You can decorate your farm's house by purchasing furniture and wall accessories. The furniture are sold at the General Store and Carpenter store in Garmon Mine District, and the wall accessories are at Simon's Photos in Harmonica Town.

Placing furniture in your house

To place furniture out in your house, go to the diary next to your bed and select Arrange. You can place and re-arrange the different types of furniture within the green squares, but you don't have any control over where your kitchen, family table, or bed(s) are located. There are several types of furniture:

  • Bookshelves - When you access a bookshelf you will get a list of all of the book that have been given to you or purchased from Barbara's shop. You also can see your inventory books and copies of the letters you've received in your mailbox.
  • Cabinet - These are general purpose storage containers for your items. The cabinets can be purchased for more space. All of the cabinet inventories are linked together. You can not put food items in your cabinets.
  • Toolbox - Your standard toolbox holds up to 30 items, including food items and/or items.
  • Dresser and Drawers - To change your character's clothing and accessories, just stand in front of a dresser or drawer and press A. You can choose who you want to change clothing for, either yourself or your children. All of the containers access your clothing inventory, not matter what their size is.
  • Refrigerators - Besides your toolbox, you can put food items in your refrigerator. There isn't a spoilage rate for your food, so it can stay in there indefinately without any problem.
  • Cooking Utensils - There are 7 types of cooking untensils that you can place out in your kitchen. The first house size can hold 3 utensils, the level 2 house can hold 4, and the level 3 house has space for all 7 on your kitchen counter.
  • Televisions - The 3 types of tv sets can be used to watch the daily shows that air ever day. The main purpose for the tv is learning what the weather and wind patterns will be for the next day.
  • Other furniture - Items like the couches, chairs, wall posters, and so on, don't have any purpose except for decoration. You can't even sit in a chair.

Container Furniture

Dresser, Small - NormalNoneFree
Dresser, Small - ChicCarpentry, Lv 11700 G
Dresser, Small - CuteCarpentry, Lv 12000 G
Dresser, Medium - NormalCarpentry, Lv 32500 G
Dresser, Medium - ChicCarpentry, Lv 32800 G
Dresser, Medium - CuteCarpentry, Lv 33200 G
Dresser, Large - NormalCarpentry, Lv 43500 G
Dresser, Large - ChicCarpentry, Lv 43600 G
Dresser, Large - CuteCarpentry, Lv 44000 G
Cabinet, Small - NormalCarpentry, Lv 11200 G
Cabinet, Small - ChicCarpentry, Lv 11400 G
Cabinet, Medium - NormalCarpentry, Lv 31500 G
Cabinet, Medium - ChicCarpentry, Lv 31800 G
Cabinet, Medium - CuteCarpentry, Lv 32200 G
Cabinet, Large - NormalCarpentry, Lv 42000 G
Cabinet, Large - ChicCarpentry, Lv 42300 G
Cabinet, Large - CuteCarpentry, Lv 42600 G
Bookshelf - NormalNoneFree
Bookshelf - ChicCarpentry, Lv 12100 G
Bookshelf - CasualCarpentry, Lv 32500 G
Refrigerator, Small - WhiteGeneral Store, Lv 21400 G
Refrigerator, Small - RedGeneral Store, Lv 21500 G
Refrigerator, Small - YellowGeneral Store, Lv 21600 G
Refrigerator, Medium - WhiteGeneral Store, Lv 32200 G
Refrigerator, Medium - RedGeneral Store, Lv 32300 G
Refrigerator, Medium - YellowGeneral Store, Lv 32400 G
Refrigerator, Large - WhiteGeneral Store, Lv 43800 G
Refrigerator, Large - RedGeneral Store, Lv 43900 G
Refrigerator, Large - YellowGeneral Store, Lv 44000 G
Dresser - NormalCarpentry, Lv 31800 G
Dresser - ChicCarpentry, Lv 42300 G
Dresser - CuteCarpentry, Lv 42600 G

