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Flute Fields is just to the east of your farm land. The path south of your farm will take you there. Kaval is a wide area where the Horn Ranch and Marimba Farm exist. The entrance to Fugue Forest is here, as well as the Windmill and Waterwheel.

The shops in Flute Fields are closed on Wednesdays and festival days.

Marimba Farm

Hours: 8:00 am to 8:00 pm (20:00)

Upgrade to Level 2: Ship 30,000 G worth of crops
Upgrade to Level 3: Ship 80,000 G worth of crops and unlock Anissa
Upgrade to Level 4: Ship 160,000 G worth of crops

Marimba Farm is right down the path from the bridge. The farm's shop is run by Ruth, who sells a variety of items like seeds, fertilizer, food, and recipes.

Craig and Ruth have two children; Taylor and Anissa. Taylor will return to the farm after you buy a telephone from Barbara, and Anissa will return once you have chimed the Yellow Bell.

Next to Marimba Farm is Chase's house. He is there until the evening, when he goes to Hayden's bar to cook.

Crop Seeds

Spring Season
CropShop LvlCost
Wheat Seeds280 G
Flax Seeds230 G
Turnip Seeds130 G
Potato Seeds330 G
Cabbage Seeds130 G
Strawberry Seeds1110 G
Grass Seeds120 G
Lavender Seeds320 G
Tulip Seeds120 G
Hyacinth Seeds220 G
Pinkcat Flower Seeds320 G
Pansy Seeds220 G
Spring Seed Mix230 G
Lettuce Seeds140 G
Summer Season
CropShop LvlCost
Corn Seeds2100 G
Tomato Seeds1100 G
Onion Seeds130 G
Honeydew Seeds440
Watermelon Seeds130 G
Grass Seeds120 G
Green Herb Seeds120 G
Blue Herb Seed120 G
Sunflower Seeds230 G
Lily Seeds120 G
Begonia Seeds320 G
Morning Glory Seeds420 G
Summer Seed Mix130 G
Cucumber Seeds130 G
Sugarcane Seeds140 G
Tea Seeds150 G

Fall Season
CropShop LvlCost
Rice Seeds330 G
Eggplant Seeds280 G
Pumpkin Seeds190 G
Yam Seeds290 G
Green Pepper Seeds3100 G
Carrot Seeds130 G
Spinach Seeds230 G
Grass Seeds120 G
Red Herb Seeds120 G
Purple Herb Seeds120 G
Bluemist Flower350 G
Cosmos Flower Seeds220 G
Rose Seeds430 G
Mum Seeds420 G
Fall Seed Mix130 G
Moondrop Seeds420 G
Grape Seeds230 G
Winter Season
CropShop LvlCost
Buckwheat Seeds130 G
Grass Seeds120 G
Yellow Herb Seeds120 G
Snowdrop Flower Seeds320 G
Anemone Seeds320 G

Tree Seeds
CropShop LvlCost
Apple Seedling1990 G
Orange Seedling1860 G
Chestnut Seedling2860 G
Cherry Seedling3860 G
Hali Seedling3350 G
Olive Seedling4860 G
Coffee Seedling4980 G


CropShop LvlCost
Decent Fertilizer160 G
Good Fertilizer2120 G
Perfect Fertilizer3220 G
Shining Fertilizer4300 G

Cooking Recipes

CropShop LvlCost
Marinated Fish1240 G
Vegetable Salad3340 G
Egg Salad1420 G
Potato Stew2210 G
Boiled Corn1190 G
Marmalade1240 G
Cherry Jam1240 G
Blueberry Jam1100 G
Apple Jam2280 G
Stir Fry1200 G
Mashed Potato3650 G
Cornbread4780 G
Roasted Chestnut3140 G
Roasted Yam4150 G
Olive Oil4110 G


The price of full-grown crops you can buy from Ruth are double the price you would have earned if you shipped it. For example, if you shipped a Decent Turnip you would earn 170 G, but if you purchased one from Ruth it would cost you 340 G (170 x 2).

All Year Long
CropShop LvlCost
Decent Rice3420 G
Good Rice3500 G
Perfect Rice4580 G
Decent Wheat2260 G
Good Wheat2300 G
Perfect Wheat3340 G
Decent Flax2320 G
Good Flax2380 G
Perfect Flax3440 G
Decent Corn2320 G
Good Corn3380 G
Perfect Corn4420 G
Decent Onion2340 G
Good Onion2400 G
Perfect Onion3460 G
Decent Strawberry1360 G
Good Strawberry2440 G
Perfect Strawberry3540 G
Shining Strawberry4820 G
Decent Honeydew2500 G
Good Honeydew2600 G
Perfect Honeydew3900 G
Shining Honeydew41280 G
Decent Lettuce2440 G
Good Lettuce3500 G
Perfect Lettuce4560 G
Decent Grape2240 G
Good Grape3280 G
Perfect Grape4320 G
Decent Honey1100 G
Good Honey2200 G
Perfect Honey3300 G

