in the contest tweet.

One of the activities you can do in the game is mining, and it isn't a simple mining node or a room with nodes that regenerate every few days. This time there's a 100-floor mine you can explore. Once you unlock Gus and help him fix up the mine entrance, you can venture in to hit the rocks to discover ore that he can process into refined building materials or gems. To find the next level down, you have to locate the staircase hidden randomly in the dirt.

A feature added to Light of Hope is the ability to skip down several levels from the top entrance. As you go deeper into the mine and reach certain floor numbers, you can then magically warp to your chosen floor from the entrance of the mine.

The game has also been updated to version 1.03, making adjustments to natural object appearance rates and minor fixes.

Preload ToTT+ from the JP eShopAhead of its December 14 release date, farmers with Japan-region 3DSes can now purchase and preload the digital version of Bokujou Monogatari: Futago no Mura+ (EN: Harvest Moon 3DS: Tale of Two Towns) from the Nintendo 3DS Japan eShop. Both physical retail version and the digital eShop version are priced at 3980 Yen; in the case of the eShop, an 8% nationwide sales tax is collected as well, for a total of 4298 Yen (about $38 USD).

The 3DS menu icon is also a little different from the earlier versions:

DS VersionJapanese/English3DS VersionEnglish3DS VersionJapanese
The digital eShop version of the game requires 1816 blocks of SD card space. In contrast, the Japanese digital version of Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns, with all DLC, takes 5399 blocks of space.

December BokuMono Mobage EventsFor this month in the mobile social version of Bokujou Monogatari, three versions of the same recycled events will be taken place:
Winter Dream Harvest Festival - From the 2nd until the 11th, players will raise special crop and livestock to earn festival points. Players will also exchange heart tokens with each other to exchange for more winter-themed prizes for their sprite avatar and farm space.Bingo - Starting on the 12th, players will have a special bingo farm plot where planting crops in a 3x3 square may result in a special bingo if the planted mysterious seeds fruit into matching crops.Crop Shipments - On the 22nd, players will ship as many special crops as they possibly can to increase their shipping rank.

Until next time!

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XMas Season Sales, Two Towns+, and Classic 4-col Comic Happy Farm'n Friday! I hope everyone in the US enjoyed their Thanksgiving dinner last night and will be enjoying the mounds of leftovers for the next several days! I'm still working on the Christmas light install, although I hope to be finished next weekend.

Weekend Discount SalesThere's a few farming game price discount sales going on to kick of the holiday shopping season:

The first Story of Seasons game is part of the North American Nintendo eShop Cyber Sale. The downloadable version of SoS1 is discounted to $14.99 USD (originally $29.99) and $17.49 CAN (originally $34.99). This sale ends on December 11. Trio of Towns is not on sale.The new game Harvest Moon: Light of Hope is still on sale for 10% off ($26.99 in the US). The Steam Autumn Sale will end on November 28, and also includes Stardew Valley (33% off) and Farming Simulator 17 (40% off)
Speaking of Light of Hope, a 1.02 update has been released today that enabled cloud saving and a default keyboard key to open in the in-game map.

Tale of Two Towns+Marvelous has launched a new page on their official website for the 3DS game to explain what is "plus" about the 3DS version of their upcoming release of the existing 3DS game. The six points covered are:

the expanded game viewpoint to fit the 3DS screen.a personality type feature that you choose at the beginning of the game, similar to what is built into the character creation in Story of Seasons: Tale of Two Towns. You can pick to be an Animal Lover (wild animal friendship is higher at the start of the game), Fisher (I'm assuming this is higher star-rank fish caught from the start of the game, as there is no fishing skill in ToTT), Tycoon (Have more money at the start of the game), Charmer (Have a higher flower level with the villagers), and Normal (No special benefits).There is a farm animal petting mini game to raise friendship with your livestock and poultry faster.Post-marriage illustrations of the marriage candidates.Streetpass support.Controller updates such as using the circle pad to run. In Japan's original DS version, farmers had to hold down the left-shoulder button to run. Natsume's English localization changed that to a toggle in the DS version (press left shoulder once to run, press again to walk), while running was the default speed when using the circle pad on the 3DS version, with the walk mode dedicated to the directional pad. Marvelous also plans to support additional download content.
So there are a few new things added to the 3DS version we already have: personality types, the post-marriage art postcards, and the DLC. I will admit that the future download content has piqued my interest a bit...

