Ushi No Tane - Harvest Moon Gameboy PHP-Update Stardew for Vita, LDC in Japan, and RSG eShop Sale Happy Farm'n Friday! I've given up on my lame attempt at growing half-eaten broccoli in the front yard. Last weekend the remaining broccoli plants were pulled up and bell peppers were planted in their place. The new pepper plants haven't been chewed up yet, though I'm unsure if a tree rat was the broccoli thief. Last weekend I watched one walk past the broccoli plants, avoiding the guardian marigold at the beginning of the tilled row, to roll around and dig through the soil in my top-tiered flowerbed. Plus none of the leaves were torn off the broccoli, which the little rodents tend to do with my dahlias. I may have been premature to blame the tree rats.

We also replaced the spinach that were planted from seed. Those didn't grow well at all. Mr.Fogu had brought home some spinach seedlings from his office (nurseries and CSAs visit during spring and summer to sell their plants) along with a few more Hood strawberry plants. Maybe he's catching the farming bug? Ah ha, I wish...

We've less than two weeks before Harvest Moon: Light of Hope is released for Ps4 and Switch. NISA sent me an email that their Limited Edition bundle of LoH is preparing for shipment. Though the Rising Star Games version of the LE has cooler-looking lapel pins.

Last week, Producer Taka guest posted on the US Playstation Blog about the upcoming release of LoH. He mentions that Gorgan became a marriage candidate based on fan feedback. Not sure which fans he's listening to, because THIS fan asked for Doc and not Gorgon!

So while we wait, let's go over some other farming-related games!

Stardew Valley for Vita
On May 22, Stardew Valley will be supported on the Sony Playstation Vita platform. The game will be a cross-buy with the Playstation 4 version. Buying the game on PS4 will make it also available on the PS Vita. If players already have purchased the PS4 version, starting on the 22nd they can play it on their Vita too!

You can read more about it on the EU Playstation blog:

Stardew Valley gets a PS Vita release date, and you've not long to wait - Playstation.Blog.Europe
Speaking of Stardew Valley, for the week of May 10 to May 16, the popular farming game remained in the top-10 downloaded games from the Nintendo Switch eShop in Japan. Stardew Valley was ranked #3 in download popularity, beating Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze (#5) and Splatoon (#9). The most downloaded game for the console in Japan continues to be the Switch version of Minecraft.

Little Dragons Cafe in Japan
Yasuhiro Wada (HM creator) and Igusa Matsuyama's (HM artist) latest game, Little Dragons Cafe, will be released in Japan on August 30. Bokumono developer and publisher, Marvelous, will be handling the JP release of Wada's game. Subtitled "secret dragon and mysterious island" in Japan, the game will retail for 5800 Yen (about $52 USD). Marvelous has developed a rather spiffy looking website to promote the game, where you can see the game play in action and learn more about the characters.

『リトルドラゴンズカフェ -ひみつの竜とふしぎな島- 』公式サイト
Aksys Game's website for the US version and Rising Star Game's website for the EU version are pretty underwhelming compared to Marvelous' site!

LDC is scheduled to be released August 24 in US/Canada and "Summer 2018" in Europe. Don't forget there's a Limited Edition retail bundle in North America that comes with a dragon plushie, some art cards, and a CD soundtrack of the game.

Rising Star Games EU Sale
In Europe, RSG is having a Nintendo eShop sale on many of their titles, including Harvest Moon: Skytree Village (€19.99/£14.99, regularly €39.99/£29.99), Harvest Moon 3DS: A Tale of Two Towns (€9.99/£8.99, regularly €19.99/£17.99), and even Wada's game, Hometown Story (€7.49/£7.49, regularly €29.99/£29.99). The sale is scheduled to end on May 24 (next Thursday).

Until next time!

- Cher
(The snow peas are beginning to flower. Looking forward to lots of stir fry ingredients!) Fri, 18 May 2018 20:10:07 +0000
Little Dragons Cafe LE and May '18 4-col Comic Happy Farm'n Friday! The dahlia bed was successfully planted last weekend. There were a few tubers that didn't survive the over-winter storage, but the remaining tubers survived just fine. About 30 of them were planted with a few left over that I need to find a good spot for them. I'm having some terrible luck with the front yard crops though, as the carrots still haven't sprouted (I gave up and planted herbs in their place), the spinach is super tiny, and the tree rats ate my broccoli florets. The soil is probably not well suited for crops yet. Looks like I have more work to do before I plant the pickling cucumbers!

