Boy Marriage Candidates

There are seven possible boys you can marry if you are playing as the girl farmer. None of the boys will work on your farm or bring home any income, so there isn't a boy who is better to marry over another; pick the boy who you like best.

The boys will unlock as you proceed through the game:

Below are some general info about each candidate. More details will be added later.

Bday: Spring 23
+1000 FP: Cafe Mocha
+500 FP: Coffee, Iced Cocoa, Cappucino, Baked Cheese

Bday: Winter 20
+1000 FP: Pistou Soup
+500 FP: Aloe, Camomile, Banana, Mint, Basil, Sage

Bday: Spring 12
+1000 FP: Deep-Fried Fish Cakes
+500 FP: Black Lumber, Blue Downy Tuft, Bamboo

Bday: Summer 11
+1000 FP: Tofu Burger
+500 FP: Matsutake, Hydrangea, Daifuku, White Rice

Bday: Fall 7
+1000 FP: Yomogi Dumplings
+500 FP: Cherry, Sponge Cake, Chestnut Rice, Daifuku

Bday: Fall 14
+1000 FP: Inari Sushi
+500 FP: Soybean, Daifuku, Azuki Beans, Rice Stalk

Bday: Summer 24
+1000 FP: Smoothie
+500 FP: Cheese+, Butter+, Jersey Milk+, Yogurt+