Older 4-col ComicAnd here's the Nintendori comic from March 2012, back in the ANB days before I knew these were printed!

Until next time!

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LoH release and Nov '17 4-col Comic Happy Farm'n Friday! In Stardew Valley I finally was able to retrieve and return Lewis' underwear to him. Ha ha, was not expecting that! Awkwaaaard...

Light of Hope PC ReleaseHarvest Moon: Light of Hope was released on the Steam video game platform on Tuesday. The game requires 599 MB of hard drive space and costs $29.99, though it is discounted 10% for its release. The game supports Steam achievements (28 of them) and Steam trading cards. If you don't want to play the game using a keyboard, it also supports PC compatible wireless controllers.

So far it seems to be a cute game from what I've had the time to play so far since Tuesday. Intern Boo had some unexpected health issues that took most of my after-work free time this week, but he seems to be getting better. While he's resting, I'll be able to spend some time playing the latest Harvest Moon game. So far I've fixed a couple of houses and planted some cabbage, but I have yet to meet the magnificent silver fox, Doc.

I will get to you eventually, you wild and craaaaazy guy...

There's an interesting article about the release of Natsume's first PC release over on President Hiro, Producer Taka (make Doc a marriage candidate, dangit!), and the VPO Markay talk a bit about the split with Marvelous, their 16-year history with the Bokumono series, the feedback they received on their previous in-house developed games, and what they hope to accomplish with their recent release.

Natsume opens up about Harvest Moon's confusing past and hopeful future
XSeed Live Stream of 3oT DLCOn the 21st (next Tuesday), XSeed will be live streaming Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns to show off the new fancy things that they have added via the New Neighbor DLC that was released last week. The show starts at 4:00 PM Pacific Time (-8 GMT) over on their Twitch channel:

Twitch - XSeed Games Channel
November 4-col ComicAnd here is the Nintendo DREAM 4-col comic for November.

This Nintendori comic is the last one from the Trio of Towns series. Next month, the 4-col comic will start on a story based on Tale of Two Towns to celebrate the release of the 3DS version in Japan on December 14.

Until next time!

- Cher
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3oT DLC Released and 4 Days until LoH Happy Farm'n Friday! Progress in Stardew Valley has slowed a little bit while I work on the annual outdoor Christmas light display. It stays turned off until after Thanksgiving, when the neighborhood becomes blinded by hundreds of holiday lights. They like it though (or so they've told me), so it's all good.

3oT 1.1 Patch and New Neighbors DLCThe long anticipated extra download content for Trio of Towns is now available for purchase for $7.99 (USD) in North America; it is already out in Japan and not available yet in Europe. The DLC includes:

New unlocked marriage candidates Stephanie and WoofioFive Winter-season wearable items: two red kimonos and one snowman outfit, the snowman hat that goes with the snowman outfit, and the snow chicken hat.A gifted child for those who married Inari. (Maybe the Inari wedding/anniversary outfit too? Not sure about that one yet)New cultural appreciation events with the marriage candidates for each townA post-marriage event where your family stops by to visitAdditional activities for the New Years and Starlight Gala festivalsThe snowbunny show at the PerformerNew dialog and additional positive responses to clothing outfits and pets
Before you can purchase the New Neighbors DLC, the base game needs to be updated using a free patch from the Nintendo eShop. You'll have to log into the eShop, type in "Story of Seasons" into the search bar, and then tap on the "Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns Update Ver. 1.1" icon. This free download is 387 blocks of SD space and won't take too long to complete. After the game has been updated to 1.1, start the game like you normally would and you'll find a "Downloadable Content" button underneath the New Game and Continue buttons on the title screen. That's where you go to purchase the DLC, which only requires 2 blocks of SD space.

