Fall Festivals

There are 11 days to celebrate in Fall:

Cooking Festival - Fall 15 and Fall 16

Pierre is judging Felix's cooked dish

The Cooking Festival covers two days. On the 15th you will be entering dishes from the Main category, and on the 16th you'll be working on the Dessert category. Each one is judged separately by the famous gourmet, Pierre.

Your entered recipe needs to have a high quality rank. The finished recipe's rank is determined by the rank of the ingredients you used. If your contest entry has 4 stars, you'll have a good chance of being the winner. At 4.5 stars, it's pretty much guaranteed.

The dish also needs to have a freshness of "Not so Fresh", "Fairly Fresh!", or "Super Fresh!". If the dish is too old, then Felix won't allow you to enter it into the contest.

To participate, bring your cooked recipe to Felix at the plaza and give it to him between 12:00 pm (noon) and 4:00 pm. Pierre will then taste all of the entries and announce the winning dish.

If you can't make a dish for the festival, you can buy pre-cooked dishes at the bazaar or Merine's Cafe and submit those. You won't be able to win the festival, but at least you'll be able to participate.

To win the festival, enter a dish with 4.5 star quality or 5 star quality.

If you win the Main course festival, Pierre will give you a Truffle. If you win the Dessert festival, then you'll receive Blueberry Tea (Can). If you happen to win both festivals, then you will be given a Pink Diamond. For both festivals, you'll also get +500 FP with the participates for entering, and another +1000 FP for being the winner.

Wine Festival - Fall 23

Enjoying the Wine Festival

In your first year, Felix will stop by your house on the 21st and give you Red Wine so you can participate in the Wine Festival. In your second year and later, it's your responsibility to get the wine.

The villagers will gather together in the plaza for some wine tasting. You can bring any type of wine that you have made on your farm. Wine is made by putting a Grape or Muscat Grape into your fermenting windmill on your farm and turning it into Red or White Wine. The more stars your submitted wine has, the better reward you'll receive from Claude:

You will also get +500 FP with the participating villagers.

Pumpkin Festival - Fall 31

Giving Strawberry Pie to Kevin

On this day, you will be visited by the local children, who come asking for sweet treats. The items you want to give are going to be cooked recipes from your Dessert category. You can't just give them plain Chocolate. The dish must also be somewhat fresh.

One of the easiest Dessert recipes to make is Pudding. You just have to combine an Egg and Milk to create it.

Your visitors will arrive when you go into your farm house:

If you give the kid a Dessert recipe, you'll earn +1000 FP. If you don't give them anything, or you give the wrong thing, you may see a temper tantrum, but you won't loose any friendship.

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