Summer Season Only
CropShop LvlCost
Decent Tomato2320 G
Good Tomato3380 G
Perfect Tomato4420 G
Decent Watermelon1420 G
Good Watermelon2500 G
Perfect Watermelon3580 G
Shining Watermelon4820 G
Decent Cucumber1320 G
Good Cucumber2400 G
Perfect Cucumber3480 G
Decent Tea Leaves2340 G
Good Tea Leaves3400 G
Perfect Tea Leaves4460 G
Decent Sugarcane1360 G
Good Sugarcane2380 G
Perfect Sugarcane3440 G
Decent Orange1240 G
Good Orange2280 G
Perfect Orange3320 G
Decent Coffee Beans3280 G
Good Coffee Beans3320 G
Perfect Coffee Beans3360 G
Sunflower2320 G
Lily2280 G
Begonia3220 G
Morning Glory4240 G

Spring Season Only
CropShop LvlCost
Decent Turnip1340 G
Good Turnip2400 G
Perfect Turnip3460 G
Decent Potato3380 G
Good Potato3440 G
Perfect Potato4480 G
Decent Cabbage1380 G
Good Cabbage2440 G
Perfect Cabbage3500 G
Decent Cherry2240 G
Good Cherry3280 G
Perfect Cherry3300 G
Lavender3200 G
Tulip1220 G
Hyacinth2240 G
Pinkcat Flower3240 G
Pansy3180 G

Fall Season Only
CropShop LvlCost
Decent Eggplant1260 G
Good Eggplant2300 G
Perfect Eggplant3360 G
Decent Pumpkin2300
Good Pumpkin3360 G
Perfect Pumpkin4420 G
Decent Yam1260 G
Good Yam2320 G
Perfect Yam3360 G
Decent Green Pepper2320 G
Good Green Pepper3380 G
Perfect Green Pepper4440 G
Decent Carrot2360 G
Good Carrot3440 G
Perfect Carrot4520 G
Decent Spinach2360 G
Good Spinach3440 G
Perfect Spinach4540 G
Decent Apple1260 G
Good Apple3320 G
Perfect Apple4360 G
Decent Chestnut2240 G
Good Chestnut3280 G
Perfect Chestnut4340 G
Decent Olive2240 G
Good Olive3280 G
Perfect Olive4320 G
Bluemist Flower1780 G
Cosmos3200 G
Rose2440 G
Mum3180 G
Moondrop Flower2240 G

Winter Season Only
CropShop LvlCost
Decent Buckwheat2380 G
Good Buckwheat3440 G
Perfect Buckwheat4480 G
Snowdrop Flower3300 G
Amenome4200 G

Horn Ranch

Hours: 8:00 am to 8:00 pm (20:00)

Upgrade to Level 2: Ship 10,000 G worth of animal products
Upgrade to Level 3: Ship 50,000 G worth of animal products and ring the Green Bell
Upgrade to Level 4: Ship 80,000 G worth of animal products

The shop at Horn Ranch is run by Hannah. She sells a variety of products relating to the care of animals. When you buy an animal from her, she will ask you to give it a name and the creature automatically is transfered to your farm.

When you visit the ranch for the first time, go into the barn and Cain will give you a free baby cow and a free Brush. You also can get the Sickle tool by talking to Hannah when she's inside the ranch shop.

Renee is the daughter of Cain and Hannah, and a marriage candidate if you are playing as the boy gender. She typically can be found inside the shop or outside between the shop and the barn.


ItemShop LvlCost
Brush11600 G
Milker12000 G
Clippers11600 G
Cowbell11000 G

Animal Products:

ItemShop LvlCost
Animal Medicine1800 G
Cow Miracle Potion1720 G
Horse Miracle Potion21200 G
Sheep Miracle Potion11080 G
Goat Miracle Potion3900 G
Decent Chicken Egg1100 G
Good Chicken Egg2160 G
Decent Ostrich Egg1700 G
Good Ostrich Egg41060 G
Decent Duck Egg3160 G
Good Duck Egg3240 G
Decent Milk1340 G
Good Milk2520 G
Decent Goat Milk2280 G
Good Goat Milk3460 G
Decent Sheep Milk3240 G
Good Sheep Milk4420 G
Decent Wool11240 G
Good Wool41840 G
Decent Silk21320 G
Good Silk41980 G
Decent Mayonnaise1160 G
Good Mayonnaise2200 G
Perfect Mayonnaise3260 G
Ostrichaise2900 G
ItemShop LvlCost
Duckaise2280 G
Decent Butter1380 G
Good Butter2560 G
Perfect Butter3740 G
Decent Goat Butter1300 G
Good Goat Butter2500 G
Perfect Goat Butter3680 G
Decent Sheep Butter2260 G
Good Sheep Butter3460 G
Perfect Sheep Butter4640 G
Decent Cheese1380 G
Good Cheese2560 G
Perfect Cheese3740 G
Decent Goat Cheese1300 G
Good Goat Cheese2500 G
Perfect Goat Cheese3680 G
Decent Sheep Cheese2260 G
Good Sheep Cheese3460 G
Perfect Sheep Cheese4640 G
Decent Wool Yarn11360 G
Good Wool Yarn22020 G
Perfect Wool Yarn42680 G
Decent Silk Yarn11460 G
Good Silk Yarn22180 G
Perfect Silk Yarn42900 G

