Livestock Animals

The livestock barn

Besides raising ducks, chickens, and silkworms, you can also raise other animals on your farm. You have the option to purchase cows, sheep, goats, horses, and ostriches.

The size of your barn will determine how many animals you can have at one time:

  • Small Barn: 3 livestock animals
  • Medium Barn: 5 livestock animals, costs 40 Lumber, 50 Material Stone, and 30,000 G
  • Large Barn: 8 livestock animals, costs 100 Lumber, 50 Material Stone, and 60,000 G

No matter what the size of your barn, you can only have 3 species of animals in your barn. This means you can not have 1 of each type of livestock animal. You can choose to keep only 3 at one time. If you had cows, sheep, and horses, and you decided you wanted to buy a goat, you would need to sell all of the cows (or sheep or horses) in order to make room for goats. This gives managing animals some challenge, as you have to decide which ones will work best for your farm.

At the very beginning of the game, visit Horn Ranch and go into their livestock barn. You will receive a free baby cow from Cain. As you upgrade the size of your livestock barn and Horn Ranch, new animals will be available for purchase.

ItemShop LvlBarn LvlCost
Baby Cow11 or higher1200 G
Adult Cow21 or higher2400 G
Baby Horse21 or higher2000 G
Adult Horse31 or higher4000 G
Baby Sheep11 or higher1800 G
ItemShop LvlBarn LvlCost
Adult Sheep11 or higher3600 G
Baby Goat32 or higher1500 G
Adult Goat42 or higher3000 G
Baby Ostrich433000 G
Adult Ostrich436000 G
A different colored goat

Livestock animals do come in different colors other than white, but Hanna only sells 1 color-type of each animal. If you want a different color of cow, horse, sheep, or goat you will have to sprinkle it with the Miracle Potion items from her shop. The potion will work on sheep that have recently been sheered. Depending on the animal, the pregnancy will take between 7 and 14 days. Ostriches don't come in any other color besides black.

By default, Hanna sells black and white Cows, white Sheep, white Goats, and grey Horses.

The color of the baby animal is random. If you are looking for a specific color, and you saved the night before, just keep reloading your save game to rewatch the birthing event until you get the color you want.

There are also several Maker machines you can get from Barbara. The machines will convert basic animal products into new versions that sell for more profit. The Butter and Cheese products sell for the same amount.

Riding a cow

You can ride all of your different type of livestock animals. Before you can ride your animals you will have to raise its friendship up to 5 hearts. To raise an animal's friendship you just have to pet and brush it every day, put fodder in its trough (hand-fed), and let it outside on clear days. To put all your animals outside you just have to ring the giant bell next to your crop field. Super easy!

To ride an animal, stand next to it and press the A button. Dismounting is also done by pressing A. Sometimes an animal you leave behind when going to a new area will be transported back to inside the barn. Luckly you can call for a riding mount from anywhere by pressing the A and B buttons at the same time. Your character will whistle, calling for one of your rideable animals to appear in front of you.

Do not ride your animals in the rain. You will end up with a sick animal. Animal Medicine can be purchased at Hanna's shop for 800 G each.

Feeding your livestock animals is by buying Fodder from Horn Ranch (20 G each) or by planting Grass Seeds (20 G each at Marimba Farm) in the fields on your farm. Once full grown, the pasture grass can be left as-is for your animals to graze on when outdoors. You don't need to water pasture grass for it to grow, and it can be harvested into Fodder by cutting it with your sickle.

Feeding indoors is more beneficial though. You'll earn more friendship it you hold the Fodder in your hands and give it to each animal than if you simply placed it into the feed bins on the barn floor. Livestock needs to be fed daily and can't go outside on bad weather days to graze on the pasture grass you might be growing.


  • Produces: Milk daily
  • Pregnancy: 14 days, adult in 15 days
  • Lifespan: 2 and a half years

Cows are your simplest livestock animal. They will produce Milk once a day. A cow that has given birth can be milked starting the next day after birth.

black and white cow
Black & White (default)
black cow
brown cow

You can take the milk and convert it into Cheese or Butter. The maker machines are sold by Barbara at her General Store. Cheese and Butter sell for the same amount of profit.

Milk 170 G260 G340 G510 G
Butter 190 G280 G370 G560 G
Cheese 190 G280 G370 G560 G


  • Produces: Wool and Milk every 4 days
  • Pregnancy: 7 days, adult in 15 days
  • Lifespan: 2 years

The sheep produces two different kind of products. Wool can be collected with the Clippers, and Milk by using the Milker. Even if the sheep doesn't have any wool, you can still ride it around Castanet. A sheep that has recently given birth will take 4 days before it can be sheered and milked.

white sheep
White (default)
black sheep

Sheep are the only livestock animal that produce two different types of items. You can also take the Wool, change it to Yarn, and then dye the Yarn with the Dyepot in your kitchen. It is good to ship the dyed Yarn if you are stuck with Decent quality, but you'll lose money if you dye yarn that is higher than Decent.

You can buy the Yarn Maker at Barbara's General Store for 4500 G after you upgrade your Coop or Barn to level 3. The Dyepot is 3600 G and can also be found at Barbara's shop.

Sheep Milk 120 G210 G290 G460 G
Sheep Butter 130 G230 G320 G510 G
Sheep Cheese 130 G230 G320 G510 G
Wool 620 G920 G1220 G1820 G
Yarn 680 G1010 G1340 G2000 G
Red Yarn 810 G
Yellow Yarn 680 G
Green Yarn 680 G
Blue Yarn 1000 G
Purple Yarn 680 G


  • Produces: Nothing
  • Pregnancy: 14 days, adult in 15 days
  • Lifespan: 3 years

Horses are the fastest riding livestock animal you can have. It is good to have a horse for travel if you haven't found all 3 of Theodore's circus friends.

The only money you'll earn from Horses is if you breed and sell the offspring. The Horse Miracle Potion costs 1200 G.

grey horse
Grey (default)
white horse
black horse
brown horse


  • Produces: Milk
  • Pregnancy: 7 days, adult in 15 days
  • Lifespan: 2 and a half years

Just like cows, goats will produce milk every day. Goats are faster runners than cows though, and they're just cuter!

white goat
White (default)
black goat
Goat Milk 140 G230 G310 G480 G
Goat Butter 150 G250 G340 G530 G
Goat Cheese 150 G250 G340 G530 G


  • Produces: Egg
  • Pregnancy: 14 days, adult in 15 days
  • Lifespan: 3 years

The ostrich is a large bird that won't fit in your poultry barn. Instead it takes up room in your livestock barn, and lays 1 egg every 7 days! Ostriches run faster than goats, but not as fast as horses.

Black (default)
Ostrich Egg 350 G530 G700 G1050 G
Ostrichonaise 450 G

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