Little Dragons Cafe Limited Edition BundlePre-orders for the limited edition package of Little Dragons Cafe, Yaushiro Wada's latest game development, are now available at Amazon and Gamestop in the US, and at VideoGamesPlus in Canada. The LE bundle of the game costs $80 (plus applicable tax). Wowza! In exchange for the higher price, those who purchase the bundle will receive:
A copy of the game, either the Nintendo Switch or Playstation 4 versionAn exclusive baby dragon plushie (7 inches tall by 9 inches long)A CD soundtrack containing 17 music tracks from the gameA set of eighteen 3 inch by 5 inch collectable cardsAll packed into a special collectable box
Aksys Games is the publisher for the North American version, so it isn't known yet if Rising Star Games will have the same LE for the European players. The game is scheduled to be released at the end of August.

Amazon US links - (Switch) (Playstation 4)Gamestop US - (Switch) (Playstation 4)Video Games Plus - (Switch) (Playstation 4)
You can learn more about the game at the official website for Little Dragons Cafe.

May NintenDori 4-col ComicAnd here's the 4-col Comic from Nintendo Dream Magazine, ending the tuna wars between Bluebell and Konohana!

This is the last of the 4-col comics illustrated by Igusa Matsuyama that will be published in the magazine. With Hashimoto's column ending the other month, and Matsuyama's art comic ending this month, the Marvelous Fan page in the magazine has switched to featuring Mori-san, a public relations contact at Marvelous. Mori will be answering reader submitted questions in the monthly column.

Until next time!

- Cher
(Happy mother's day to Anna, Felicia, Lillia, Margot, Mirandas, Nellie, Naomi, Shizu, Vernoica, and all the other farming moms!) Fri, 11 May 2018 21:31:32 +0000
May '18 BokuMobage and LoH DLC Details Happy Farm'n Friday! Last weekend I tilled up a nice 19 foot trench in preparation for this weekend's dahlia tuber planting. Mixing in some garden soil and other amendments with the native soil should, in theory, help the dahlias grow nice and healthy this year. The front-yard dirt is not in the best of shape and needs lots of love. Eventually I'll get it beautiful! Just takes a lot of work... whew...

May Bokumono for Mobage Events
It's a new month and a new set of events for the mobile version of Bokujou Mongatari on the Mobage social network.

Starting on the 1st and lasting until the 9th, a odd Cube World harvest event is taking place. Farmers will care for cube-shaped apples, watermelons, cats, and chicks. Harvest the farm goods to obtain festival points, earning in-game rewards based on your overall rank when the events ends. Players can also earn special friend hearts during bonus times, which can be given to in-game friends and exchanged for other in-game rewards such as clothing outfits and hair styles.On the 11th a bingo event will begin. Match up to three crops in a row on the special bingo field to earn points towards in-game prizes based on the total number of points earned.Finally on the 22nd a big-crop event begins. During the deka events, players grow special crops to raise a rank level. At level up, a three-card monty game begins that will award special event nuts the longer players keep guessing the correct card. Once the wrong card out of the three is selected, the nuts are awarded and can be exchanged for in-game prizes.
LoH Digital Pre-orders
Those who are planning on purchasing the North American digital version of Harvest Moon: Light of Hope can now pre-order their copy from the Playstation Store or the Nintendo eShop. Both digital versions are currently discounted by a tiny bit (regularly $49.99, on sale for $44.99) and also include the Season Pass that unlocks the four DLC packs that will become available at some point after the game's release on May 29th.

Harvest Moon®: Light of Hope SE Bundle (PS4 version)Harvest Moon®: Light of Hope Special Edition Bundle (Switch version)
Farmers who pre-ordered a physical copy of the game at Gamestop USA (for the plushie cow - $39.99) or at NIS America (for the LE + plushie cow - $64.99) will not automatically have the Season Pass. The pass is a separate digital purchase.

