Girl Marriage Candidates

There are seven possible girls you can marry if you are playing as the boy farmer. None of the girls will work on your farm or bring home any income, so there isn't a girl who is better to marry over another; pick the girl who you like best.

The girls will unlock as you proceed through the game:

Below are some general info about each candidate. More details will be added later.

Bday: Fall 5
+1000 FP: Quiche
+500 FP: Hydrangea, Herb Salad, Peach, Emerald, Mint

Bday: Fall 28
+1000 FP: Chai
+500 FP: Tea leaves, Hibiscus, Beach Vitex, tea, Chamomile

Bday: Fall 28
+1000 FP: Tropical Sandwich
+500 FP: Watermelon, tree fruit, Apricot, Yellow Quill

Bday: Summer 18
+1000 FP: Turtle Stew
+500 FP: Rice, Cat Bell, Wasabi, Pumpkin Salad

Bday: Winter 26
+1000 FP: Kenchin Soup
+500 FP: Green Tea, Mushroom Rice, Apricot, eggs

Bday: Fall 14
+1000 FP: Inari Sushi
+500 FP: Soybean, Daifuku, Azuki Beans, Rice Stalk

Bday: Spring 18
+1000 FP: Cheese Fondue
+500 FP: Great Cheese, Red Cloth+, Grape Wine, Black Cloth+