The patch includes various bug fixes such as the wacky seasonal sun exchange in the cellar (it works now!) and (hopefully) the Ludus Beverage Bash bug. The free patch also adds additional Farm Guidebooks to your bookshelf that explain what group items belong to such as giving you a list of all flowers that are considered "red" colored, which may be handy when making red-colored cloth using the Textile Mill. The patch also adds in four clothing outfits: two outfits from Rune Factory 4 (clothes only), and two outfits from Japanese voice artist Ayana Taketatsu (clothes and hats). These outfits will be available for crafting at Ra Man's and Ludus' Relacion the next in-game day after you download the 1.1 update.

The New Neighbors DLC does not include Hamtaro and Cheburashka as farm pets, as that's a Japan-only feature and out of XSeed's influence.

Light of Hope is out NEXT WEEK?!
The next entry into the Harvest Moon series will be playable on the Steam platform on the 14th (next Tuesday!), far ahead of the estimated release of next year for the Nintendo Switch and Playstation 4 platforms. Expect to read a lot of negativity simply because it's Natsume's take on the series, even though there are some of us looking forward to playing a simpler style of game compared to SoS. This one might be a bit too easy with the Farming Friend, but we'll see how it goes!

Until next time!

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Miiverse RIP, 3oT DLC, and LoH Loving Happy Farm'n Friday! During my work-week evenings I'm still plugging away at Stardew Valley on my Switch. Reached the bottom (I think?) of the mine, finished a few of the Community Center rooms, and now have animals on my river farm. Still can't find Lewis' "shorts," but I'm sure to bump into that at some point.

Reminder: Miiverse Ending November 7
There are just a few days left for Nintendo's community service Miiverse, which will be discontinued as of 10:00 PM (Pacific Time) on November 7th (Tuesday). Once Miiverse closes the ability to save in-game screen shots of your Nintendo 3DS games to the internet will be gone except for games that support local screen shots such as the Camera feature in Harvest Moon: Skytree Village.

There are still active communities available for Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns, Harvest Moon 64, Harvest Moon: Skytree Village, Story of Seasons, and more from our favorite farming series.

You can make a request to download your Miiverse post and image history from within your Miiverse account, but the request must be submitted before the 10pm cut-off date next Tuesday. Once Miiverse closes, you'll be emailed a link to download a .zip of your posts, drawings, and screen shots. Nintendo's info states that the request process may take a few weeks after Miiverse closes before the link will be sent to the email address associated with your Nintendo account (not the email address associated with any Miiverse account you might have).

Trio of Towns DLC for North AmericaThe New Neighbor Pack, the highly anticipated additional download content for Trio of Towns, has finished localizing and will be available in North America on November 9th for a price of $7.99 USD. On that day a game patch will also be available, for free, that fixed various hiccups in the game, such as the sun-swapping issue in the underground cellar, as well as adding four free clothing outfits. This free patch must be downloaded and installed before farmers can purchase the New Neighbor Pack, which will unlock Stephanie and Woofio as marriage candidates. The DLC will also add in more social events such as the group gossip event that triggers every 60 days or so when you walk out of your farm and into the Crossroads, or the three cultural appreciation events in Lulukoko, Tsuyukusa, and Westown.

Light of Hope Q&AIn the latest post about the newest Harvest Moon game scheduled to be released for PC on November 14, Producer Taka confirmed that there will be five marriage candidates per gender - Cyril, Dean, Edmond, Gabriel, and Gareth for the girl farmers, and Elise, Jeanne, Melanie, Nova, and Tabitha for the boy farmers. It looks like Doc was passed over again in this rendition of the series, even though he is the bestest candidate ever!

