Upcoming Releases
Japan SoS:FoMT (Ps4) - November 25, 2021
image SoS:FoMT (Ps4/XBox) - October 26, 2021
Europe SoS:FoMT (Ps4/Xbox) - October 15, 2021
All Regions SoS:PoOT (Steam) - September 15, 2021
image HM: One World (XboX) - September 28, 2021
Europe HM: One World (Switch) - March 5, 2021
Ushi No Tane
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Flower Shop Lottery
1st: Cushion: A pillow for your wife
2nd: Bath crystals: Restores more energy when you take a bath
3rd: Flower seal: Add 5 stickers to your calendar for marking dates
4th: Catmint seeds: Flower seeds that you plant

1st: Table Cloth: a cloth for your table
2nd: Mug: A mug that sits on your table
3rd: Place Mats: place mats that go on your table
4th: Honey: Restores your energy

Horse Race
1st: New Stable 3000 medals: really no change some red paint on the roof it looks nice.
2nd: Stuffed Horse 1000 medals: cute horse that goes on top of your cabinet
3rd: Sutaing Carrot 500 medals: a carrot that makes your horse listen to you (taming).

Dog Race
1st: New Dog house 3000 medals: Looks a lot better that all I can say.
2nd: Cute Clock 1000 medals: When you press start you and see that clock thing it changes to look like cow skin
3rd: 500 Materials 500 medals: You get 500 pieces of wood

Egg Festival
1st year: Power Nut: Gives you more power
2nd year: Protects your Green House from typhoons
3rd year: and 1 months worth of fodder: Fodder for your animals

Swimming Festival
1st year: Invincible Katori: Protects Your Farm Against Typhoons
2nd year: 1 months worth of wood: 180 pieces of wood.

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