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Ushi No Tane
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Available Wives

There are five girls whom you can choose to marry: Ann, Elli, Karen, Maria, and Popuri. Each of them has a very distinct personality and very different like and dislikes.


Before getting married, a girl must have a pink heart for you, as shown at the bottom right corner of of their text while they're talking to you. The "heart" order goes white, blue, green, yellow, and lastly pink. That's not the only thing, though -- you'll need to have the carpenters build a kitchen for your home (see home extensions) before she'll accept. Lastly, in order to propose, you'll need to offer her a blue feather. How do you get one? Once a girl is close to becoming marriageable, Rick will begin selling a blue feather in his shop. The selling price will be 1000G, but he'll knock off 20G just for you.

After Marriage

After you're married, if you're on good terms with your wife, she'll do certain chores for you. Here's what each girl will do:

Ann: Feeds the chickens and crates eggs.
Elli: Feeds the chickens and crates eggs.
Karen: Crates eggs, and she'll drop a few occasionally -- but you'll get paid for it anyway.
Maria: Weeds the farm and crates eggs.
Popuri: Waters some of the plants (depending on how well you treat her) and feeds chickens.

Make sure to treat your wife well. Give your wife her favorite gifts daily -- the more attention you give her, the more work she'll do for you (or at least in Popuri's case). Make sure to be home at a reasonable hour. Your wife will go to bed at exactly 10:00, so a good time for you to go to bed would be while she's standing at the bedside, which would be from 8:00 - 10:00.

If it so happens that your wife drops down to a blue heart, she'll leave you! Though she won't technically divorce you, she'll leave a note on your table telling you she's left, and if you have a child, she'll take him with her. The strange thing is that all other eligible girls in the village seem to mysteriously disappear during this time... Anyway, in order to get your wife back into your home, you must go to her parents house (or wherever she lived before she married you) and ask for her to return. She will, with a little convincing.


Before you do anything, you must have the carpenters build a baby bed. If you have done so and you've been treating your wife well, after about a season of marriage, your wife will begin complaining of strange symptons -- she'll be wanting to eat odd things, she's been getting sick to her stomach a lot lately. After another season, your wife will tell you that she's pregnant! She'll begin preparing for the baby, doing things such as reading up on maternal books. Your child will be born a season later.

The day of the birth, (which, if you've done everything correctly, will be about three seasons after your marriage) you'll wake up to find your wife in bed and the midwife and a member of your wife's family in the house. The only thing you can do is go outside and wait around for 3:00 to arrive, since the baby won't be born till then and Zack won't let you leave your farm. Go inside after 3, and you'll hear your wife giving birth to the child. Once all is said and done, talk to your wife and you'll get the opporunity to name your child, and a picture to remember the event.

First stage: Your child's first stage lasts for about a season. In this time, all he really does is sit around in his mother's arms or in his crib, acting about as alive as a log. It's hard giving him gifts in this stage -- you can only give him things while he's in his crib, and the chances of you missing and dropping whatever you're trying to give him is high, so the best thing you can do is show him your dog.

Second Stage: Whoo, he's a little more grown up, and it's ten times easier to give him things! He likes things it when you show him things such as your dog, and loves milk especially. He'll crawl around wherever your wife is, making cute little baby sounds. You can still pick him up and carry him around, if you like. During this stage, you may wake up one morning to find your baby sick. Your wife will be panicking, and you'll get the option to call a member of the girl's family, the midwife, or the Potion Shop Owner for help. It doesn't necessarily matter who you call, whoever comes will simply help your child get better. This stage lasts for three seasons.

Third Stage: This stage occurs after your child has turned one year old. You can no longer pick up your child and take him for walks around town, unfortunately. However, he will begin talking, saying cute little random phrases. This is the final stage, so no matter how long you play, your child will remain a toddler forever.

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