The latest update video on Natsume's Facebook page features romance and dating, where you can see the protagonists wooing their assigned candidates, attending romance festivals, and celebrating a wedding anniversary. You can even see the farmer digging on the beach to find sea shells, and the cat returns as a house pet. Taka also confirmed that gift giving is in the game, and Tabitha can give you hints as to what villagers like as gifts, which she has done in Seeds of Memories. There is also a new romantic festival called the Harvest Moon Festival.

You can watch the latest gameplay video on Natsume's FB page:

Feature Spotlight - Romance and Dating
I wonder if the pet dog will actually herd animals in this latest version? That would be very helpful!

Until next time!

- Cher
Light of Hope Nov Release and JP Two Towns Pre-Orders Happy Farm'n Fri... err.. Saturday! I'm still attempting to reset my sleep clock to normal Oregon time after spending 10 days in Hong Kong. There weren't very many farm animals to be found in the city, but there were a few solitary bulls in Tai Mo Shan Country Park. Our local friends explained that the last time they were at the park they had to wait for a whole herd of cattle to pass by before they could continue along the hiking trail.

There were also the cows roaming Ngong Ping village. They pretty much ignored the tourists wandering through on their way to see the monastery and Big Buddha statue. Some of the tourists even patted a few of the cows on their heads.

Gaming devices seemed to be dedicated to mobile phones. I did see one fellow playing a Nintendo Switch, but that was the only exception. I didn't even hit 3DS Street Passes outside of the airports - not even any hits while in Hong Kong Disneyland. The subway rides had a lot of residents playing games on their phones or using WeChat or WhatsApp to communicate with their friends.

I was able to install Stardew Valley on my Switch before leaving the states and had some time to play it on the plane ride, when the pilot didn't have the sit-down-and-go-to-sleep lights enabled. Currently in Winter of year 1 with two chickens on the river farmland because I like fishing. There's a lot of positive things I like; the festivals with mini games are nice, and the mine elevator every 5 discovered floors is wonderful! It really is an enjoyable game.

Mobile BokuMono Halloween EventThe mobile version of Bokujou Monogatari for Mobage has a new Halloween Party event going on until the 31st. Farmers can grow special pumpkin cupcakes that will be used to feed random Halloween pets that pop up under their accounts - a cute Halloween ghost (100 cupcakes), a pumpkin chick (200 cupcakes), or a cookie witch (500 cupcakes). Some harvested cupcakes are only worth 1 point, but the rare yellow pumpkin cupcakes are worth 5. Feeding specific numbers of pets will award farmers with prizes; for example, feeding a total of 5 ghosts, 2 chickens, and 1 witch will award players with a golden hair style.

If you help feed your pet or one of your friends' pets, special mystery nut seeds will be awarded. Once 15 mystery nuts are harvested, they can be exchanged for a random drawing to win more prizes such as your own little cookie witch or ghost for your farm, a red pig-tail hairstyle, or a prince costume.

Light of Hope PC Release DateAs hinted in Natsume's earlier Light of Hope Q&A, the Steam version of the latest Harvest Moon video game is completing development faster than the Ps4 and Switch versions. Rather than releasing the three versions at the same time, Natsume will launch an early release of the computer version. The Steam version of Harvest Moon: Light of Hope is now scheduled to be released on November 14, 2017, for about $29.99!

On the Steam Store page for the game, some screen shots and a preview movie reveals new bits of information such as a crop planting area overlooking the sea, Christmas Candy Canes and ornaments used for decorating (it's almost time for the Christmas Light Extravaganza installation!), a hot spring to rest your bones in after a hard day of farming, festivals such as Fireworks and a new dog race, and of course the most awesomeness of Doc. The game also has game controller support and Steam achievements.

I hope Doc's festival doggie is named Einstein!

The Ps4 and Nintendo Switch versions are still expected to be released early next year.