Animal Feed:

ItemShop LvlCost
Fodder120 G
Chicken Feed110 G

Cooking Recipes:

ItemShop LvlCost
Boiled Egg1100 G
Duck Boiled Egg3140 G
Fried Egg1100 G
Baked Potato2430 G
Yogurt1230 G
Cheesecake3930 G
Strawberry Ice Cream2690 G
Honeydew Ice Cream4790 G
Orange Ice Cream4610 G
Mint Ice Cream4520 G
Coffee Ice Cream4660 G
Banana Ice Cream4530 G
ItemShop LvlCost
Apple Ice Cream4630 G
Cherry Ice Cream4610 G
Carrot Ice Cream4680 G
Cranberry Ice Cream4540 G
Raspberry Ice Cream4530 G
Blueberry Ice Cream4540 G
Blackberry Ice Cream4540 G
Cafe Au Lait2390 G
Hot Milk1230 G
Milk Tea2260 G
Yogurt Drink3330 G
Strawberry Milk3420 G


ItemShop LvlCost
Baby Cow11200 G
Adult Cow22400 G
Baby Horse22000 G
Adult Horse34000 G
Baby Sheep11800 G
Adult Sheep13600 G
Baby Goat3 ( A )1500 G
Adult Goat43000 G
ItemShop LvlCost
Baby Ostrich4 ( B )3000 G
Adult Ostrich4 ( B )6000 G
Chick11000 G
Chicken22000 G
Duckling1800 G
Duck31600 G
Silkworm( C )4000 G

( A ) The Baby Goat also requires a level 2 barn

( B ) Ostriches also require a level 3 barn

( C ) Silkworms require a level 3 coop


The waterwheel is located just across the bridge that leads to Kaval Meadow. At first there doesn't appear to be any way inside of it, due to the camera angle, but if you continue to walk against the fence you'll find a doorway inside.

The giant wheel is used for converting certain crops into products:

  • Corn -> Cornmeal
  • Wheat -> Wheat Flour
  • Buckwheat -> Buckwheat Flour

To use the waterwheel, place the specific crop in the gray-colored bucket and in return you'll receive the converted item of the same quality. You can actually get something better (or worse!) in return depending on the weather:

  • Snowstorm: Rank +2
  • Snow: Rank +1
  • Rain: Rank -1
  • Heavy Rain: Rank -2
  • Hurricane: Rank -3

So if you put a Good Corn in the watherwheel during a Winter snowstorm, you will receive Shining Cornmeal in exchange. On sunny or cloudy days the waterwheel will not affect your processed Corn, Wheat, or Buckwheat.

The converted items can be shipped for a little more profit when compared to the normal crop, or you can use them in a variety of cooking recipes.

Wheat Flour 150 G180 G210 G270 G
Cornmeal 190 G230 G250 G330 G
Buckwheat Flour220 G270 G300 G390 G


The windmill is located on the grounds of Horn Ranch. You won't be able to use it until after you chime the Red Bell; until then it is a temporary house for the ranch's chickens.

The blades of the building will spin on windy days. You can easily tell if the windmill is working that day by looking at the upper-left corner of your screen. If the windmill is moving next to your date and time, then it will be moving at Horn Ranch as well.

During windy days you can utilize the windmill to grind different crops:

  • Rock Salt -> Salt
  • Sugarcane -> Sugar
  • Coffee Beans -> Ground Coffee
  • Red Chili -> Curry Powder

To grind, put the crop in the gray-colored basket on the 1st floor of the windmill. You'll receive the processed item in return. You can only put 1 item in at a time, so you'll have to repeat the grind if you want several bags worth.

The current wind strength will affect the quality of product that you receive from the windmill. You will need to of chimed the Green Bell before you can use the wind's power to upgrade the quality of the processed item.

CropLight BreezeNormal WindHeavy Wind
SaltDecent SaltGood SaltPerfect Salt
SugarRank +1No ChangeRank -1
Ground CoffeeRank +1No ChangeRank -1
Curry PowderNo ChangeRank +1Rank +2

You can get the next day's wind strength by watching Elli's weather report on your tv. After she tells you the weather for the next day, she will tell you what the wind strength will be.

The processed items can be shipped for profit or used for cooking ingredients.

Salt90 G110 G120 G---
Sugar190 G230 G260 G340 G
Ground Coffee160 G200 G220 G280 G
Curry Powder190 G230 G260 G340 G

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