Collin's Yellow Bell

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You can find the Yellow Bell if you walk from your farm to the beach in your Farmland, just south of the bridge that leads to the Flute Fields. The two of you spot the bell half-buried in sand. Unfortunately Collin is so weak that he can't be of much help, but manages to make fun of Finn before he fades away.

Return to the Goddess Pond and show the Yellow Bell to the Goddess. Collin's strength can be restored if you bathe the bell in collected moonlight. There are 3 spots in the land where the moon rays merge together, and if you put the bell in the light it should restore Collin's power.

The moon light will only appear between 6:00 pm and midnight, but first you have to find the moon light stones!

Walk back to the Garmon Mine area and walk up the staircase that lead up past Ramsey's shop. At the top of the staircase you'll unlock Calvin, who says he's exploring strange stones that he found written about on a lithograph. The stone he found on the ground is one of the moon light stones you're looking for! Calvin gives you the ancient lithograph to help you with your search and then he leaves.

Note: At this point you've met Calvin, but you have not officially unlocked him. Calvin will begin to live at the Orcarina Inn after you ring the Yellow Bell.

To recharge the bell with the moon light, take the bell out of your rucksack and press A when you holding the bell in the middle of the moon light. The bell will absorb the rays and Collin will be a little bit stronger. Now you have to find the other 2 spots.

The other moon light spots are fairly easy to find. One is on the hillside that leads down to Horn Ranch in Flute Fields, and the other is below the Lighthouse in Harmonica Town. Just take the Yellow Bell and place it in the light. Once you have all 3 done, Collin's power will be recharged.

You're not done yet! Now that you have the bell it needs to be hung from its bell pedestal in Flute Fields. The gate leading to the pedestal is to the right of the Marimba Farm store. Unfortunately the path to the pedestal is locked by a gate.

Go inside Marimba Farm and talk with Ruth. She complains about her useless husband, and wishes that they had some crops to ship. If you can grow some crops for her, maybe she can be of some help.

Ruth tells you that she needs you to grow 10 of any of the following crops:

  • Spring - Good Lettuce
  • Summer - Good Tomato
  • Fall - Good Pumpkin
  • Winter - Good Buckwheat

You don't have to grow 10 of each crop, just 10 of which ever one you can grow in the season that you currently are in. Any quality of Good, Perfect, or Shining will do. You can also mix and match the crops, such as bringing her 5 Good Lettuce in Spring and then 5 Good Tomatoes in Summer.

Bring Ruth the 10 vegetable she's requested and ask her about the pedestal again. She thinks there might be one out where her useless husband works in the field. She'll unlock the field gate for you.

At the end of the path you'll find the Yellow Bell frame. Place the bell in its holder and ask Collin to ring it. Now the power of the earth has returned to Castanet.

If you return to Marimba Farm the next day, Anissa will have returned from her travels. Her brother Taylor has also returned from his short seed shopping trip and will let you know by visiting your house in the morning.

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