Farm Tools

When you start your new life on Castanet, Hamilton will give you an Old Watering Can and an Old Hoe. You can plant crops on your field, but that's about all you can do. If you want to get the remaining 4 basic farm tools, you will have to talk to the villagers:

  • Axe: Follow Finn's instructions to visit the Harvest Goddess and you'll run into Bo. He will give you an Old Axe.
  • Fishing Pole: Visit the waterwheel in Flute Fields and walk down to the river's edge. You will meet Toby and get a free Old Fishing Pole.
  • Hammer: Help Bo fix the bridge to the Garmon Mine district and then go into the mine entrance. Owen will give you an Old Hammer.
  • Sickle: Go to the store at Horn Ranch and get the Old Sickle from Hannah.

The Milker, Sheers, and Cow Bell can be purchased from Horn Ranch. The Brush comes from Cain when he gives you your free cow at the beginning of the game.

Tool Levels

The tool experience screen

To use a tool, equip it and then press the A button. Depending on the remodeled tool's level of the tool, you can hold down A to increase the tool's power. When you go into your menu and scroll over to the Farm Menu, you can see the tool's stamina level. The higher the tool level, the less stamina you'll use when you use the tool. The Milker, Sheers, Brush, and Cow Bell do not have power levels.

Increasing the tools' levels is done by simply using the tool. Each time you use a tool, it adds a point to its level bar. You can also earn extra points depending on how you use the tool. For example, you will get 1 point for just swinging the Hoe, but if you use the Hoe to till soil then you will also get points for each square you till. Each tool starts out with 0 points. It takes longer to level up a tool as it increases its level.

Points needed for each level
ToolTo Lv 2To Lv 3To Lv 4To Lv 5
Axe126 2016 8064 24,192
Fishing Pole1050 9000 48,000 99,000
Hammer210 3360 30,240 60,480
Hoe150 2400 21,600 43,200
Sickle210 3360 30,240 60,480
Watering Can210 3360 30,240 60,480
  • Axe: +1 for swinging, +1 for using on a tree or stick
  • Fishing Pole: +1 for swinging, +points for specific fish
  • Hammer: +1 for swinging, +1 for using on a rock or crystal
  • Hoe: +1 for swinging, +1 for using on untilled soil
  • Sickle: +1 for swinging, +1 for using on weed or pasture grass
  • Watering Can: +1 for swinging, +1 for each piece of soil watered

The strength of the fish determines how many points your Fishing Pole gets. If you catch a lot of little easy fish, the pole will take longer to upgrade than if you caught a lot of difficult fish.

Tool Remodeling

Ramsy's shop

Once you have leveled up your tool, you will have to upgrade the material it is made of in order to actually use its stronger form. After you ring the Red Bell, Ramsey the Blacksmith can upgrade your tools. You will have to bring him 3 of the required metal and pay a fee. Ramsey can upgrade your tools using Iron, Copper, Silver, Gold, and Rare Metal. The upgrades go in-order; you can't skip from the Old rank to the Gold Rank.

  • Old to Iron: 3 Iron and 2400 G
  • Iron to Copper: 3 Copper and 6000 G
  • Copper to Silver: 3 Silver and 12,000 G
  • Silver to Gold: 3 Gold and 24,000 G
  • Gold to Goddess: 3 Rare Metal and 48,000 G

(The Fishing Pole only costs 1800 G, 4800 G, 9600 G, 14,400 G, and 36,000 G for each metal upgrade. It still requres 3 metal.)

The ore comes from any of the 3 mines. Use your Hammer to smash the ore rocks to collect the ore, and the take the ore to Mira's Koto Accessories to process the ore into bars of metal that Ramsey can use.

You do not need to reach certain levels in order to be able to have Ramsey work on the tools; if you had a copper Hammer, the upgrade to silver is available when you bring the metal and money to Ramsey, regardless of the level the Hammer is at. Upgrading the tool's material also decrease the amount of stamina depleted when using the tool.

Tool Power

Hold down the A button or shake the Wii Remote to power up the tool's strength. You need to have a tool at Iron rank to power up to power level 1, Copper to use power level 2, Silver for power level 3, Gold for power level 4's strength, and "Goddess" (Rare Metal) rank to use a tool's level 5 power. If you are powering up a tool and then change your mind, press the B button to cancel the power up.

Hammer, Hoe, Sickle, and Watering Can

Powering up these tools allows you to cover more area.

Power level 0
Level 0
1 square
Power level 1
Level 1
2 squares
Power level 2
Level 2
3 squares
Power level 3
Level 3
9 squares
Power level 4
Level 4
12 squares
Power level 5
Level 5
20 squares


You don't earn more area when powering up an axe, but you do chop down trees with less effort.

Level 024 hits12 hits1 hit
Level 112 hits6 hits1 hit
Level 28 hits4 hits1 hit
Level 34 hits2 hits1 hit
Level 42 hits1 hit1 hit
Level 51 hit1 hit1 hit

Fishing Pole

Powering up your Fishing Pole allows you to cast your line out farther. This allows you to catch more difficult fish like the exclusive King Fish, which sell for a lot of gold and may be necessary to catch at certain points in the game.

The Fishing Pole is different than the normal tools in the fact that you do not need to meet a specific level in order to use the tool's power. You just have to upgrade its material in order to cast farther. For example, if your Fishing Pole is "Old" and you upgrade it to "Iron", then you can immediately power it up to level 1 by holding down the A button; you do not need to earn enough EXP to reach the next level like with the other tools.

Leveling the Fishing Pole up to level 5 does earn you a Power Berry, so there is an advantage to spending the time to increase this tool's level.

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