Goddess The Harvest Goddess lives in the pond next to the Hot Springs on Mother Hill. If you toss something into the pond, she will appear and thank you for your gift. She will also ask if you wish to connect to your Gamecube since she is the GC/GBA connection access point.

As any girl, the Goddess really likes gifts of food that you've produced on your farm. You can throw her ore that you've dug up from the mine, but she's really not into receiving dirty rocks. Sometimes when you give her gifts she'll actually start a conversation with you instead of just her normal "thank you" message. You may even receive a gift back from the Goddess. How nice of her!

After throwing in an item for 10 days, she'll give you a Power Berry.

Eleven days later she'll pop up and ask you if you like anybody. When you answer that you do, she'll ask you who you like and give you a list of the 5 girls plus her name. If you choose Elli, Ann, Mary, Karen, or Popuri, the Goddess will react as though she is a little disappointed but she will raise the love level a little bit for the girl you've chosen. If you choose her name she will be very happy and reward you with some Relaxation Tea Leaves.

From then on she will randomly give you White Grass, which sells for 150 G each. Most of the time she'll just thank you for throwing your gift into the pond.

Goddess tv show During the first 5 days of the new year you'll see the Goddess even has her own game show on the variety channel. Five times a day you can play her "less than/ greater than" game. She will pick a number and you have to guess wether the next number is bigger or smaller then her number. Once you miss one of the numbers then the game is over and you might get a prize.

Goddess Quiz Prizes
01    No Prize
02 Random piece of colored Grass
03 » 09 Mochi or Soba Noodles
10 » 14 Relaxation Tea Leaves
15 » 19 Suntan Lotion
20 » 24 Cosmetic Lotion
25 » 29 Facemask
30 » 39 Perfume
40 » 49 Dress
50 » 59 Golden Lumber
60 » 69 Ancient Fossil
70 » 79 Pirate Treasure
80 » 89 Catsup Recipie
90 » 99 Fried Potato Recipie
100 Mathematics Book

When you have earned 100,000,000 G and collected 999 pieces of wood, you can have Gotz build you the vacation villa. Inside of the villa is another television set with another chance to play with the Goddess. The prizes she gives out are a little different and some of them are rare.

Goddess Quiz Prizes
01    No Prize
02 White Grass
03 » 09 Mochi or Soba Noodles
10 » 19 Eli Grass
20 » 29 Alexandrite
30 » 39 Pink Diamond
40 » 49 Sage Stone
50 » 59 Record no.15
60 » 69 Record no.14
70 » 79 Record no.13
80 » 89 Record no.12
90 » 99 Record no.11
100 Rock/Paper/Scissors Master Certificate

Record Player The Records that you can receive for answering 60 to 99 correctly don't actually do anything. Normally when you have a Record you can change the background music of your farm. You'll need the Record Player of course, which you can buy from Ban when he travels over from the Gamecube A Wonderful Life game. Record's no.1 through no.10 are also aquired from Ban the merchant.

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