On the other hand, the European Limited Edition from Rising Star Games, which released on June 22, does include the Season Pass containing the four DLC packs. The RSG LE bundle doesn't ship outside of the European region.
LoH DLC Overview
The DLC can either be purchased together in the Season Pass or individually if you don't want all of them. The Season Pass is anticipated to cost approximately $10 USD. The Nintendo Switch eShop details the estimated individual price, release dates, and the features included with each pack. Buying each DLC separately will naturally cost more than the combined Season Pass:

Decorations and Tool Upgrade Pack - This DLC will cost $1.99 USD and is scheduled to be available on the game's North American release date, May 29. It includes the Harvest Goddess Statue and the absolutely magnificent golden Doc statue, which were originally designed as a DLC for Harvest Moon: Skytree Village. The pack also includes seven new fence designs to decorate your farm such as the construction cone, barrel, and a frog prince statue. Besides the Doc shrine statue, a benefit to this DLC is the addition of two more tool level upgrades for the watering can and the hoe. In the PC version of Light of Hope, the maximum area these tools can cover is 3 x 15. Having two more tool levels beyond that will definitely make things easier, especially when trying to use the hoe to dig for the hidden staircase down to the next floor while exploring the mine.

New Marriageable Characters Pack - This DLC will cost $5.99 and is scheduled to be available June 19. Alas, it does not make Doc a sexy marriage candidate, but it does bring in two new characters: Michelle and Shirlock. Michelle will be Doc's assistant genius, while Shirlock will be Naomi's journalist apprentice. This DLC will include romance events for each of the new characters and requests.

In Light of Hope, one way to raise friendship is by completing the requests that villagers and marriage candidates send to your farm mailbox. You'll be requested to bring the villager a particular item such as a flower, hybrid crop, fish, or materials. In exchange you'll receive a reward and a boost of friendship. Villagers will have a series of request that only appear one time. After those requests are completed, you can receive season-based requests that are repeatable.

Doc's and Melanie's Special Episodes - This DLC will cost $5.99 and is scheduled to be available July 10. This pack will add two new stories to the game. Melanie's story is about sewing clothing outfits and will add various seasonal outfits for your farmer character and the marriage candidates. Doc's story revolves around his romance issues; I'm assuming it's regarding that red-headed vixen, Carol. Bah! She doesn't understand his extraordinary mind like I do! As we all lament Doc's affections towards another, at least suffering through this ordeal with Doc will bring farm house interior designs along with it. There'll be a total of seven interior designs for Doc to craft for your farm house.

Divine Marriageable Characters Pack - The last DLC costs $3.99 and is scheduled to be available July 31. This pack will make the Harvest Goddess and Underworld King into potential marriage candidates, adding in romantic events for wooing the deities. Oh my, Gorgon?! Well, that's interesting! It's not Doc though!

Until next time!

- Cher
(The Good Life was funded! A murder mystery with mining and dairy delivery side quests is my cup of tea!) Fri, 04 May 2018 21:44:02 +0000
PSN Sale, RF4 Marv Comic, and June 2012 4-col Comic Happy Farm'n Friday! The temperature here in the Portland area is beginning to warm up, meaning it's just about time to put the little tomato plants outside and hope they don't get nibbled on by deer this year. They did get a little sunburned a few weeks ago, but they are recovering well and should be ready to go outside soon. We also have mason bee houses to set up. We have to help the local pollinators!

It's another light week in the farming news world. Harvest Moon: Light of Hope comes out next month in North America though! Europe will have the game in late June. There's still no news about the Nintendo Switch version of Story of Seasons, sorry.

PSN SaleIn North America, Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life SE and Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland are on sale for 30% off. Both games are discounted down to $10.49 (originally $14.99). If you are a PS Plus member, the games are discounted an additional 30%, putting the price at $5.99 each. The sale ends April 25 (next Wednesday).

RF4 ComicSince last October, Nintendo DREAM has published a monthly two-page comic featuring Rune Factory to promote the re-release of Rune Factory 4 as a BEST collection (i.e., a "Greatest Hits" in English terms). The last chapter of the comic has been released and published on the Marvelous website for everyone to read. You can read all eight chapters of the Japanese comic on the Marvelous website:

Rune Factory 4 BEST Collection Story Comic

Older 4-Col ComicAnd here's the 4-column comic from June 2012, featuring the daily mealtimes in Harvest Moon: A New Beginning

Until next time!

- Cher
(It's finally warm enough to start planting the dahlias!) Fri, 20 Apr 2018 23:24:58 +0000
April 18 Mobile events, Gerry Guide is Free, and LoH EU Release Date Happy Farm'n Friday! Planted another batch of coleus last weekend, though nothing has sprouted yet. The petunias and verbena look healthy enough to be potted into their hanging baskets. Even the purple poppies are popping up (heh) in their flower pot. Yaay spring! Let's gooooooooooooooooo!

