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Ushi No Tane
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Karen is the feisty daughter of Gotz and Sasha, owners of the vineyard. Because she was brought up in the vineyard, her passion is wine, and she drinks often (in fact, Karen is your only major competition in the New Year's drinking contest). She also happens to love dancing, much like her mother used to. She's very rough and rather rude at first, but will open up quite a bit once she gets to know you. If by the end of your second year she happens to be indifferent to you and you have not restored the vineyard, she will leave the village forever.

Likes: Very berries, wild grapes, strawberries, tomatoes, beating her at drinking on New Year's day.
Dislikes: Insects, fish.
Birthday: Winter 29
Gift to you: On your birthday, Karen will give you a charm bracelet that supposedly helps with the weather.
Rival: Kai the vineyard worker.
Sprains her ankle: In the vineyeard, by the tree in the top right corner.
Photo Event: If you've saved the vineyard and you have Karen on at least a yellow heart, she'll come to you on the evening of Fall 7th and ask you to come with her to the vineyard.

"Daddy! I'll never get in trouble again! Please open!"
...A girl is crying...?
"Sniff, sniff."
"Oh, who are you? Where did you come from?"
"Wow, there is a hole here..."
"...My daddy's angry, so I can't come home..."
He went hom with the crying girl holding her hand, then...

After seeing this dream, go to the vineyard. Karen will walk over to you and offer to give you a tour of the vineyard. You'll accept, and you'll go into the storeroom. Karen will find that the door's locked, and you'll be stuck inside. She'll panic, complaining she's hungry. Your first option is to wait around a while until her dad to comes to get you two. Your second (and better) option is to find the hole at the top right corner of the storeroom's first floor, beside the black machine. If you make your way out via the hole, Karen will ask you if you were the one who helped her to get out when she was young. Tell her you were and she'll be happy with you.

Where to be found: Karen's schedule is very... random. The best place to find her is in the bar, as she works there most nights. During the day, she's a bit difficult to find: Sometimes she's up wandering around in the vineyard, sometimes she's in the mountains by the carpenter's hut. However, she'll be on the beach every Sunday. For the Fireworks and Starry Night, Karen will be at the beach. On New Year's Eve, she'll be at the bar.

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