Game Controls

Harvest Moon Animal Parade supports the use of the Classic Controller or the Remote + Nunchuck combination:

Character MovementNunchuck: analog stickLeft stick
Main MenusNunchuck: C buttonY button
Ring Menu
»down to open menu
» up to close menu
» left/right to move through items
Remote: Directional padDirectional pad
» use equipped tool
» mount/dismount a rideable animal
» talk to someone
Remote: A buttonA button
» exit menus
» put equipped tool away
Remote: B buttonB button
Tool Targeting squareNunchuck: Z buttonL button
World MapRemote: + buttonStart (+) button
Photo AlbumRemote: - buttonSelect (-) button
Finn's Help MenuRemote: 1 buttonZL button
Turn on/off names above headsRemote: 2 buttonZR button
Whistle for a ridable animalRemote: A + B buttonsA + B buttons

On the Classic Controller, the R button and Y button is not used.

One of the controls that is not documented in the instruction manual is the use of a second Wii Remote. You will move through the game using your primary controller, but you can enable a second remote in order to "rub" other characters.

second remote rubbing

When you enable your second remote, a red-heart cursor will appear on the screen with "2P" written underneath it. Wave the heart cursor on top of the villagers to increase your friendship with them. You will want to "rub" before you give a gift or talk to the person, since the 2P heart seems to act as a bonus modifier that increases the affection earned for the gift.

You can "rub" on the villagers and pets you can befriend. For example, if you 2P double-rub, pat, pick up, and give a fish to the white cat in Harmonica Town on a daily basis, it will want to become a pet on your farm by the end of the first Spring season. Rubbing is very beneficial!

The 2P rub technique only seems to work one time on any livestock or poultry animals that you have living on your farm.

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