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Japan SoS:PoOT - February 25, 2021
image SoS:PoOT - March 23, 2021
Europe SoS:PoOT - March 26, 2021
image HM: One World - March 2, 2021
Europe HM: One World - March 5, 2021
Ushi No Tane
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Fish Name Where you get it How you get it
Angler Ocean when it's winter Fish somewhere between 10 PM-8 AM
Carp Mother's Hill Lake You must have the other 5 fish to get this fish
Catfish Winter Mine Lake In Winter, fish at the Winter's Mine
Char River or Waterfall You must have Grilled Fish, Sashimi and Sushi recipes
Sea Bream Ocean in Spring, Fall or Winter You must have sold more than 200 fish
Squid Ocean in Summer You must throw a small fish in the ocean as bait

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