Your Children

There are 4 graphic types for the children, an "older" and "younger" style, and you can have one of each; you cannot have two "older" styles or two "younger" styles. You will have an older style and a younger style.

Older Brother
Older Brother
Straight, short hair
Older Sister
Older Sister
Long hair
Younger Brother
Younger Brother
Spikey hair
Younger Sister
Younger Sister
Short hair

The "look" of the child will be made up of the eye and hair color of your spouse, not the hair and eye color of the character you are playing as. The hair color will be a darker shade than what your spouse has. The 4 children pictured above are Phoebe's children and Julius' children.

Child Requirements

Once you are married and you have a level 3 or larger house, you may wake up in the morning to find that your spouse has the urge to have a child. You can agree or disagree, but your spouse needs to have a certain number of hearts before this question is asked. Most spouses will ask you if they have 14 hearts, but the Witch and Wizard require 15 hearts. The Goddess and King require at least 16 hearts before you're asked about kids.

If you also want a child, your spouse will ask you want gender you would prefer to have. You can select the gender (boy or girl) or ask what your spouse would like to have. If you choose to listen to your spouse's choice, that's the gender you're going to get.

Just because you've been asked about a child it doesn't necessarily mean that the pregnancy is in place! Continue to be kind to your spouse and keep an eye on your house calendar. The Baby Day will be marked on the calendar as the day the child will arrive.

Baby born

After 14 days from the pregnancy announcement you'll have the birthing event. In the morning you'll travel to Herb Clinic, where your child will be born. You will be told its gender and then be able to select his/her name.The baby is always dressed in a blue blanket, no matter if it is a girl or a boy.


At this point you get to start guiding your child into one of four different types of personality categories; Quiet, Fiery (enthusiastic), Scholarly, or Romantic. Each of the personalities has different gift preferences and are better at certain farm chores:

  • Quiet: Egg/Silk collecting, Milking, and Fishing
  • Fiery: Brushing, Mining, and Weeding
  • Scholarly: Harvesting, Watering, and Mining
  • Romantic: Milking, Watering, and Foraging.

The child becomes better at completing their chores when you have assigned a particular chore to them 28 times, and then again after 56 times.

Each marriage candidate has the option to have 3 out of the 4 types of personalities:

Harvest GoddessYesNoYesYes
Harvest KingYesYesYesNo

As your child ages, your spouse will ask you questions about your child's future personality. The answer you select will lean your child towards different personalities. Sometimes the answers your spouse has available for you to choose from are very cryptic. When asked if you want a "vigorous" child or a "gentle" child, which choice will lead you to the Romantic personality?

You will always be given two options. No matter what the answers actually are, the first choice available will lead one way, and the second choice will lead another. In general:

  • At Birth:
    • The first choice will lead to Fiery or Scholarly
    • The second choice will lead to Quiet or Romantic
  • Starts To Crawl:
    • The first choice will lead to Fiery or Scholarly
    • The second choice will lead to Quiet or Romantic
  • Starts To Walk:
    • The first choice will lead to Scholarly or Romantic
    • The second choice will lead to Fiery or Quiet
  • Starts to Talk:
    • The first choice will lead to Fiery or Scholarly
    • The second choice will lead to Quiet or Romantic

Growing Up

When the child is first born, Irene will put a baby bed in your house. Your child will live in its bed for 2 seasons. You can pick up the baby and even play with it by using the Baby Rattle, which you can buy from Barbara's store.

The child will grow to a new stage every 2 weeks until they are grown up. There is the baby stage, the crawling stage, the walking stage, and then the talking stage. Each time your child changes stages you'll be asked the personality question.

In the Japanese version, at the talking stage you have the choice of name you want the child to refer to you as. There's casual name like Daddy and Mommy, and then more respectable ones like Father or Mother. This doesn't appear to occur in the English version.

Baby at home Crawling stage Starting to walk Talking Grown Up Family Photo

On the day your child finally grows up, your whole family will gather together for a photograph at Simon's studio. The photograph will be added to your Photo Album so you can put it up on the wall inside your house. Hamilton will also place a Kid's Bed in the second room of your house.

Changing the child's clothes

Now that the child is full grown, you can dress them by using the dresser. Not all of the same outfits you can wear (as an adult) will fit on the child, and you have to buy the clothes and accessories again in child sizes! By default, the girl child comes with a Casual Dress (pink) and Casual Dress (green), and the boy comes with Casual Suit (purple) and a Casual Suit (blue).

New clothes can be purchased from Flute Tailors and at the New Years Eve festival.

Issue with Missing Kids: If your child randomly disappears and becomes located in an "unknown" location, go into your game settings and increase the volume of your background music or turn it on if it is muted/disabled.

The Second Child

Now that your first one is all grown up, you may be asked if you want to have a second child. Just like with the first child, you can choose the next child's gender or let your spouse choose. You can have two children of the same gender if you want. The process of having the second child is exactly the same as the first child, except you don't have to wait for a letter in your mailbox that announces the pregnancy. Two weeks after you agree with your spouse to have a second child, the child will be born.

After your second child is born your family will be complete.


birthday celebrations

Besides yours and your spouse's, your children also have birthday celebrations. Go into your house after 6:00 pm to start the celebration. Unlike the adult birthdays, the kids want presents on their birthday. At the start of the birthday dinner you will be prompted to pick an item out of your rucksack for your birthday boy or girl.

If you do not give your child a present, shame on you! You will lose affection with your child (and spouse, for being such a party-pooper).

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