Shops in Harmonica Town

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The main area of Castanet is located to the west of your farm. Most of the people live in town and either run or work at one of the local shops. The stores are usually open every day except for on Sundays or festival days.

Simon's Photos

Hours: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm (17:00)

Upgrade to Level 2: Ship 320,000 G of "other" items
Upgrade to Level 3: Ship 540,000 G of "other" items

Simon's photography studio is right next to the bridge that leads to your Clarinet district. It is a small shop built into the side of the hill. When you visit Simon for the first time, he will give you an Old Camera to take pictures with.

The posters and frames he sells can be used to place your photographs on the walls of your house.

The "other" category for your shipping list consists of the items you pick up when foraging around on the ground, the junk you catch when fishing, and the cooked recipes from your kitchen.

ItemShop LvlCost
Old Camera1---
Gold Camera12400 G
Twin Lens Camera23000 G
Bellows Camera33600 G
Frame (S): Normal11000 G
Frame (S): Chic11000 G
Frame (S): Urban11000 G
Frame (M): Normal21500 G
Frame (M): Chic21500 G
Frame (M): Urban21500 G
Frame (L): Normal32250 G
ItemShop LvlCost
Frame (L): Chic32250 G
Frame (L): Urban32250 G
Poster (S): Country12000 G
Poster (S): Cute12000 G
Poster (S): Casual12000 G
Poster (M): Country23000 G
Poster (M): Cute23000 G
Poster (M): Casual23000 G
Poster (L): Country34000 G
Poster (L): Cute34000 G
Poster (L): Casual34000 G

Town Hall

Hours: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm (17:00)

Upgrade to Level 2: Ship 150,000 G worth of items
Upgrade to Level 3: Ship 250,000 G worth of items and ring the Purple Bell

Mayor Hamilton hangs out in the Town Hall, where he waits for you to pay him the 5000 G you owe him for the farm. After you give him the payment, he will make other lands available for purchase. There is a small plot of the land to the west of your farmhouse and a larger one just to the south of your own crop field.

Hamilton also sells optional vacation houses you can buy if you have the excess funds to do so.

ItemShop LvlCost
River Plot170,000 G
Farm Plot2150,000 G
Beach House1100,000 G
Mountain House2100,000 G
River House2100,000 G
Summertime House3200,000 G

Sonata Tailoring

Hours: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm (17:00)

Upgrade to Level 2: Ship 100,000 G worth of products and unlock Luna
Upgrade to Level 3: Ship 200,000 G worth of products

The tailor shop is run by Shelly and her two granddaughters, Luna and Candace. The shop sells clothes and beauty accessories for your head, neck, and eyes. You can buy clothing for yourself and clothing for your children, but you can't buy any special clothing to your spouse.

Some outfits and accessories are only available for the male player, the female player, or both genders.

Besides selling clothes, Shelly can upgrade your Rucksack if you bring her the items she requests:

  • Rucksack Upgrade 1: 1 Wool (any quality), 10 Green Herb
  • Rucksack Upgrade 2: 1 Wool (Perfect or Shining), 1 Honey, 5 Bodigizer

If you go to the New Years eve festival in Harmonica Town, you'll find that Shelly will sell a lot of different items not usually found at her shop. These clothing items are only for sale during this festival.

You can see all of the clothing outfits and accessories on clothing page.

Clothing Outfits

Spring and Summer seasons only
ItemShop LvlGenderCost
Normal Green1Girl1000 G
Workwear1Girl1500 G
Sporty Shortsleeves2Girl1500 G
Safari3Girl3000 G
Black Victorian2Girl2000 G
Formal Dress3Girl3000 G
Work Clothes (blue)1Boy1000 G
Work Clothes (yellow)1Boy1500 G
Sporty2Boy2000 G
Safari (brown)3Boy3000 G
Punk2Boy2000 G
Chic3Boy3000 G
Fall and Winter seasons only
ItemShop LvlGenderCost
Yellow Casual1Girl1000 G
Red Casual1Girl1500 G
Sporty2Girl2000 G
Western3Girl3000 G
Red Victorian2Girl2000 G
Pantsuit3Girl3000 G
Jacket (blue)1Boy1000 G
Parka (yellow)1Boy1500 G
Gorgie2Boy2000 G
Safari Jacket3Boy3000 G
Down Vest2Boy2000 G
Formal Jacket3Boy3000 G

Accessories: Hats

All year long
ItemShop LvlGenderCost
Tan Cowboy Hat2Both2400 G
Brown Cowboy Hat3Both2400 G
Brown Hunting Cap2Both1700 G
Red Hunting Cap3Both1700 G
Fire Bandana1Both800 G
Paisley Bandana2Both800 G
Tropical Bandana3Both800 G
White Baseball Cap1Both1400 G
Camo Hat2Both1700 G
Yellow Baseball Cap3Both1200 G
Spring and Summer seasons only
ItemShop LvlGenderCost
Blue Straw Hat1Both500 G
Red Straw Hat1Both500 G
Fall and Winter seasons only
Knit Cap (red)1Both1000 G
Knit Cap (blue)1Both1000 G
Ear-covered Knit Cap (purple)2Both1300 G
Ear-covered Knit Cap (black)3Both1300 G