New Futago Pre-order BonusesMarvelous announced this week that farmers pre-ordering the Japanese 3DS version of Tales of Two Towns will have several bonus options depending on the retailer chosen. While there were about 13 separate pre-order bonuses for Trio of Towns, so far there are 7 unique pre-order bonus items for Futago no Mura: = Special desktop wallpaperGeo Online = LunchmatJoshinweb = StickersStellaworth = 6 piece picture setTakara Jima = 3 piece pin setRakuten = Special desktop wallpaper (different than Amazon's version)WonderGoo = Zipper pouchThe game is scheduled to be released in Japan on December 14.

Until next time!

- Cher
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20th Contest, LoH Q&A, 3oT EU, and Oct 4-col Happy Farm'n Friday! Most of the dahlias here at Fogu HQ are now packed away for their six months of winter sleepy time. There's still about 10 left to prepare as well as all the bulbs in the allium bed that need to be pulled up before the ground freezes. Soon there won't be yard work to do for months, but there will be Christmas Extravaganza installation soon! Ho ho ho!

Harvest Moon 20th Drawing ContestTo celebrate the 20th anniversary of the first Harvest Moon game, Natsume is holding a global drawing contest for all fans of the series. To participate in the contest, the art piece must contain at least one game character and at least one animal from a "Harvest Moon" game; "Story of Seasons" characters wouldn't count, of course. The art piece can be more than just a drawing too, as the company is accepting submissions for all kinds of farming goodies such as pictures of cross-stitched pieces.

More information and the official rules can be found on the company's website. The contest is open until December 31, so you've lots of time to use your artistic skills to show Natsume how much you like farming video games!

How to Participate in the Harvest Moon 20th Anniversary Drawing Contest
Light of Hope Q&A #2 and #3The second and third set of fan-submitted questions for Harvest Moon: Light of Hope have been posted on Natsume's Facebook page. They revealed that the game will have a festival that fans have asked for (but didn't reveal what festival that was), the "silky" donkey is a new animal you can care for, and there will be physical versions of the Ps4 and Switch. The villagers will walk around and have daily schedules, and this "retro plus" style game is currently on track for an end-of-Winter completion with PC version development going faster than the console version.

Trio of Town Finally Sprouts in EuropeWooo! It took a while, but the PAL version of Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns is finally out. The game is available in English, German, French, Spanish, and Italian. Congrats fellow farmers!

October ComicAnd here's the October Nintendo DREAM comic!

Until next time!

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ToTT+ in Japan, Stardew Released, and LoH QA #1 Happy Farm'n Friday! There are too many trees in our area, so we couldn't see the great Harvest Moon last night. Drat!

Halloween Event in BokuMobileStarting this week in Bokujou Monogatari for Mobage, the mobile BokuMono in Japan, a Dracula's Castle event kicked off for farmers. Players can grow Pumpkin Flowers and Candlewood, and raise Upside-down Bats and Dracula Cats, to harvest and collect points to increase their festival rank. At the end of the harvesting event, prizes are awarded based on the achieved rank in comparison to everyone else who is participating. The highest ranked farmers will win a Candle Trophy, while other farmers can receive spooky farm animals like the Magician Spider. There's also clothing option awards for the Sprite avatar such as dresses, Bat Headband, and Jack-o-Lantern Bag.

Players can also receive heart tokens from their linked friends, which can be exchanged for more prizes. Trading in 350 heart tokens will earn a Dracula-like Tuxedo, and 80 heart tokens is a fancy Dracula hair style. There's also prizes awarded based on how your team ranks in comparison to other teams.

This event is scheduled to end on the 9th. Starting on the 11th, a new event begins for players to ship specific crops to win prizes. After that event ends, on the 22nd a feed-the-animals event will start. Farmer players will grow specific crops to give to random-time event animals, with prizes awarded based on the number of animals that are fed.

