Lost Child

When your first child has 4 hearts, you will awake in the morning and be informed by your spouse that your child is not at home! The child is missing from his/her room and the little one didn't tell anyone where he/she was going.

By nightfall you are both worried. Your spouse gets ready to head out to search outside the farm but your child comes running back up the path. Your child had taken the road and had accentally gotten lost.

This event takes all day. It begins when you get up in the morning and ends at 8:00 pm.

Child Nurse

After your first child has 6 hearts, in the morning you'll discover that you're not feeling very well. Your oldest child will be worried that you don't seem to be healthy, and your spouse will tell him/her that you just need to rest for the day. The child decides that you will just need someone to nurse you back to health, and that's what he/she will do for the rest of the day.

The event ends at 8:00 pm in the evening, when you finally get a chance to get out of bed.

Lost Child, Again

When your first child has 8 or more hearts, you'll awaken in the morning to discover a very worried spouse in your house. It seems your child didn't come home; your spouse wasn't able to find/him her in the morning.

Fast forward to the evening, when your child still hasn't returned home. Your spouse doesn't find this amusing at all and begins to wonder if he/she has decided to run away from home. It is decided to start searching but right before you head out, the child comes home.

Your child explains that he/she had found a baby fox that had wandered away from its mother. They were searching together for the mother fox when the child finally realized how late it had become.

As parents, you're probably always going to worry about him/her.

This another all-day event. It is over at 8:00 pm.

Children's Arguments

Part 1

When you awake in the morning and your second child is at 4 or more hearts, you'll find your kid crying inside the house. It seems one of the other kids in the village have been a little mean to him/her and the two kids got into a disagreement.

Your spouse will suggest that arguing isn't good and he/she should try to make up with the other child. The two kids need to apologize to each other.

Part 2

After your second child has reached 6 hearts, you will awake in the morning to find one of the village kids and your child getting along. The rival kid has come by to see if your child wants to go play. The two kids are now getting along just fine, and your kid tells you that they are going to go out and play.

Evaporation Explanation

Walk into Choral Clinic when Van is at 3 or more hearts.

Inside the clinic, Van is explaining how evaporation occurs and creates rain. Your child listens and understands that the water from the pond is not completely lost since it falls back down. Van doesn't know what he/she means when your child talks about the pond on your farm, so your child asks if he knows that ponds are the starting point for a river. Van didn't know that you had a pond that started a river, and wants to check it out.

Learning Is Easy

Go into the school between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm when Angie or Vivian have 2 or more hearts. Walk down the left-side of the classroom if you're having problems triggering this event.

Inside the school, Angie and your child are talking about the planet and how it looks blue from space. Their planet is 70% water after all! It seems hard to learn such things, but Angie says it's not hard at all. Your child thinks Angie is really smart.

Dungeon Crawling

Pass by Ramsey's blacksmith shop when Lucy, Heath, or Roy are at 2 hearts or higher.

Your child will be asked how strong he/she is. Of course he/she is! Then your child will be asked if he/she is ready to leave for the dungeon. The two kids get excited and take off towards the mine.

You may see this event more than one time, as you raise your friendship with Lucy, Heath, and Roy. The event plays the same each time.

Fishing Friends

Walk along the path that leads behind the pond on your farm in the Farmland district when Matt had 3 or more hearts.

Your child and Matt are standing on the small dock at the pond. Matt is telling him/her that there are some fish that can only be caught during hurricanes, although that requires one to actually go outside during the storm.

Well, your child mentions how you (the parent) always go outside during bad weather. Suddenly there's a tug on Matt's fishing line and he pulls up a beautiful trout. Both kids are happy, and Matt suggests that they go give the fish to his mom.

Treasure Hunting

From Flute Fields, walk across the bridge towards the Farmland when Dakota has 3 or more hearts.

Your oldest child and Dakota are investigating the barrels near the Flue Field waterwheel. Both kids found something, and your child shows off the mushroom that he/she found. Dakota is really impressed with the fungus' size, and compliments your child on finding it.

Parent's Pride

Walk to Celesta Church Grounds when Dakota and Vivian have at least 1 heart and their fathers, Chase and Gill, have at least 5 hearts.

Chase and Gill are watching their children play, and remembering how it was just the other day that the kids were merely crawling. They'll grow up soon.

Gill remembers a long time ago when there use to be a beauty pageant at the Flower Festival where one would be chosen to be the goddess. It would be a mistake not to choose Vivian. Chase laughs and says that his Dakota is cheerful, cute, social, popular, and would surely of be chosen as the goddess. Of course Chase would think that way since he's a parent, but Gill tells him that Vivian is obviously the beautiful one! Both men seem to have come to a disagreement.

You and Fin have been observing the two parent. Fin mentions how both of them are being silly.

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