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Ushi No Tane
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The key to every recipe is having the correct ingredients. Keep a large supply of your produce in the refrigerator. You also want to think about keeping a high number of seeds for each season in your Tool Box. Once you have a Greenhouse, you can grow any crop at any time of the year. You should be able to get any ingredient once you have something of everything.

Acquiring new recipes and cooking dishes will be important for raising your completion percentages. To hit the 100% mark, you need to make as many recipes as you can.

After gathering all of your utensils and ingredients, stand in front of the stove and press the X button. Select "Cook Dish" from the sub-menu. Then you may choose to follow a recipe, or start a new one. To learn how to cook, select "Try Something New".

Next choose your utensils, ingredients, and seasonings. You have access to your refrigerator from your stove, so don't worry about having to place all of your ingredients in your Ruck Sack. After you have collected everything, press the Select Button. When your cooking is done, you will end up with a new masterpiece or a food fiasco! As long as you have plenty of ingredients, you will be fine.

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