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In the Special Edition, your main character's clothing color will change each season. You don't have to buy new outfits from Van and you can't control what color the clothing changes to. The change will happen on the first day of each season:

Spring Season Summer Season Fall Season Winter Season

Besides your clothing color change, your wife can also change her clothing. The color and style of her clothing depends on the gender of your child. If you choose a boy, then your wife will keep her standard clothing color and style. If you choose to have a girl child instead, then your wife's clothing will change.

For example, Muffy's typical outfit is a red, v-cut dress with matching red shoes, a white sweater, and a brown headband. If you choose to have a daughter instead, Muffy has a blue conservative dress, shoes, headband, and sweater.

Son Child Daughter Child

Nami's daughter-outfit changes her from blue over-shirt, shoes, and an orange t-shirt to a white over-shirt, brown shoes, and a green t-shirt. Celia's outfit changes from a green skirt, black shirt, and tan apron to a red skirt, white shirt, and ivory apron. Lumina's outfit changes from an olive shirt/skirt and orange neck scarf to a blue skirt, white shirt, and pink neck scarf.

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