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Post Posted: Jan 07, 2012 6:37 pm 
Anonymous Fish

BIG READ so Beware but it's pretty interesting and maybe a time saver.
So I think I figured out a lot about the price glitching causing crops to sell for low like 20-70g despite being fresh and good star rank. Also it's tied to disappearing eggs. If you don't remember here is what some people were talking about.

So it's actually a pretty annoying bug and I don't know why some people haven't experienced it more often. Anyways, on days that your crops are ready to be harvested your decision on what to do first can cause the bugs. If you harvest a whole field of crops first, it will cause your eggs to disappear AS WELL as making all stationary forage items disappear. It can be any field even basement, and there is some linkage between how many you pull and how much stuff disappears. So if you pull half a field, you can run into your barn and see only a few missing eggs and random forage items around town have vanished. Living critters aren't affected by this.

So then you might say, I'll just forage first. Well, what happens is the dreaded price bug glitch. Basically foraging seems to infect certain number of your crops making them drop crazy in price to below 50g usually. There's no visual way to see, only by checking at Raul's shop or the bazaar for the selling price. You can actually have good ones that sell for normal but if you combine the stacks unknowingly (just simply by harvesting them all) the bad crops infect the others when they stack and they all end up selling for the low price. You can actually hold bad crops in your hand and have the good ones in your ruck and it will be ok. Now, you might be sad to know a few undetectable bad apples can infect the price of all your harvest but the price will reset to normal of UNHARVESTED crops the next day. But the same annoying rules apply if you forage first. Crops pulled at low price don't reset, they have to stay in the ground.

There is one time consuming way that makes the glitch even harder to understand. If you take the time to find out which ones are bad, you can harvest around them. But I noticed if you drop the good ones on the ground and then resume harvesting, it makes a lot of the bad ones reverted back to the normal price. But a few of them are still bad and can infect your stack. I was however able to do a full harvest by dropping my stack of good then harvesting a few of the bad ones, then restacking it with the good ones, then re-dropping it and resuming harvesting. This only applies if you want to forage first and want to harvest all your crops.

Maybe not many people have noticed this glitch because it's normal to harvest quickly in the morning and resow asap to get in new crops watered twice. I found out about all this when I noticed nothing to be foraged on some days and at first thought it was a time thing so I started foraging first in the morning. Then came the horrors lol.

In summary, on days you're going to harvest, don't forage first and get your eggs before you harvest. (I haven't noticed eggs corrupting crops but I only have 5 chickens. Maybe if you have max and you get all your eggs it might). If you're not harvesting you can leave your eggs all day and get them at night if you want.

I had one question for everyone that I searched but didn't find too much information. So when you cook and do windmill, your rank/level affects the outcome of the product? And does this rank/level increase by quantity or variety or both? Thanks and hope this info was helpful although probably long and confusing.
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Post Posted: Jan 12, 2012 3:03 am 
New Seedling
New Seedling

Posts: 17

Sorry that I did not read all the info,it is really confusing :?

I had those glitch before,I had 2 stack of Baked Yam(2*99),one stack sold in normal price(300++),but another sold only 50 each!I experience this twice,one Baked Yam,one Roast Eggplant.

I notice that whenever I have more that 2 full stacks of cooked crops,one of them will become very low price.
(from my exp,this glitch affects only cooked crops,i did not have any problem with 2 stacks of original crops,or seeds.That's from my experiece,though...)

I am in second year Summer,somehow,sometime,my eggs disappear,5 eggs left only 1 in the nests when I check in the morning,I am not sure whether is this the same glitch.

Then,my cat nowadays was like going crazy...It cant take care of my 5 chickens properly even though it has 8heart and 8 stars.I just found one chicken out in the rain,with a lot of stress,should have stayed overnight outside....

And for the lvl/rank will affect the products or not,I want to know about that answer too.I notice that at the beginning of game,1st year,I cook one 5star Sculpin,and I will get 4.5 star or 4star Shashimi,however in 2nd year,I get a 5star Shashimi just by cooking a sculpin without addition.
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