Japan Gets Tale of Two Towns PlusMarvelous will finally be releasing the 3DS version of Futago no Mura on December 14. The rest of the world has had the 3DS version since the game was released as Harvest Moon 3D: The Tale of Two Towns back in November 2011 (NA) and June 2012 (PAL), but Japan is only now receiving the 3DS version at a price of 3980 Yen (about $35 USD).

This updated version in Japan comes with a new theme song called "Twin Farms" by idol singing group, Dreaming. The two members of Dreaming are twin sisters Chiyo and Kayo Terada, popular theme song singers for the children's TV series Soreike! Anpanman, among other things.

In general, it appears to be the same as what farmers outside of Japan has already received; 3D graphs, Street Pass support, a working multiplayer field for remote farmers to join, and so on. There's no information yet about any specific differences in Marvelous' latest version, other than the new Dreaming song, but I wouldn't expect this game to be released outside of Japan. For us, it's already for sale on the Nintendo 3DS eShop.

Light of Hope Q&A #1A couple of the questions that were submitted a week or so ago by fans about the upcoming Harvest Moon: Light of Hope game have been answered on Natsume's Facebook and Tumblr accounts. Sounds like Jeanne has become a full-fledged doctor in Light of Hope; she was just studying to be one in Harvest Moon: Skytree Village. Go girl! You can read more responses to the first group of questions on Community Manager CeeCee's Tumblr page:

Harvest Moon: Light of Hope Q&A
Stardew Valley Switch ReleaseThe independent farming game Stardew Valley was released on the digital eShop for the Nintendo Switch yesterday. The game retails for $14.99 (USD) with a filesize of 913 MB. I've some time next week to finally play this highly praised farming game. Looking forward to it!

Until next time!

- Cher
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Stardew for Switch, Good Life, and Sep 4-col Comic Happy Farm'n Friday! Now that the weather is cooling down, the newly-planted spinach seeds have started to sprout. On the other hand, the spinach seeds that didn't sprout during the heat of summer are also beginning to pop up. Now there's spinach sprouts all over the planting bed because the soil (and the embedded seeds) has moved since the summertime seeds were planted. Oh boy...

Stardew Valley for Switch is Getting Closer...The CEO of Chucklefish Games, the publisher handling the Nintendo Switch version of Stardew Valley, announced earlier this week that the game has been approved for publication on the console. The next step is to set a release date and then it's good to go! Woo!

The Good LifeLast night I sent a tweet out about financial backing for The Good Life, a game in development by White Owls and famed Japanese game director, Swery. But what does it have to do with farming?!" you may wonder. Oh, but it does!

In this game you play as Naomi, a photographer from New York who is heavily in debt. To earn some money she take a reporter job to check out Rainy Woods, a happy little town in the English countryside and home to a variety of unusual villagers. While living in Rainy Woods as Naomi, you take photographs and write reports to send back to the Morningvale newspaper to earn money, but you can also participate in farm-related part-time jobs for the townsfolk such as sheep sheering and milk delivery, or go fishing and mining. Eventually you could even purchase your own sheep ranch or tea plantation to earn more income. The town also goes through four seasons per year. Sounds farmy to me!

But, that's not all the game is about. For some unknown reason the villagers turn into cats at night and don't remember the experience the next morning. Then there's the strange circumstances regarding the dead body. Whaaaat? A who-did-it mystery, magical kitty transformations, and farming? What a combination!

You can check out the official trailer for the game on Youtube:

The Good Life PAX WEST Trailer (2017) (Caution: Contains some flying Fs if you are uncomfortable with expletives)
The downside is that the funding goal is ambitiously high ($1.5 million), so I hope that the game can be published even if the goal isn't met within the next two weeks.

Plus, there's also a photographer named Naomi in the Harvest Moon: Lost Valley/Skytree Village series. I assume it's merely a coincidence, but still kind of neat.

4-column ComicAnd here's the translated September 2017 Nintendo DREAM 4-col comic!

Until next time!

- Cher
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