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Photograph Album

You can collect pictures to put into your album, inside your house.

This picture comes with the album by default.
If you become the Harvest King at the Harvest Festival, at the Sowing Festival of next Spring you will be chosen to fly in the hot air balloon. You'll get the picture for it the next day.
You get this picture by winning the Horse Race.
If you win the Cow Festival, leave your winning cow outside the next day. A group of girls will stop by and request to have their picture taken with her. You'll receive the picture in the mail the next day.
You'll get this photo by winning the Swimming Festival.
When the carpenters stop by and ask you to help them build the hot springs, agree to help. By working with them every day you'll receive this picture.
This photo is attained by winning the Dog Race in Winter.
You'll receive your marriage picture the day after your wedding day.
Once your child is born, you'll get a picture of the day of his birth.
If you have Maria at a yellow or pink heart, Maria will ask you to go see the fireflies with her around Summer 10. Agree and you'll receive this picture in the mail.
When the Flower Shop begins carrying Blue Mist seeds in Spring of the 2nd year, buy a bag. Once you do so, you and Popuri will plant the seeds in the area near the Goddess pond. Water the seeds once every day for approximately a week and the flower will bloom. A rare butterfly will appear near the flower. You'll get a picture the following day.
Around the evening of Fall 10th, Elli will show up at your doorstep and tell you that she has something to show you -- but only if you have her up to at least a yellow heart. If you agree to go with her, you'll make moon essence in the mountains and get a picture of it the next day.
If you have Ann to a yellow or pink heart by the beginning of Winter, you'll get this photo. On Winter 2 - 5, she'll pay you a visit in the morning and ask if you would like to see the rare Pika bunny. Agree and you'll receive the photo.
In order to get this photo, you'll need to restore the vineyard, which is covered in the secrets section. On the evening of Fall 7, Karen will come to your farm to tell you that the Kifu fairies are at the vineyard. Agree to go with Karen and you two will watch the fairies bless the vineyard.
After you have gotten every single home extension from the carpenters, you'll receive this picture in the mail.
You must have fulfilled certain requirements by the end of your 3rd Spring. They are:
- Be married
- Have a child
- Be friends with everyone
- Win every festival
- Have a fully extended house
- Have at least 80% of your field cultivated

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