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Chapter 4: Resurrection of the Hero

Note: Once your levels begin to reach into the 30's range, your hit points will increase dramatically. For example, from level 35 to level 36 your hit points will increase by 57. It is an excellent idea to build up levels in anticipation for the final battle.

Chapter 4 opens with Princess Elle living in her old house in Storkolm. She is tending a baby that is sleeping in her bed. Suddenly the infant wakes up and starts to cry. Princess Elle quiets the baby down by talking to it. She asks herself how long it has been since she has been living back in Storkolm with the baby. She tells the baby that she found him in a field by Storkolm. The baby resembles so closely some one she knew, she gave him the same name: Ark.

Princess Elle leaves the room to get the baby something to eat. Suddenly a new person walks into the room. It's Elle of Crysta! A voice is heard telling Elle to kill the baby, since that was the only reason why she was sent up from the lower world. Elle of Crysta takes the baby out of the bed and leaves the room with him. Soon after Princess Elle returns and notices the baby has gone missing.

Elle of Crysta takes the baby to the basement of Princess Elle's house. The voice is still heard telling her to kill the baby. Princess Elle arrives and stops Elle of Crysta from killing baby Ark. When Elle of Crysta turns around to see who has come to interfere, Princess Elle is shocked to meet someone who looks identical to her! She demands to know what Elle of Crysta is doing with the baby. Baby Ark

Suddenly Yomi appears! He is apparently the voice that Elle of Crysta has been obeying. He tells Elle of Crysta that she now must kill Princess Elle as well! Right after that, something unusual begins to happen to the baby. A new voice is heard calling out the baby's name. Yomi

The voice that is heard is Lord Kumari's. Kumari is telling the baby that he needs to wake up. Other voices are heard as well. The plant spirit Ra tells the baby that the earth is screaming. King Neo's son Liem says that something is wrong with the humans. Kingbird tells the baby that the sky is all dirty. Kumari says to listen to their voices and awaken.

A bright light appears, surrounding the baby. When the light dissipates, the baby has turned back into the adult Ark again. Yomi is very surprised to see Ark standing there, since he had no idea that the baby was actually him. Yomi says that he was following orders from the Elder to kill Ark once Beruga had been awakened. Instead he took his time, and now that Ark has become the legendary hero he can kill him. Then nothing will stand in the way of the earth to be reborn under Dark Gaia. Yomi orders Elle of Crysta to kill Ark and then he disappears. Elle of Crysta runs to the back of the room and Princess Elle appears to be in some sort of suspended animation.

Ark runs to the back of the room to catch up with Elle of Crysta. Elle says that she always wanted to see Ark again, but she had no idea they'd meet in this situation. She explains that she was ordered by the Elder to kill someone from the surface world who was a threat to Crysta, but she didn't realize that it was Ark.

Yomi reappears and is disappointed to see that Elle hasn't killed Ark yet and explains that he'll kill Ark instead. Ark is baffled as to why his friend wants to destroy him. Yomi explains that Ark was just a player in a game, and he sets off an earthquake that immobilize Ark so he cant move. Yomi is just about to kill Ark when Elle jumps in front of him and grabs Yomi. She says that people need their light side and their dark side. She then asks Ark to save the people of the surface world. A ball of light appears and destroys both Elle and Yomi. Crysta Elle

Ark of course blames himself for Elle's death. He thinks that if he had never opened the Elder's box, none of this would of ever happened. Ark wishes for his carefree days back in Crysta again.

Walk back to Princess Elle. She's unfrozen now and can talk. But there is something new next to her; a box that looks exactly like the Elder's box that had Yomi trapped inside. Princess Elle says that her village has a story about a hero who appears, crates a miracle, and then defeats a dark enemy. She says that the hero's armor and weapon are sealed inside that box. Columbus discovered them on one of his voyages and hid them here in Storkolm to protect them. These armaments were the reason that Storkolm was destroyed, but the souls of the villagers were transformed into wolves so they may continue to protect the armaments.

When you touch the box, it disappears and another Yomi appears! This Yomi is glad that the legendary hero has finally awaken because he was getting tired of waiting. The new Yomi also explains that he is different from the Yomi of the //underworld and gives you the HeroPike and the HeroArmor. He then says that it's time that you went after Beruga. Princess Elle says that she'll wait in Storkolm for your return.

Make your way from Storkolm to an airfield and take a plane to Mosque. From the airfield at Mosque, travel north east and cross a small grey bridge to enter Siberia. Then travel east until you see Beruga's LabTower.

Lab Tower

The scientist on top of Aris Rock notices something falling from the sky. It's Beruga's airship, but he mistakes it for the light of the apocalypse and an omen signifying the end of the world. Ark and the seagull land behind the scientist. The scientist tells Ark that the light fell in the direction of South America. Climb down Aris Rock and go to Suncoast. Take the plane back to Freedom (or the boat to Liotto if you haven't fully expanded Suncoast yet) and then make your way back down to South America.

Return to the cave/portal that you originally emerged onto the surface world through. Columbus will be there waiting for you. He says he's never forgotten the time that you saved him in Sylvain and since that time he's traveled the world. Throughout his travels, he came to realize that Ark was the legendary hero who returns underground. Columbus will also ask if you're sure you want to go back down. Make sure you have enough LBulbs and MBulbs. There is also a save point behind Columbus. Tell him that you need to finish cleaning up the mess you created and jump into the hole.

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