The King Fish

If you are up to the fishing challenge, and you want to complete your fishing list to get the Fishing Trophy, you will need to locate and catch the eight King Fish. The king fish take a lot of patience to catch.

These fish are very large and take a lot of stamina to reel in. You will need to have a few Power Berries eaten to increase the total amount of stamina that you have. It also helps if you have Ramsey upgrade your fishing pole to a better material; it will help to conserve your stamina as you are reeling in these difficult fish.

Barracuda Barracuda

Barracuda location

The Barracuda is the easiest king fish to catch. You do need to have chimed the Blue Bell before you can buy a Boat Ticket from Ozzie. The Boat Ticket will take you to Toucan Island. When you get off of the boat, follow the path directly south along the rocky shore.

This fish is available from the southern shore of the island between 8:00 am and 7:00 pm, all year long. The weather on the mainland must not be Drizzly, Rainy, or Hurricane. The nice thing about this king fish is that it does not require any powering up of your Fishing Pole. It can be caught simply at level 0. Cast your line towards the west and eventually you will catch one. The Barracuda sells for 680 G.

Dorado Dorado

Dorado location

This king fish can be caught in the swamp by the Witch's house. The weather at the swamp is always sunny, but the Dorado will only appear if the weather forecast is Rain, Thunderstorm, or Hurricane when you are on your farm. The Dorado is available in the Spring and Summer seasons.

When casting for the Dorado, you easiest place to look is in the pool of water to the left side of the footbridge. If you look at the water, you will see 3 patches of dark-colored water in a triangle shape. Power your fishing pole to level 4 so your bobber lands near the left-corner of the triangle, then just wait until you get lucky. You will need a gold fishing pole to cast that far. The Dorado sells for 700 G.

Giant Arowana Giant Arowana

Giant Arowana location

The Giant Arowana is a golden fish you can find in the waters of the shrine that leads to the Divine Tree at the Harvest Goddess' pond. The arowana is available in the Spring, Summer, and Fall seasons between 5:00 am and 7:00 pm. The weather has to be Rain, Thunderstorm, or Hurricane, even if the weather at the Goddess' Pond is always displayed as Sunny.

When you first enter the Goddess' Pond, you will go down a staircase that leads to a path across the pond. At the bottom of that staircase, stop and turn to the right. If you go across the pond then you've gone too far.

When you are facing east at the bottom of the staircase, power your fishing pole up to level 2 and cast it into the water. You may have to back up a little bit so that your level 2 line is not bumping into the back wall. There will be 3 tree roots trailing into the water, and you want your bobber to land below the large root but above the smaller one just to the south. The Giant Arowana sells for 650 G.

Pacific Halibut Pacific Halibut

Pacific Halibut location

Halibut can be found in any season, but the Pacific Halibut is only available in the Winter and Spring. The weather has to be sunny and the fish can be caught at any time of the day at the Lighthouse in Harmonica Town.

Below the Lighthouse you'll find the moon stone used during the recharging of the Yellow Bell. Stand on the edge of the shore and face west. You will need to power up your fishing pole to level 4 (or level 5) and cast your line in order to catch the Pacific Halibut. The fish sells for 850 G.

This king fish is also a part of the Winter Fishing event that involves Sue and Samson from Toucan Island.

King Salmon King Salmon

King Salmon location

The King Salmon is available during the Summer and Fall season in Flute Fields, between 7:00 pm and 9:00 am. The weather can not be Rainy or Thunderstorm.

On the eastern side of the river, head towards the edge of the water. You'll see a path that leads to the waterwheel. Right at the spot where the dirt path turns into gray pavement, stand facing the water and cast your line. You will need to power up your fishing pole to level 3.

The King Salmon ships for 760 G. It is required for starting a new game with your existing save file, so you might as well fish one up when you have the chance. You can store the King Salmon in your Toolbox or Shelves until you need it.

Nautilus Nautilus

Nautilus location

This shellfish is difficult to catch because of the darkness inside of the top floor of the Watery Cave in Harmonica Town. If it is too difficult for you to see where you are going, you may have to turn up the brightness on your television.

The Nautilus can be caught during the Spring, Summer, and Fall seasons between 3:00 pm and 3:00 am. The weather outside can be anything except for Rainy.

In the back corner of the cave you'll see a Nautilus shell on the wall. The shell is a clue that the king fish can be found back in that spot. To get your line in that area, stand between the Blue Bell and the staircase that leads down to floor 1 of the Watery Cave Mine (i.e. the green colored line in the image example to the right). You may have to wiggle around a little bit to get in the right spot. Then power your fishing pole to just level 2 in order to get enough length to land in the right spot.

You will know that your bobber is in the right spot if you start catching Eel!

Eventually you will pull up the Nautilus. The fish sells for 830 G.

Skull Jellyfish Skull Jellyfish

Skull Jellyfish location

Instead of being on Toucan Island in Tree of Tranquility, the Skull Jellyfish can be found on floor 50 of the Watery Cave mine in Harmonica Town. It can be found during the Spring or Fall season, between 7:00 pm and 5:00 am.

At the bottom floor of Watery Cave you'll find a platform surrounded by water. The jellyfish is found off the southern edge of the platform. You will want to cast your line south, but not exactly from the very edge of the platform. Back up a little bit to about the middle (see the picture on the right), and then power up to level 1 to cast.

Since it takes so long to get down to the 50th floor, you may want to stay down there until you catch the Skull Jellyfish. If you say awake past 6:00 am, your character will become sleepy and it will cost more stamina to reel a fish in. It would be a good idea to bring Super Stay Awake potion with you to wake yourself up when 6am rolls around. You can buy the potion from Irene at the clinic for 1140 G each. You may also want to bring Bodigizer potions with you to restore your stamina.

It may take a while to find it, but you eventually will succeed. The Skull Jellyfish sells for 665 G.

Tarpon Tarpon

Tarpon location

The Tarpon is another tropical fish that requires you to gain access to Toucan Island by first ringing the Blue Bell and giving Pascal a Boat Ticket. Instead of being in the far south like the Barracuda, the Tarpon is in the far north of the island. When you exit the boat to the island, walk up the hill in the northwest corner and then follow the northern coast until you can't go any farther. You should be around the area where the Baby Panda pet is located.

The location where you want to stand is on the rocky shoreline, facing northwest. Your bobber should land between the two large rock-islands, so you may have to move around a little bit until your power level 3 line lands in the water between the two rocks. Then you just have to wait until you catch it. The Tarpon sells for 800 G.

This king fish is available in the Winter and Spring season. This fish is not available for 4 hours between 3:00 pm and 7:00 pm. The weather on the mainland can't be Thunderstorm, Hurricane, or Snow.

You can get a Tarpon without having to fish one up. At the Starry Night Festival on Winter 11, you can wish for a fish. If you quickly select all of the wishes as they appear on the screen, you will be given a Tarpon.

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