April Bokumono for Mobage EventsI totally forgot about this last week, sorry! The event calendar for Bokujou Monogatari for Mobage for the month of April is:

From the 1st to 11th, an Easter-themed Harvest event took place where players cared for Easter egg flowers, bunny rabbits, and chicks. Depending on the quantity of harvest and earned points, in-game awards were given out based on the total points earned in relation to the other players.From the 11th until the 19th, a deka event that is school enrollment themed is taking place. The egg-shaped seeds will grow into chicks with school kid hats that when harvested will earn points towards a level up. Reach the max level up to trigger the three-card-monty game where you earn nuts depending on how long you can get away with not choosing the triggering card. In-game prizes are awarded, like children school uniforms for the game avatar, based on total points earned.Then on the 21st, a hungry animal event starts where growing a special crop can be fed to a random animal, with in-game prizes awarded based on the three different types of animals you and your farm friends can satisfy.
Gerry's HM64 Player's Guide Now FREEThe Kickstarter for one last publication of Gerry's Harvest Moon 64 Players Guide has reached its conclusion. The crowd-funded campaign reached over $7,800! As promised, Gerry has released a digital PDF version of his HM64 guide for everyone to read and utilize as they play through the game. Gerry's digital release includes the guide, the affection journal where you can keep track of your friendship with each villager for the first three years, English translations of the Japan-only Channel 4 television shows, and the 335-page game guide. You can download the .zip containing the PDF from the Gerry's Guides website:

Harvest Moon 64 Player’s Guide PDFHarvest Moon 64 Player’s Guide iBook (from the iOS App store)
Light of Hope EU ReleaseToday, Rising Star Games announced that Harvest Moon: Light of Hope will be released across Europe for Nintendo Switch and Playstation 4 on June 22 of this year. The game is still scheduled to be published by Natsume in North America on May 29.

Speaking of LoH, if you're familiar with the other versions of Harvest Moon developed by Natsume, you'll find that the item request system is still in this version. Each villager has a defined set of requests they'll present to you as you raise your friendship music notes. These requests will appear in your mailbox in the morning and can be accessed from a list in the main menu. Marriage candidates have 10 requests and regular villagers have 8 requests. You can have one request per villager active at a time. Once you complete all of that person's requests, random seasonal-based requests will appear such as Spring 1, Summer 1, Spring 2, Summer 2, and so on. The seasonal-based requests will repeat as you complete them, and you can't reject a request once it has been accepted by viewing your mailbox.

Though Carol's are a little odd... lol. Thanks for giving me back the item you requested!

Until next time!

- Cher
(Basil, dill, and cilantro are ready to be planted outside too! Time to get them adjusted to outdoors.) Fri, 13 Apr 2018 22:19:38 +0000
Last Weekend for HM64 Guide and April '18 Comic Happy Farm'n Friday! As scheduled, the snow peas went outside last weekend along with a few marigold protectors. Unfortunately the slugs destroyed one of the marigolds; half of it is gone, surrounded by evidence of dried mucus. Bah! No worries, as there's plenty of marigolds to replace it. The second batch of seedlings are coming along quite nicely!

Since a lot of the first batch of plants have been planted in larger pots or transplanted outside, there's room to start a new group of 20 seedlings under the grow light. Mwa ha ha, more coleus for the front-porch flower boxes!

This week was a bit quiet for farming information. Still no peep from Marvelous in Japan about the Nintendo Switch version of Story of Seasons. We also have Harvest Moon: Light of Hope coming out next month in North America and later this summer in Europe via Rising Star Games. Wada's new game, Little Dragons Cafe, is being released later this summer in both NA (via AKSYS Games) and Europe (via Rising Star Games).

We did Natsume Community Manger CeeCee back this week! Huzzah!

Last Weekend for Gerry's HM64 Guide KickstarterThere's a few days remaining to support the unofficial Harvest Moon 64 player's guide written by Matt Gerry. The last physical print-run of the guide is featured as backer rewards for those who contribute to the crowd funding campaign. Since the $3,500 pledge goal was met (and has expanded to over $5,000), a digital version of the guide will be released for free in PDF or ePub formats.

The Gerry's Guide Kickstarter ends on April 9 (Monday!)

Harvest Moon 64 Player's Guide PDF and Video Guides
April 4-col ComicAnd here's the Nintendo DREAM four-column comic for April! Rutger sure is crafty...

Until next time!

