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Power Berries

When you find a Power Berry, your maximum amount of Stamina will increase by a little bit. As you work on your farm your Stamina will decrease until you go to bed. The more berries you have found, the more work you can do before you become exhausted.

There are a total of 10 Power Berries

1. While watching the Shopping Network on the television, you may be able to purchase a Power Berry for 5,000 G

2. Randomly find the Power Berry in the ground while exploring the mine.

3. Randomly find the Power Berry in the ground while exploring the winter mine.

4. During winter, walk behind the Winter Mine in the middle of Mother's Lake and presss the X Button to investigate the backside of the mine entrance.

5. Caught while fishing at the ocean during spring.

6. If you find the Lonely Tree on Mother's Hill, try to cut it down. The tree will start to talk to you. The Lonely Tree will give you a Power Berry in exchange for not chopping its trunk.

7. When you win the Swimming Festival on Summer 1.

8. Throw 5 crops or animal product in the hot spring water where the Harvest Goddess lives.

9. You can trade the medals (1001) for the power berry at the horse race on Spring 18.

10. Plant 90 or more flowers in your field. Once they all bloom, Anna will come to your farm. She will give you a Power Berry if you allow her to pick some of your flowers.

There is also a special Blue Berry you can recieve from the Kappa. Throw the lake monster a cucumber from the shoreline of Mother's Lake to bring him to the surface. After offering 3 Cucumbers, Kappa will reward you with a special blue berry. This berry helps you conserve stamina while you are working outside in the rain.

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