Television Shows

The television is a piece of furniture you can buy for your house. Every day you can watch the shows that broadcast on your TV by standing in front of the set and pressing A. The daily four TV shows air between 6:00 am and midnight.

There are three styles of television sets you can buy from Barbara. The only difference between the TV sets is the size of the viewing screen.


Classic TV
General Store, Lv 1
2500 G


Standard TV
General Store, Lv 2
4000 G


Gorgeous TV
General Store, Lv 3
5500 G

Three of the four TV shows will be there every day. The fourth show will change every day to give you some variety.

Show NameAirsSummary
Weather Report Every DayEach day, Elli will tell you the sun and wind report for the next day. The wind report is important because it will let you know if you can use the windmill at Horn Ranch, and if you'll get a quality boost for grinding crops with it. If the wind is very strong, then there's a chance the resulting product will have a jump in quality. This is the only place you can see Elli in the game.
Harmonica StationEvery DayAny new events that occur will be announced by Gill on his daily news report. He will tell you if someone new has returned to Castanet or if there's a festival the next day.
Shop Shop Shock!Every DaySimon will tell you about various furniture and items you can buy from his wife's store, General Store. Sometimes he even talks about the cameras at his own shop, but for the most part part the show's topics are about Barbara's merchandise.
Goddess Squadron Sprite RangersSundaysSpaceman Hamilton and his son Gill have taken to stealing animals. Can the team of 5 Harvest Sprites gather enough power to defeat the two bad guys? Watch the 16 episode series every Sunday, which repeats at the beginning of every year.
Maya's Dokidoki CookingMondays
You can learn cooking recipes for your kitchen by watching Maya's TV show. She'll cover dishes from all of the utensils possible. Her show repeats on Thursdays.
Animal ParadeTuesdays
Chloe will give you advice about raising farm animals as well as suggestions as to what the wild animal pets might like as gifts.
Julius' Style CheckWednesdays
If you're stuck as to what accessory looks good with what item, watch Julius' show. The fashion guru will give you suggestions as to what item looks well with different clothing options.
The spaceman's secret stash

The Sprite Rangers show has a special code for junior rangers to decipher. If you watch each episode, the sprites will give you a special alphabet letter at the end of the show. When you put the 16 letters together you'll learn the location of where you can find special Spaceman merchandise!

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