Wild Animal Pets

Around Castanet there are wild animals that you can convince to become pets for your farm. The creatures will live inside of your farm house, and you can choose to have one of them follow you around as you run around visiting other areas.

There are 24 different creatures that can become your pet(s), but you can only have the same number of pets as the level of your house. For example, if you have a level 2 house then you can have 2 pets.

Giving gifts and petting the animal on its head will help to increase the number of hearts it has with you. When you reach 3 hearts you may get the option to pick the animal up, but not all animals can be picked up. Large animals like the bears, boar, pyraneese, and others can not be lifted off the ground.

Once you have at least 6 hearts you can invite the wild animal to become one of your pets. If you already have the max number of pets in your house and you want a new pet, the existing pet you choose to be replaced becomes wild again and it drops down to 3 hearts.

Pets can be taught to do tricks by using the Animal Whistle. You can even train them when they're inside the farm house. Once a day you will earn affection for using the whistle with the tamed pet, and eventually the difficulty of the trick performed will increase. High level tricks are good for winning the Pet Contest at the Animal Festival on Spring 28.

As pets follow you around outside, occasionally they will dig up wild items. Some pets will dig up mushrooms and some will only dig up colored herbs. Different pets will find items at different intervals of time, and they can only dig up items if they are moving. Simply standing in one place won't allow them to locate goodies for you.

Some pets are incredibly slow if they are walking behind you. The Snake and Turtle are examples of slow pets; if they lose visual contact with you then they'll get a blue unhappy face above its head. If they are unhappy for too long then they'll start to lose hearts. With the slow pets it is best to pick them up and carry them as you travel about.

Beagle and Black Shiba



Bear and Panda

Orange Cat, Black Cat, and White Cat

White Rabbit and Black Rabbit

Baby Boar


Brown Weasel and White Weasel




Cub and Baby Panda





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