Summer 22 / alt. Summer 17

Kai is a seasonal resident of the village. Every Summer he'll move in for 30 days, then leave once the Fall season arrives. Kai is a little difficult to court because he's not around most of the year! He runs the Seaside Lodge down on Mineral Beach where he sells food items during different times of the day. On Sundays he closes his shop and takes a day off. Kai sleeps at Doug's Inn and at night you can find him upstairs.

Special Item: Pineapple
Favorite Items
Flour, Curry recipes, Oil, Large Fish, Omlette recipes, Pumpkin recipes, Perfume, Corn, Onion, Toast, Pineapple Juice, Bread, Pink Diamond, French Toast, Wine recipes, Tomato, Eggs
Disliked Items
Bamboo Shoots, Rice Cakes, Soba Noodles, Mushroom, Sweet Potato, Truffle, Poison Mushroom, Turnip, wild Grass

Kai's Schedule


If you marry Kai he'll stop leaving the village at the end of the Summer. After the ceramony is over he'll ask if it's okey to open his Seaside Lodge. If you tell him "no" then he'll stay inside of the house and never leave. If you tell him it's okey, Kai will leave the house at 8:00 am and return for lunch time. Then he leaves for the Lodge and comes home at 8:30 pm every day, except Sunday when his Lodge is closed. On Sundays he'll stay at home all day. Kai will have his Lodge opened all year round instead of just during the Summer season.

If by chance you propose to Kai on the 30th of Summer, he will not stop by on the 1st of Fall to tell you he is leaving. He will disappear from Mineral Town as though he has moved out, but he will return on Fall 06 to attend the wedding.

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