Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best crops to grow?

This depends on the season you're in, of course. In general:

  • Spring: Lettuce or Strawberry
  • Summer: Tea Leaves or Honeydew
  • Fall: Blue Mist Flowers
  • Winter: Snowdrop Flowers or Buckwheat

Where is the Wizard's Crystal Ball?

After you ring the Green Bell, you can help Wizard find his missing crystal ball. More details can be found in the Wizard's Crystal Ball section of the Request Events page.

Can I keep a circus animal on my farm?

No, the circus animals are friends with Theodore, and stay with him. The animals will help you transport around Castanet if you help them out, but they do not live with you.

I want to upgrade Marimba Farm, General Store, Sonata Tailoring, etc., but I don't know how much money I've earned.

Your total amount of money earned for your entire game period is listed in your Work menu. Press the C button on your numchuck controller and move to the Work menu by using your directional pad on the wii remote. Your total amount of money earned so far is displayed there. It updates every day after you go to bed and your daily total is added up.

I saw a rubber duck. Does it do anything?

rubber ducky

The little rubber duck is just for fun and doesn't serve any purpose. If you want to know where the duck will appear every day around your farm, you just have to pay attention to the weather:

  • Sunny: On the north-side of the waterwheel, use your camera to look at the wall. You'll find the duck hiding in the upper window.
  • Cloudy: Walk around the water tank next to your livestock barn until your camera view looks into the tank.
  • Rain/Snow: Under the dock in your pond.
  • Thunderstorm: In the animal barn; look at the barn from outside.
  • Hurricane: To the right of your pond is a tree. Look through its branches to find the duck.

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