Accessories: Glasses

All year long
ItemShop LvlGenderCost
Big Round Glasses2Girl1700 G
Big Round Sunglasses3Girl1700 G
Lovely Sunglasses2Girl1800 G
Thick Round Glasses2Boy1700 G
Thick Round Sunglasses3Boy1700 G
Orange Sunglasses2Girl1800 G
Round Red Glasses1Both1000 G
Round Silver Glasses1Both1000 G
Round Sunglasses2Both1400 G
Square Glasses Black2Both1400 G
Cool Sunglasses3Both1700 G
All year long
ItemShop LvlGenderCost
Thick Glasses1Both1200 G
Novelty Glasses2Both700 G
Monocle3Both1800 G
Heart Glasses2Both1600 G
Heart Sunglasses3Both1700 G
Star Glasses2Both1900 G
Star Sunglasses3Both1900 G
Granny Glasses2Both1500 G
3D Glasses3Both1200 G
Eyemask3Both2200 G

Accessories: Neck

Fall and Winter season only
ItemShop LvlGenderCost
Muffler (white)1Both1500 G
Muffler (red)2Both2000 G
Muffler (yellow)3Both2000 G

Choral Clinic

Hours: 8:00 am to 8:00 pm (20:00)

Upgrade to Level 2: unlock Jin by ringing the Blue Bell

Harp Clinic is run by Doctor Jin and his grandmother, Irene. When you first start the game you'll find out that Jin has traveled abroad to do research, leaving Irene to manage the clinic by herself. When Jin returns to Harmonica Town, Irene will expand her shop inventory.

ItemShop LvlCost
Bodigizer1430 G
Bodigizer XL2570 G
Cold Medicine1260 G
Stay Awake11040 G
Super Stay Awake21140 G
Remedy2180 G
ItemShop LvlCost
Green Tea1180 G
Cold Medicine2110 G
Stay Awake2420 G
Remedy280 G

Brass Bar

Hours: 4:00 pm (16:00) to 1:00 am

Upgrade to Level 2: ship 100,000 G worth of items
Upgrade to Level 3: ship 200,000 G worth of items
Upgrade to Level 4: ship 350,000 G worth of items

Hayden and his daughter Kathy run the bar in Harmonica Town. They sell various food and drinks. Sometimes in the evening you'll see other villagers enjoying a drink there.

Chase also works at the bar and prepares its food. If you talk to him while he is working, you might activate the Cooking School chain of events.

Selena will also begin working at the bar as you proceed through the main storyline.

Hayden won't start to sell drinks at the bar until after you have helped Selena get a job, and you then deliver her letter back to her parents on Toucan Island.


ItemShop LvlCost
Grape Cocktail1600 G
Apple Cocktail1680 G
Cranberry Cocktail2240 G
Raspberry Cocktail3200 G
Blackberry Cocktail4240 G
Blueberry Cocktail3240 G
ItemShop LvlCost
Potato Cocktail1680 G
Buckwheat Cocktail2920 G
Coconut Cocktail3200 G
Rice Cocktail41080 G
Wheat Cocktail1640 G
Olive Cocktail2600 G


ItemShop LvlCost
Decent Marinated Fish2590 G
Good Marinated Fish31100 G
Perfect Marinated Fish41700 G
Decent Bouillabaisse21060 G
Good Bouillabaisse32220 G
Perfect Bouillabaisse42720 G
Iwashi Tomato Stew3440 G
Saury Tomato Stew2590 G
Squid Tomato Stew1510 G
ItemShop LvlCost
Decent Fish Meuniere2510 G
Good Meuniere31050 G
Perfect Meuniere41830 G
Stir Fry1490 G
Pancake21370 G
Shortcake32210 G
Yam Cake21670 G
Mashed Potato11610 G
Oil Sardine3540 G

Cooking Recipes

ItemShop LvlCost
Grape Cocktail3240 G
Apple Cocktail1280 G
Cranberry Cocktail2100 G
Raspberry Cocktail380 G
Blackberry Cocktail4100 G
Blueberry Cocktail1100 G
Buckwheat Cocktail2370 G
Rice Cocktail4440 G
Olive Cocktail3240 G

Ocarina Inn

Hours: 8:00 am to 10:00 pm (22:00)

Upgrade to Level 2: ship 60,000 G worth of items and ring the Red Bell
Upgrade to Level 3: ship 180,000 G worth of items
Upgrade to Level 4: ship 400,000 G worth of items

Jake and Colleen run the only inn in town, along with their daughter Maya and Jake's mother Yolanda. Jake usually takes care of the guest accommodations while Colleen runs the small diner in their inn.

Even though there are a lot of rooms at the inn, the only two guests you'll find are Calvin and Selena.


