Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley

Japanese Release: Not Set Yet
North American Release: Fall 2014
European Release: Not Set Yet

Console: Nintendo 3DS
Developer/Publisher: Natsume, Inc.

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Game Information

Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley is the next Harvest Moon game from Natsume, Inc. Developed by the company's Tokyo branch, the game designed with a chibi-style similar to Harvest Moon: Back to Nature and Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town. The game is still being worked on and is expected to be released in North America sometime this fall.

As the hero of the game, you discover a valley that is in a perpetual state of Winter season for an unknown reason. It is your task to figure out why everything is always snowy and restore the valley's four seasons.

You can play as either a boy hero or a girl hero, and the game includes marriage and child offspring. At the moment there is no finalized information on who the marriage candidates are, or how the marriage system plays out. You can change your clothing outfit later in the game.

The farm field area is very expansive, and in the demo available during E3 the farmhouse was in a separate area than the farm field (although I do not know if this was just for the demo). Managing the field is done by controlling the topography of the field, which can be done by simply digging on the ground to make the field lower, or building hills to make the field space higher. This has been described as a mixture of farming and Minecraft, where you build blocks to control the layout and design of the world. The height and depth of the field space will affect the crops raised on these field spaces; a crop planted well below ground level will produce something different than if planted at ground level, and the same can be true for the crop planted well above ground level on a hill. To explore some areas, players will have to build soil steps to reach higher spaces, or build block bridges to cross rivers.

There is the ability to raise cows, sheep, and chickens in the game. Taking care of the animals is simple; you just press A in front of a feed bin to put food out for the animals. You don't have to pull food from a bin somewhere and place it into the feeder like in past versions of the game series. The horse can be rode around the field, as it is very large.

The rucksack has been simplified, and now you can use tools without having to manually equip each one. Chopping down a tree is as simple as standing next to it and pressing the action button. When you walk into a field of planted crops, pressing the action button will water the crops or harvested anything that is fully grown. The rucksack's contents have been categorized, and each item can be in a stack of 255.

Instead of upgrading your tools, you can ask the local Harvest Sprites to do the work for you. They can water your crops, mine for material stone, collect lumber, and more.

There are many villagers who live in the constant-winter valley. You will be able to talk to these villagers, accept requests from them, and help them break this weird curse on their home. There's a crazy inventor, a peddler, a musician, and more. There are also magical people that can be found such as an underworld king, magical sprites, and goddess.

To pass the time, you can also go fishing in the field river. In this version of Harvest Moon you can actually see the fish in the water.


Villager Characters

A journalist who has traveled the world. She lost contact with her 2-year-old daughter in an accident, and has been trying to cope with the loss.

A florest with a shop outside the valley, she visits the interior on the search for rare flowers. She is April's mom, and her husband manages the shop.

A blacksmith that has come to the valley with his two sons in search of rare ore. Has a hard time connecting with his kids.

An independent little girl who was orphaned and raised by her grandma. She doesn't want help from anyone! (oh my, stubborn!)

She runs a cafe with her husband and her daughter Emily. She has a big heart, and cares for her customers as well as her family.

The youngest of Brutus' sons who dislikes veggies, yet wants to grow up to be like his blacksmith father.

Marriage Candidates - Bachelors

An apprentice blacksmith being trained by his father Brutus, he secretly wishes to take a different career path.

Marriage Candidates - Bachelorettes

A very cheery waitress who works at her family's cafe, she is adventurous and fearless until she runs into an insect. Eeek!