- Cher
(Wind storm predicted for tomorrow, but that won't stop our MewTwo EX Raid!) Fri, 06 Apr 2018 22:49:35 +0000
Loh Co-op play, EU CE, and The Good Life Attempt #2 Happy Farm'n Friday! This weekend the snap pea seedlings are going outside along with their marigold bodyguards. It's still undetermined if the stinky yellow-flowering plants actually deter those darn tree rats. Historically those furry-tailed pests always dig up my peas or chew through the vines (arg!). Also will need to put the first five tomato plants into larger pots, as their red Solo party cups are becoming too small. The tomatoes will be planted in their felt bags and placed outside permanently in May; it's still too cold here, but at least it is SPRINGTIME!

Light of Hope DLC and Co-opThis week Natsume revealed that the console versions of Harvest Moon: Light of Hope will have co-operative play where you can have another player help you with your farm as Soleil the gem sprite. A short video of the protagonist and Soleil was uploaded to Youtube:

In the video you can see the two players working together to care for crops and animals. You can also see the Farming Friend crop bubble appearing for both players, along with a new animal stat bubble that has been added to the console version of LoH that tells you the animal name (since every cow looks like every other cow) as well as the animals' friendship note level.

Natsume also revealed that four download content bundles will be available in the future for the console versions of LoH. The DLC is obtained by purchasing a Season Pass. Details about price and the content of the DLC will be revealed later. Maybe the silver-maned man will finally be patched in as a marriage candidate? (Pweeeeese! The Docettes would appreciate it!)

Europe's Light of Hope CERising Star Games, the publisher of the EU version of Harvest Moon: Light of Hope, revealed that they too are releasing a collectors edition of the Ps4/Switch game.

The EU farmers who purchase the collector's edition of LoH will receive 1) a physical copy of the game, 2) a 6-piece metal pin badge set, 3) a ceramic mug, 4) a canvas tote bag, 5) the four future DLC (i.e., the season pass), and 6) a barn-shaped box.

Both NA and EU versions of the CE come with the game, though the NA version has a CD soundtrack, a hard-cover journal, and the mini chocolate cow plushie. The NA set also has a different style of badge pins. If they're similar to the pins released for the Harvest Moon: Skytree Village collector's edition, the NA pins will have metal backs with the animal graphic printed on it, then covered with a clear enamel coating. The EU LoH CE pins promoted by RSG appear to be cast metal.

The EU Collectors Edition will be available at Amazon UK, Argos, and GAME retail stores, though it doesn't appear to be available for pre-order at the moment. It is currently available at ShopTo's online website for a retail price of £64.99 (about $91 USD).

Over on NIS America's website, the pre-order stock for the NA CE has 50% remaining. The NA CE does not include the recently announced season pass.

Harvest Moon Light of Hope Special Edition (Nintendo Switch)Harvest Moon Light of Hope Special Edition by Natsume (Playstation 4)
The Good Life Tries AgainA while ago there was a crowdfunding campaign for The Good Life, a "daily-life simulator" game where you play the role as reporter Naomi, stuck in a rural English countryside town to take on part-time jobs to pay off a debt, while at the same time trying to figure out why the villagers turn into cats. There's a murder in there too, but that's just more of the story. Cats and farming! Sheep sheering! Mining! Woo!

The original funding campaign hosted at FIG last September did not reach its goal. After a bit of tweaking the game's funding campaign has been relaunched on Kickstarter. This time SWERY's funding goal is $640,000, which is about how much was pledged by backers for the unsucessful FIG campaign last year. This time the game does have official partner funding via Sony Music's indie game label, UNTIES, so the Kickstarter represents about 40% of the funding needed to produce the game.

So far the game has reached about 30% of its funding goal in only its first week. There's 35 days left to jump in on supporting this animal-themed mystery game for PC/Steam or Ps4:

The Good Life by White Owls Inc. - Kickstarter

Until next time!

- Cher
(Planted purple carrot seeds almost two weeks ago and nothing has sprouted yet, darn it...) Fri, 30 Mar 2018 21:41:27 +0000
Loh Soleil, Little Dragons Cafe, and Stardew JP Happy Farm'n Friday! The snap peas have now sprouted, though some seeds didn't germinate at all. The verbena seeds that were put in the refrigerator for a week have popped up too! There's a lot of little plants taking over the dining area and laundry room. Even the tomatoes are large enough to go outside now, but it is still a bit too cold for them to be outside full time. I'm hoping all this growing won't become a wasted effort if deer visit again this year, bah.

