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Having A Daughter

At the beginning of your second chapter (Happy Birthday) your child will be born. You can have a boy or a girl child, but by default it is a boy. If you want a girl child, you have to force it to occur.

Mr. Pots

Beating Mr. Pots

By the Harvest Goddess' pond in the forest is the Harvest Sprite's tree. To enter the tree, eat one of the red mushrooms by the tree's doorway. In the back of the house are three white pots. Press X when in front of the middle pot to see a dialog prompt. Every 10 times you press X, the dialog changes:

After the talking jug conceeds, talk to one of the sprites. The sprite will tell you that Mr. Pots is asking what your wish is. At this point you can choose the gender of your child (daughter or son). Once you have made your wish, you can't change your mind!

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