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Harvest Sprites

Meet the odd little Harvest Sprites of Harvest Moon: Back to Nature!

Name Color Birthday
BoldPurpleSpring 4
StaidIndigoSpring 15
AquaBlueSpring 26
TimidGreenSummer 16
HoggyYellowFall 10
ChefRedFall 14
NappyOrangeWinter 22

The Harvest Sprites live in a small hut in the back of the church. They will work for you on your farm if you talk to them twice. During the Spring season all they will talk about is their tea party, so talk to them each 5 times and they will work.

When you talk to them about work, you can choose for them to Water your crops, take care fo your animals, or harvest the crops. When they finish their work at your farm, give them a present as a sign of thanks. That way they will be better workers when they come back.

The sprites especially LOVE flour. You can buy it at the Supermarket. They also like apples, honey, apple pies, anything grown in the forest, and most anything you cook at home.

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