Light of Hope SE CharacterThis week Natsume revealed the crystallized character added to the console version of the game is Soleil, a non-human child of sorts who can grow up (albeit at a different rate than humans) to eventually be a marriage candidate. Well... hmm... that's all that was revealed, so I'm just going to leave it at that and wait for more detailed information. Maybe that image is the child produced from marriage with Soleil? *shrug* Because... well... at first glance that could be considered a bit odd...

Wada's Next GameAt this week's Game Developers Conference (GDC) in San Francisco, Yasuhiro Wada was showing off his newest video game creation called Little Dragons Cafe. The game is in development at Wada's TOYBOX company with publishing handled by AKSYS Games for the Nintendo Switch and Playstation 4 consoles. Currently the game is scheduled to be released on August 24 in Europe and the US with a retail price of $59.99 USD. The Japan release is planned for the end of August.

The plot of the game centers on a cafe run by a mother and her twins. You play as either the boy twin or the girl twin, with the one you don't choose acting as your "helper" at the cafe. Good 'ol mom became sick (oh nooz!) and the twins decide to help out by trying to locate a cure. One day an old man comes by and gives the twins a dragon egg, which hatches into a baby dragon to care for. The twins then have to raise the dragon, manage the cafe, and possibly find a cure for their mom's sickness with the help from the dragon.

Players will be cooking dishes to sell at the cafe, collecting ingredients that you'll use to craft over 100 recipes, while helping out the travels that pass by the cafe. Raising the dragon is important as well, since eventually you can ride it to other areas.

Interesting to note that while Wada is the producer of the game, according to GAME Watch the illustrator is Matsuyama Igusa, the artist who has designed the characters for most of the Bokujou Monogatari and the River King games. So the artwork should look somewhat familiar to you :)

You can learn more about the game, and even pre-order it, on the official website:
Little Dragons Cafe - Official Website
There's also some more screen shots at GameWatch, and Nintendo World Report has a video of some gameplay:
「牧場物語」クリエイター和田康宏氏の最新作「Little Dragons Cafe」の発表会が開催 - GAME Watch15 Minutes of Little Dragons Cafe at GDC 2018 (Nintendo Switch Gameplay) from Nintendo World Report
Wada's previous game, Birthdays The Beginning will be released on the Nintendo Switch as Happy Birthday on March 29 in Japan. No word yet if it will also be released for Switch outside of Japan.

Stardew Rolls On in JapanStardew Valley is still on the Top-10 Downloads chart in Japan for the Nintendo Switch. Last week (3/15 - 3/21), the game ranked #3 out of 10, beating Hyrule Warriors (#9) and even Splatoon 2 (#10). Minecraft ranked #2 and Kirby Star Allies was #1.

Until next time!

- Cher
(Planted purple carrot seeds almost two weeks ago and nothing has sprouted yet, darn it...) Fri, 23 Mar 2018 19:25:24 +0000
LoH Players Guide and March '18 4-col Comic Happy Farm'n Friday! Overnight temps are getting warmer, so hopefully this weekend will be the big spring bulb planting project. There's a lot of daffodil, tulip, and allium bulbs to plant that, hopefully, won't need to be replanted once they're in the ground. The broccoli and marigolds are ready to be planted outside too! Granted, with my luck it might start raining and I'll then be stuck indoors playing video games...

Light of Hope Strategy Guide
Prima Games will be publishing a hardcover strategy guide for Harvest Moon: Light of Hope, set to be released on May 29. This collector's edition guide is a separate purchase and not included in the NISA Limited Edition bundle or the Gamestop Special Edition bundle. The guide retails for $39.99 USD and includes:

A two-sided foldout poster,Interviews with the makers of Harvest Moon (you guys, make Doc a candidate already!),Farming strategies and profit maximizer,A guide to all the fetch-quest missions in the game,Full character profile and friendship/gift information, andA promo code to download a digital guide for the game that includes crop and mining data.
The digital version will be available for a discounted price of $9.99. The Harvest Moon: Light of Hope Celebration eGuide will also be available early on "May 28th 09:00 PM" for those who will be getting the game on the 29th.

The collector's edition guide isn't sold directly through the Prima Games website. Prima is linking to other retailers who will be selling the guide. These include Amazon (North America), Amazon Canada ($50.45 CDN), Amazon France (€33.99), Amazon Germany (€34.75), Amazon UK (£28.66), and Gamestop US. The guide is listed as English language text for AMZ France and Germany though, but at least it's a bonus that is available for farmers outside of the United States! Kudos to Prima and Natsume for making it available to a wider audience.