Cooking Utensils

Knife Set - NormalGeneral Store, Lv 11500 G
Knife Set - CountryGeneral Store, Lv 21700 G
Knife Set - CuteGeneral Store, Lv 31800 G
Knife Set - ChicNew Years Eve festival2000 G
Knife Set - GorgeousNew Years Eve festival2500 G
Pot - NormalGeneral Store, Lv 12000 G
Pot - CountryGeneral Store, Lv 22200 G
Pot - CuteGeneral Store, Lv 32300 G
Pot - ChicNew Years Eve festival2500 G
Pot - GorgeousNew Years Eve festival2800 G
Frying Pan - NormalGeneral Store, Lv 11800 G
Frying Pan - CountryGeneral Store, Lv 22200 G
Frying Pan - CuteGeneral Store, Lv 32400 G
Frying Pan - ChicNew Years Eve festival2600 G
Frying Pan - GorgeousNew Years Eve festival3000 G
Oven - NormalGeneral Store, Lv 12500 G
Oven - CountryGeneral Store, Lv 22800 G
Oven - CuteGeneral Store, Lv 33000 G
Oven - ChicNew Years Eve festival3200 G
Oven - GorgeousNew Years Eve festival3500 G
Mixer - NormalGeneral Store, Lv 11200 G
Mixer - CountryGeneral Store, Lv 21400 G
Mixer - CuteGeneral Store, Lv 31500 G
Mixer - ChicNew Years Eve festival1700 G
Mixer - GorgeousNew Years Eve festival2000 G
Aging Pot - IvoryGeneral Store, Lv 12100 G
Aging Pot - BrownGeneral Store, Lv 22300 G
Aging Pot - RedNew Years Eve festival2700 G
Aging Pot - GoldNew Years Eve festival3000 G
Ice Cream Maker - BlueGeneral Store, Lv 22600 G
Ice Cream Maker - YellowGeneral Store, Lv 32800 G
Ice Cream Maker - PurpleGeneral Store, Lv 43000 G
Ice Cream Maker - GreenCooking School eventNone
Ice Cream Maker - PinkGeneral Store, Lv 43300 G
Dye PotGeneral Store, Lv 13600 G

Seating Furniture

Round Chair - NormalCarpentry, Lv 1600 G
Round Chair - CasualCarpentry, Lv 1800 G
Round Chair - PopCarpentry, Lv 11100 G
Round Chair - CountryCarpentry, Lv 31400 G
Round Chair - ChicCarpentry, Lv 41500 G
Round Chair - AvonCarpentry, Lv 41800 G
Backed Chair - NormalCarpentry, Lv 1700 G
Backed Chair - CasualCarpentry, Lv 1900 G
Backed Chair - PopCarpentry, Lv 11300 G
Backed Chair - CountryCarpentry, Lv 31600 G
Backed Chair - ChicCarpentry, Lv 31800 G
Backed Chair - AvonCarpentry, Lv 42100 G
Sofa, Small - NormalCarpentry, Lv 11000 G
Sofa, Small - CountryCarpentry, Lv 11200 G
Sofa, Small - ChicCarpentry, Lv 11400 G
Sofa, Small - CuteCarpentry, Lv 31700 G
Sofa, Small - CasualCarpentry, Lv 31800 G
Sofa, Small - AvonCarpentry, Lv 42300 G
Sofa, Large - NormalCarpentry, Lv 11800 G
Sofa, Large - CountryCarpentry, Lv 12000 G
Sofa, Large - ChicCarpentry, Lv 12300 G
Sofa, Large - CuteCarpentry, Lv 42500 G
Sofa, Large - CasualCarpentry, Lv 42700 G
Sofa, Large - AvonCarpentry, Lv 42800 G

Electronic Furniture

Classic TVGeneral Store, Lv 12500 G
Standard TVGeneral Store, Lv 24000 G
Gorgeous TVGeneral Store, Lv 35500 G
Dial Phone - NormalGeneral Store, Lv 22000 G
Dial Phone - CuteGeneral Store, Lv 32400 G
Dial Phone - RoyalGeneral Store, Lv 42700 G
Push Phone - CuteGeneral Store, Lv 22600 G
Push Phone - PopGeneral Store, Lv 33000 G
Push Phone - AvonGeneral Store, Lv 43000 G

Other Furniture

Wood StoveGeneral Store, Lv 22200 G
Daruma StoveGeneral Store, Lv 33100 G
Oil HeaterGeneral Store, Lv 43700 G
Frame, Small - NormalPhotography, Lv 11000 G
Frame, Small - ChicPhotography, Lv 11000 G
Frame, Small - AvonPhotography, Lv 11000 G
Poster, Small - CountryPhotgraphy, Lv 12000 G
Poster, Small - CutePhotgraphy, Lv 12000 G
Poster, Small - CasualPhotgraphy, Lv 12000 G
Frame, Medium - NormalPhotgraphy, Lv 21500 G
Frame, Medium - ChicPhotgraphy, Lv 21500 G
Frame, Medium - AvonPhotgraphy, Lv 21500 G
Poster, Medium - CountryPhotgraphy, Lv 23000 G
Poster, Medium - CutePhotgraphy, Lv 23000 G
Poster, Medium - CasualPhotgraphy, Lv 23000 G
Frame, Large - NormalPhotgraphy, Lv 32250 G
Frame, Large - ChicPhotgraphy, Lv 32250 G
Frame, Large - AvonPhotgraphy, Lv 32250 G
Poster, Large - CountryPhotgraphy, Lv 34000 G
Poster, Large - CutePhotgraphy, Lv 34000 G
Poster, Large - CasualPhotgraphy, Lv 34000 G

All of the trophies are won by completing the item inventory lists in each of the following categories; crops, flowers, animals, ranch, fish, mining, cooking, and heart. You can find pictures of all 8 trophies on the Trophy page.

The last item is the seal stuffed toy, which you can get by completing the Winter Fishing request event.

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