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The path leading to the Garmon Mine district is directly behind your house. At the beginning of the game you have to help Bo rebuild the bridge that restricted access to the area. The shops in the district are industrial, and you can buy items for your house, upgrade your tools, and purchase jewelry here.

The shops in the mining district are closed on Thursdays and festival days.


Hours: 8:00 am to 8:00 pm (20:00)

Upgrade to Level 2: Ring the Blue bell
Upgrade to Level 3: Ship at least 300,000 G and unlock Luke
Upgrade to Level 4: Ship at least 500,000 G

Dale runs his carpentry shop with his apprentices, Bo and Luke. When you first visit the shop you'll learn that Luke when to Fugue Forest and hasn't returned. If you want to unlock Luke you'll have to take an Axe (given to you by Bo) and visit the forest to locate Luke.

Besides doing house and barn remodels, Dale sells various furniture pieces for your house.

Building Upgrades

House Upgrades
House Upgrade, Level 210010025,000 G
House Upgrade, Level 330030050,000 G
House Upgrade, Level 4600600150,000 G
Animal Barn Upgrades
Animal Barn, Level 2504030,000 G
Animal Barn, Level 35010060,000 G
Poultry Barn Upgrades
Poultry Barn, Level 2203024,000 G
Poultry Barn, Level 3505045,000 G
After chiming the Blue Bell
Waterwheel505024,000 G

The Waterwheel upgrade will appear once Dale upgrades his shop to level 2. If purchased, you can use the waterwheel on the west-side of your farm to grind Sugarcane, Red Chili, Salt, and Coffee Beans.

House Style

Changing the outer/inner design of your house always costs 15,000 G, no matter how large your house is. The remodel happens instantly and you can change the default house style (Casual) into the Gorgeous, Cute, or Country styles.

You can change your house style after you upgrade the shop to level 2 by ringing the Blue Bell.

Storage Furniture

ItemShop LvlCost
Small Drawers: Normal--(owned)
Small Drawers: Chic11700 G
Small Drawers: Cute12000 G
Medium Drawers: Normal32500 G
Medium Drawers: Chic32800 G
Medium Drawers: Cute:33200 G
Large Drawers: Normal43500 G
Large Drawers: Chic43600 G
Large Drawers: Cute44000 G
Small Cabinet: Normal11200 G
Small Cabinet: Chic11400 G
Small Cabinet: Cute11700 G
ItemShop LvlCost
Medium Cabinet: Normal31500 G
Medium Cabinet: Chic31800 G
Medium Cabinet: Cute32200 G
Large Cabinet: Normal42000 G
Large Cabinet: Chic42300 G
Large Cabiniet: Cute42600 G
Bookshelf: Chic12100 G
Bookshelf: Casual32500 G
Dresser: Normal31800 G
Dresser: Chic42300 G
Dresser: Cute42600 G

Other Furniture

ItemShop LvlCost
Round Chair: Normal1600 G
Round Chair: Casual1800 G
Round Chair: Pop11100 G
Round Chair: Country31400 G
Round Chair: Chic41500 G
Round Chair: Avon41800 G
Backed Chair: Normal1700 G
Backed Chair: Casual1900 G
Backed Chair: Pop11300 G
Backed Chair: Country31600 G
Backed Chair: Chic31800 G
Backed Chair: Avon42100 G
ItemShop LvlCost
Small Sofa: Normal11000 G
Small Sofa: Country11200 G
Small Sofa: Chic11400 G
Small Sofa: Cute31700 G
Small Sofa: Casual31800 G
Small Sofa: Avon42300 G
Large Sofa: Normal11800 G
Large Sofa: Country12000 G
Large Sofa: Chic12300 G
Large Sofa: Cute42500 G
Large Sofa: Casual42700 G
Large Sofa: Avon42800 G

General Store

Hours: 8:00 am to 8:00 pm (20:00)

Upgrade to Level 2: Ship at least 40,000 G and unlock Phoebe
Upgrade to Level 3: Ship at least 120,000 G
Upgrade to Level 4: Ship at least 300,000 G

Barbara runs the general goods store while her husband Simon runs the photography studio in Harmonica Town. Their daughter, Phoebe, can be unlocked by chiming the Red Bell and then going into the Garmon Upper Mine.

