Toucan Island Inn

There's only shop on the tropical island. You can reach it once you have chimed the Blue Bell and take the boat from the Harmonica Town dock.

Samson runs the shop with his wife, Sue. Their daughter, Selena, wants to live out her dream of being a dance but she can't do so on their little remote island. Selena eventually hitches a ride on Pascal's ship and starts working at Hayden's bar.

The Toucan Inn is open from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm, and closed on festival days. The first time you visit the shop it won't have a lot of items for sale, but as you walk through the Blue Bell storyline Samson will increase his shop inventory.


ItemShop LvlCost
Cocoa Seeds1140 G
Chili Seeds140 G
Hibiscus Seeds240 G
Green Bell Seeds120 G
Hibiscus2420 G
South Wind Omelet11390 G
South Wind Chahon21060 G
Napuritan Spaghetti21700 G
Calvanara Spaghetti21850 G
ItemShop LvlCost
Bajiriko Spaghetti21390 G
Peskatore Spaghetti21420 G
Ikasmi Spaghetti21410 G
Banana Pudding2830 G
Banana Ice Cream21320 G
Banana Candy2590 G
Choco Banana2460 G
Banana Milk2650 G
Pineapple Juice2160 G

Cooking Recipes

ItemShop LvlCost
South Wind Chahon2430 G
Tortilla Chips1500 G
Oil Sardine2220 G
Napuritan Spaghetti2680 G
Bajiriko Spaghetti2560 G
Banana Pudding2340 G
ItemShop LvlCost
Banana Ice Cream2530 G
Banana Candy2240 G
Choco Banana2190 G
Banana Milk2260 G
Pineapple Juice170 G
Kimchi2550 G

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