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Ushi No Tane
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Ann lives at Green Ranch with her father, Hall, and her brother, Gray. Her mother apparently died when she was at a young and fragile age, so she was raised without a female influence. She therefore grew up to be a very rough and tomboyish girl (and envious of the feminine gals in the area, such as Elli). She's very blunt and tends to overreact, though she's probably the most cheerful and optimistic person in the game. She has a particularly soft spot for animals, constantly caring and worrying over them.

Likes: Potatoes, corn, your dog, and especially wool.
Dislikes: Wild animals, and especially when you let your animals die. Never do that.
Birthday: Summer 14
Gift to you: On your birthday, Ann will knit you a pair of socks.
Rival: Cliff the vagabond.
Sprains her ankle: Just outside of your farm at the crossroads.
Photo Event: One morning in Winter, Ann will stop by your farm to see if you would like to see the rare Pika bunny. Agree with her and you'll receive a photo.
Special Event: If you have several points on your cake card for the bakery, you may accidentally drop it on your way out of Green Ranch. Ann will bring this to your attention and pick it up to give it to you. She'll comment on how many points you have and ask you if you like sweets. If you answer yes, she'll be pleased and tell you that she likes sweets too. If you say no, she'll be disappointed, thinking that you visit the bakery just to see Elli.

"Hey, look at the little birds."
...A bird's nest in the tree...
"They're so cute..."
"I hope they grow up fast so they can fly!"
...The happy girl...
"...Oh! Kyaaaa!"
She got too excited and fell...then...

After witnessing this dream, go to the area behind the carpenter's house. You'll find Ann observing the tree and she'll tell you how once she scarred her forehead by falling from this tree. She'll ask you if you've ever fallen from a tree before. If you tell her yes, she'll be happy, remembering that you were the one climbing the trees with her.

Where to be found: Every day, excluding Thursday and Sunday, Ann will be walking around Green Ranch in the fields. If it's raining, she'll be in the barn. On Thursdays and Sundays, she can be found by the fisherman tent, by the carpenter's hut, or at the Goddess pond. On very rare occasions, she'll be visiting Rick at his shop or Karen at her vineyard. During the fireworks festival, she'll be at Green Ranch. During Starry Night, she'll be at the Church. On New Year's Eve, she'll be at the bar.

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