The General Store sells basic kitchen utensils and accessories for your house. Barbara also sells specialty cooking tools like the Ice Cream Maker, Dye Pot, and Aging Pot.


Barbara only sells 2 tools; the Matches (480 G) and the Baby Rattle (720 G). The Matches can be used to create a bonfire, which can cook various things like fish and crops. The Baby Rattle is a toy for your child, yet Barbara has it available for purchase from the beginning of the game.


ItemShop LvlCost
Knife Set: Normal11500 G
Knife Set: Country21700 G
Knife Set: Cute31800 G
Pot: Normal12000 G
Pot: Country22200 G
Pot: Cute32300 G
Frypan: Normal11800 G
Frypan: Country22200 G
Frypan: Cute32400 G
Oven: Normal12500 G
Oven: Country22800 G
Oven: Cute33000 G
Mixer: Normal11200 G
Mixer: Country21400 G
Mixer: Cute31500 G
Aging Pot: Ivory12100 G
Aging Pot: Brown22300 G
Aging Pot: White32500 G
Ice Creamer: Blue22600 G
Ice Creamer: Yellow32800 G
Ice Creamer: Purple43000 G
Ice Creamer: Pink43300 G
ItemShop LvlCost
Refrigerator (S): White21400 G
Refrigerator (S): Red21500 G
Refrigerator (S): Yellow21600 G
Refrigerator (M): White32200 G
Refrigerator (M): Red32300 G
Refrigerator (M): Yellow32400 G
Refrigerator (L): White43800 G
Refrigerator (L): Red43900 G
Refrigerator (L): Yellow44000 G
Television: Classic12500 G
Television: Standard24000 G
Television: Gorgeous35500 G
Wood Stove22200 G
Daruma Stove33100 G
Oil Stove43700 G
Dial Phone: Normal22000 G
Dial Phone: Cute:32400 G
Dial Phone: Royal42700 G
Push Phone: Cute22600 G
Push Phone: Pop33000 G
Push Phone: Avon43000 G
Dye Pot13600 G


ItemShop LvlCost
TV Listings1500 G
Advanced Farming31500 G
Animal Care Tool Guide31500 G
Gathering Materials31500 G
All About Tools3800 G
Castanet Guide: Vol 22500 G
Milling Basics1500 G
Starting News1500 G
ItemShop LvlCost
Map of Fire2111 G
Map of Bonds2222 G
Map of Mirrors3333 G
Map of Splash3444 G
Map of Droplet3555 G
Shinobi Map4666 G
Wing Map4777 G
Tranquil Map4888 G
Blessed Map4999 G


Starting Out
Butter Maker3800 G
Incubator1000 G
Upgrade Barn to Level 2
Cheese Maker4200 G
Upgrade Barn to Level 3
Ostrich Incubator3000 G
Upgrade Coop to Level 2 or Barn to Level 3
Mayonnaise Maker3000 G
Upgrade Coop or Barn to Level 3
Yarn Maker4500 G

Accessory Store

Hours: 8:00 am to 8:00 pm (20:00)

Upgrade to Level 2: Ship 50,000 G worth of Mine items and Ring the Red Bell
Upgrade to Level 3: Ship 100,000 G worth of Mine items

When you first start your farm on Castanet, the Accessory shop will not be open. Julius will express his worry about Mira, the shop's owner. You will have to talk to her at the Chelsta Church and convince her to return to her shop.

Mira manufactures two types of items; accessories you can wear, and accessories you can give as gifts. The cost for each type is the same, but the items you wear will automatically be sent to your farmhouse dresser when created. The items meant to be gifts are put in your rucksack.

