In the morning of the 30th one of the kids will come by and let you know it's Pumpkin Day, then stand there until you give them some candy . If you don't have any candy you can give them something more nutritious, like an apple, but the child's reaction won't be happy. Who wants to get an apple when it's candy day! The candy they are looking to receive are Chocolates, which you can buy from Jeff's General Store for 100 G each.

You will have 3 candy-visitors that day. They won't announce themselves but will go to your door and stand there waiting for your treats. If you don't see them or you're not even around on the farm then you'll miss them. May comes at 6:00 am, Stu at 8:00 am, and Popuri at 10:00 am. Popuri isn't a kid, but that won't stop her from trying to scam you out of chocolates.

If you've allowed Popuri to get married to Kai, then she'll move out of Mineral Town and won't be around for Candy Day. The only visitors you'll have are the two kids.

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