You can read more about both versions of the Light of Hope guide on the Prima Games website:

Harvest Moon: Light of Hope A 20th Anniversary Celebration Collector's Edition GuideHarvest Moon: Light of Hope A 20th Anniversary Celebration eGuide
March Nintendo DREAM 4-col ComicAnd here's the March 2018 edition of the Nintendori 4-col comic! Looks like Emi continues to really like fish farming.

Until next time!

- Cher
(Don't forget it's spring-forward-one-hour this Sunday in the US. Woo SPRINGTIME!) Fri, 09 Mar 2018 21:23:51 +0000
March 2018 Mobile Events, LoH Plushie, and Gerry HM64 Guide Funded Happy Farm'n Friday! The new crop planting attempt this week was verbena. While the tomatoes and marigolds are easy to grow (and they're doing quite well too), these verbena flower seeds have some odd instructions. So far I've had to put them in dirt like normal, but then place the tray of dirt in the refrigerator for a week (i.e., cold stratification). After that I'm suppose to keep them in a dark spot and then wait 3 to 4 weeks for the seeds to sprout. Oye, now I understand why that plant costs more than other similar annuals at the local garden centers.

And this morning one of the marigolds lost a branch. Overnight it seems one of the Fogu interns (I'm assuming it wasn't Mr.Fogu) tried to eat the plant's foliage, but then spit the unchewed leaf back out. Perhaps there is something to the theory of marigolds being pest deterrents.

Bokumono for Mobage March Events
It's a new month with a new set of community events in the Japan mobile Bokumono game on the Mobage network. Starting today, there's a harvest-style festival with a Hinamatsuri theme. Players can grow lamp trees, platform flowers, and care for little chicks dressed up in their girl's day doll attire. Harvesting farm products will earn festival points, with awards being given out on March 9 based on the total points earned.

Starting on the 11th is a hungry animal event, where players grow special crops to feed to one of three randomly appearing animals on their farm. Feeding the right number of crops per animal will award prizes depending on the total number of each type of animal fed. The 500-crop animal is challenging to feed during its appearance time, but other players can feed your assigned animal as well, helping to complete the task before it expires.

Then on the 22nd, a bingo-style event will take place. Players have a special event 3x3 sized field to grow bingo flowers. Match three in a line (or max bingo with all 9 slots) to earn bingo points, with prizes awarded based on points earned.

Light of Hope Preorder Bundles
The Ps4 and Nintendo Switch versions of Harvest Moon: Light of Hope is scheduled to release on May 29 in the US and Canada. For farmers in the US, preorders of the physical edition of the game at Gamestop will receive a Chocolate Cow plushie (as long as they're in stock and not sniped by store employees, of course. Or stored in the employee bathroom, but that's another story...) The special edition of the game retails for $39.99:

Harvest Moon Light of Hope Special Edition (Nintendo Switch)Harvest Moon Light of Hope Special Edition by Natsume (Playstation 4)
Currently the special edition and its Chocolate Cow plushie is only available for Gamestop preorders in the US.

But there's a second option: The NISA Limited Edition bundle

This special bundle contains a copy of either the Nintendo Switch or Playstation 4 game, the above mentioned Chocolate Cow plushie, a CD of the game's music, an animal pin set, and a hardcover blank farmer's journal to keep notes in such as crop mutation tracking. This limited edition of the game is available on the NISA store and costs $64.99 plus shipping, with a release date of May 29:

Harvest Moon®: Light of Hope SE Limited Edition (Nintendo Switch)Harvest Moon®: Light of Hope SE Limited Edition (PS4)
Just FYI, NISA had some, erm..., security issues with their shopping site the past few days, so use Paypal if you're planning on ordering their Limited Edition of LoH.

Gerry's HM64 Guide Kickstarter UpdateMatt Gerry's crowdfunding Kickstarter to release his detailed Harvest Moon 64 players guide to the public has reached its $3,500 funding goal and is still growing. Gerry has shuffled in some special prints of his guide to backers such as $30 for a black/white paperback copy of the guide, $40 for a color version, and $60 for a hardcover copy. There's still time to jump in to get a last physical print run of the guide:

Harvest Moon 64 Player's Guide PDF and Video Guides
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