Her main task is to process the items you find inside the rocks in any of the three mines. Mira will charge 35 G per item appraisal, and there isn't a way to influence the quality of the processed item:

Junk OreJunk = 100%
Iron OreJunk = 50%
Iron = 50%
Copper OreJunk = 60%
Copper = 40%
Silver OreJunk = 70%
Silver = 30%
Gold OreJunk = 85%
Gold = 15%
Rare OreJunk = 90%
Rare Metal = 10%
Red WonderfulGlass = 75%
Garnet = 20%
Ruby = 5%
Yellow WonderfulGlass = 75%
Amber = 20%
Topaz = 5%
Green WonderfulGlass = 60%
Peridot = 20%
Jade = 15%
Emerald = 5%
Blue WonderfulGlass = 60%
Lapis Lazuli = 20%
Aquamarine = 15%
Sapphire = 5%
Purple WonderfulGlass = 70%
Spinal = 20%
Amethyst = 10%
White WonderfulGlass = 60%
Crystal = 20%
Opal = 15%
Diamond = 5%

It seems the more of a particular type of item you give, the better the chance of receiving a high-quality item in return. For example, if you give Mira 5 White Wonderfuls she will most likely return mainly Glass, but if you give her 50 White Wonderfuls you're sure to get at least 1 Diamond in return.


Mira can manufacture brooches, pendants, and finger rings. The materials required is the same for each one (i.e., an Opal Ring costs the same money and material as a Opal Pendant and an Opal Brooch; 400 G plus 1 Silver and 1 Opal.).

ItemShop LvlCostMaterials
Silver 1200 G2 Silver
Gold 2300 G2 Gold
Goddess 3400 G2 Rare Metal
Pearl 2200 G1 Pearl
1 Silver
Black Pearl 3200 G1 Black Pearl
1 Silver
Lapis Lazuli 1400 G1 Lapis Lazuli
1 Silver
Jade 2300 G1 Jade
1 Silver
Opal 2400 G1 Opal
1 Silver
Amber 1300 G1 Amber
1 Silver
Peridot 1400 G1 Peridot
1 Silver
Spinal 1300 G1 Spinal
1 Silver
ItemShop LvlCostMaterials
Topaz 3600 G1 Topaz
1 Silver
Sapphire 3600 G1 Sapphire
1 Silver
Diamond 31200 G1 Diamond
1 Silver
Ruby 3800 G1 Ruby
1 Silver
Aquamarine 2500 G1 Aquamarine
1 Silver
Crystal 1300 G1 Crystal
1 Silver
Emerald 3700 G1 Emerald
1 Silver
Garnet 1300 G1 Garnet
1 Silver
Amethyst 3500 G1 Amethyst
1 Silver
Pink Shell 1200 G1 Pink Shell
1 Silver


Hours: 8:00 am to 8:00 pm (20:00)

Upgrade to Level 2: Ring the Red Bell
Upgrade to Level 3: Ship 15,000 G worth of Mine items
Upgrade to Level 4: Ship 35,000 G worth of Mine items and summon the Harvest King

Ramsey the blacksmith can upgrade your tools so you can use their increased power. The tool's powers can not be utilized until you hand over the required ore and gold to Ramsey. Even if you have a level 2 Hammer, you can't smash rocks in 2 squares unless you upgrade the tool with copper bars.

At the beginning of the game, the power of fire on Castanet is too weak to heat the forge. You will have to ring the Red Bell before Ramsey can upgrade your tools to something better than Iron.

The ore you need can be found in any of the 3 mines. Take the ore to Mira, who will process them into bars. Once you have enough bars Ramsey will be able to power up your tool.

Level 1
Iron Sickle
Iron Hoe
Iron Axe
Iron Hammer
Iron Watering Can
3 Iron each2400 G
Iron Fishing Pole3 Iron1800 G
Level 2
Copper Sickle
Copper Hoe
Copper Axe
Copper Hammer
Copper Watering Can
3 Copper each6000 G
Copper Fishing Pole3 Copper4800 G
Silver Sickle
Silver Hoe
Silver Axe
Silver Hammer
Silver Watering Can
3 Silver each12,000 G
Silver Fishing Pole3 Silver9600 G
Level 3
Gold Sickle
Gold Hoe
Gold Axe
Gold Hammer
Gold Watering Can
3 Gold each24,000 G
Gold Fishing Pole3 Gold14,400 G
Level 4
Goddess Sickle
Goddess Hoe
Goddess Axe
Goddess Hammer
Goddess Watering Can
3 Rare Metal each48,000 G
Goddess Fishing Pole3 Rare Metal36,000 G

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