All year long
ItemShop LvlCost
Riceball 1710 G
Pie Crust1990 G
Vegetable Sandwich12600 G
Egg Sandwich22800 G
Mushroom Rice1660 G
Egg Rice4720 G
Tuna Bowl31180 G
Mushroom Soup1670 G
Veggie Curry32400 G
Seafood Curry41390 G
Cheese Fondue22960 G
Cheese Omelet31380 G
Fried Rice 2840 G
Seafood Fried Rice21080 G
Salmon Fried Rice31280 G
Raspberry Pie41270 G
Blueberry Pie11290 G
Blackberry Pie21290 G
Pizza21590 G
Seafood Pizza21800 G
Seafood Gratin21960 G
Mushroom Gratin31860 G
Doria21810 G
Seafood Doria41940 G
Buckwheat Tempura31020 G
Curry Buckwheat41490 G
Spring Season only
Steamed Turnip 4730 G
Curry Bread12250 G
Plain Omelet4780 G
Omelet Rice11320 G
Choco Pie31510 G
Cherry Pie31460 G
Potato Gratin22200 G
Buckwheat Chips 1590 G
Fried Potato3960 G
Summer Season only
ItemShop LvlCost
Tomato Risotto21370 G
Conger Eel Rice2820 G
Corn Soup4950 G
Tomato Soup1950 G
Tomato Omelet21180 G
Apple Pie11510 G
Orange Pie41470 G
Zaru Soba1590 G
Fall Season only
Tuna Sandwich32810 G
Spinach Risotto41460 G
Yam Rice 1880 G
Chestnut Rice3850 G
Eel Bowl1940 G
Savory Egg Custard 21290 G
Rattotouie31570 G
Boiled Spinach1550 G
Pumpkin Croquette22340 G
Pumpkin Pie21560 G
Chestnut Pie21480 G
Egg Soba 2750 G
Winter Season only
Cheese Risotto11570 G
Seafood Risotto31330 G
Tom Yum Goog21360 G
Egg Soup3730 G
Pot-au-feu22270 G
Choco Fondue32670 G
Paella41660 G
Croquette12410 G


ItemShop LvlCost
Hot Choco2890 G
Hot Coffee2440 G
Carrot Juice1550 G
Tomato Juice2420 G
Veggie Juice31370 G
Orange Juice4320 G
Cranberry Juice1140 G
ItemShop LvlCost
Raspberry Juice2120 G
Blackberry Juice3140 G
Blueberry Juice4140 G
Apple Juice1360 G
Honeydew Juice3770 G
Grape Juice4320 G
Coconut Juice4120 G

Cooking Recipes

ItemShop LvlCost
Rice Ball1290 G
Pie Crust2400 G
Tuna Sandwich11130 G
Cheese Risotto2630 G
Spinach Risotto1590 G
Mushroom Rice2270 G
Egg Rice1290 G
Eel Bowl2380 G
Conger Eel Bowl3330 G
Corn Soup4380 G
Tomato Soup1380 G
Veggie Curry4960 G
Boiled Spinach1220 G
Plain Omelet1320 G
Fried Rice2340 G
Salmon Fried Rice3510 G
Croquette1970 G
Orange Pie4590 G
Cherry Pie4590 G
ItemShop LvlCost
Blackberry Pie3520 G
Pizza2640 G
Seafood Pizza2720 G
Potato Gratin4880 G
Mushroom Gratin2750 G
Zaru Soba1240 G
Buckwheat Chips1240 G
Fried Potato3390 G
Cocoa2360 G
Hot Cocoa2180 G
Tomato Juice2170 G
Orange Juice4130 G
Cranberry Juice160 G
Blackberry Juice460 G
Blueberry Juice260 G
Apple Juice1150 G
Honeydew Juice2310 G
Grape Juice3130 G
Coconut Juice450 G


Hours: 6:00 am to 5:00 pm (17:00)

Upgrade to Level 2: ring the Blue Bell and meet Pascal

The fish shop can be found on the town's dock. Ozzie takes care of his shop while Paolo (his son) and Toby (his nephew) hang out around the area.

Ozzie sells the Boat Tickets you'll need to travel to Toucan Island, but only after the Blue Bell has been chimed. It will always be listed at the bottom of his inventory and costs 400 G.


Spring Season only
ItemShop LvlCost
Goby130 G
Sardine140 G
Bonito2240 G
Rock Trout2240 G
Octopus2120 G
Summer Season only
Horse Mackerel1170 G
Sea Bream2300 G
Rockfish1160 G
Tuna2640 G
Rock Lobster2190 G
Fall Season only
ItemShop LvlCost
Rainbow Trout1120 G
Salmon1560 G
Saury2190 G
Conger Eel2280 G
Freshwater Prawn250 G
Winter Season only
Cod1170 G
Anglerfish2660 G
Yellowtail1310 G
Lobster2360 G
Herring2160 G

Cooking Recipes

ItemShop LvlCost
Sashimi170 G
Sardine Tomato Stew1180 G
Grilled Goby120 G
Grilled Sardine130 G
Grilled Mahi-Mahi1240 G
Grilled Horse Mackerel180 G
Sauteed Clam2260 G
ItemShop LvlCost
Sauteed Mussel2250 G
Butter Steamed Clam1300 G
Butter Steamed Oyster2290 G
Butter Steamed Mussel2290 G
Shark Fin Soup2480 G
Clam Soup270 G
Fish Soup1130 G

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