Upgrading Your House

The farm house you start out with is not wonderful, but with some hard work you can enlarge it to meet your needs. All house upgrades come from Dale the carpenter. He will require you to supply the necessary money, Lumber, and Material Stone for the house enlargements.

You can get Lumber from chopping the trees in Fugue Forest with your Axe. You will get an Old Axe for free when you help Bo fix the bridge to the Garmon Mine area at the beginning of the game.

The Material Stone is easier to collect, since you just have to run around and smash stones. You will be doing this often in the mines anyway, so you're bound to have more Material Stone than Lumber.

You can also win Lumber and Material Stone from the festivals.

Besides making the house larger, Dale can remodel your house to be one of several different styles.

House Level 1

The lvl 1 house

This is the house that you'll start out with. You have one single bed in the corner and a kitchen in the other corner. The kitchen is so small that you can only put 3 cooking utensils out at one time. The table in the middle of your house can never be relocated, as neither can the kitchen, bed, or nightstand. You can have only 1 wild animal pet.

The total size of the house is 9 squares by 13 squares.

House Level 2

The lvl 1 house

The next house size is required for marriage. Your bed will be converted into the double bed necessary for your spouse. The kitchen becomes 1 square larger, allowing you to put out 4 cooking utensils. You can also have up to 2 wild animal pets.

The total size of the house is now 9 squares by 17 squares.

House Level 3

The lvl 3 house The lvl 3 house

Now your house is large enough for children to be living in. Your kitchen has been greatly expanded, and you can place up to 7 cooking utensils in it. The main room of the house is still only 9x17, but you now have an extra room off to the side.

The side room can be accessed by opening a door in the lower-right corner of your main room. The size of the room is a little small, but there's plenty of room to store your extra furniture if you wanted to place it out. If you have children then Hamilton will put a kids bed in the spare room.

House Level 4

The lvl 4 house The lvl 4 house

The last house upgrade adds a second floor. You will need to have a level 4 house if you want to have the Bear and/or Panda wild animal pets. The main room of your house is the same size as the level 3 house, but the second bedroom will have a staircase added to it.

The second floor of your house is where the Bear and Panda will live. No other person will sleep on the second floor (both kids share the extra bedroom) so you can decorate it any way you want to.

House Styles

Dale can re-style your starting farm house for about 15,000 G. The house you begin with is in the "casual" style. You can choose to remodel into the "luxury", "country", or "cute" style.


Casual - inside Casual - outside


Luxury - inside Luxury - outside


Country - inside Country - outside


Cute - inside Cute - outside

Extra Vacation Houses

If you're feeling extra rich, you can buy vacation houses from Hamilton at the Town Hall. The house is yours as soon as you pay for it. Each vacation house has a small kitchen and a diary, but they don't have bed to sleep in. You can save your game inside the vacation house, but you can't spend the night.

You can also decorate your vacation house using the same furniture available for the house on your farm. Choosing a piece of furniture for your vacation house just duplicates the item into your vacation house. It doesn't move it from your farm house to your other house(s).

Town House

100,000 G - Up the staircase from the Ocarina Inn in Harmonica Town.

Town House Town House

Mountain House

100,000 G - Up the staircase from Ramsey's blacksmith shop in Garmon Mine District.

Mountain House Mountain House

Stream House

100,000 G - Next to the waterwheel and down the path from Julius' house in Flute Fields.

Stream House Stream House

Summertime House

200,000 G - Next to the Inn on Toucan Island.

Island House Island House

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