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Ushi No Tane
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Cooking Recipes

To learn new recipes, you have to give various types of gifts to the villagers in the game.

Tomato Recipes
Simple Tomato Soup: Give a tomato to the Priest
Twice Cooked Tomato's and Greens: Give a tomato to Lila
Tomato Cream Soup: Give a tomato to the Shipper
Tomato Rice: Give a tomato to Karen's mom

Strawberry Recipes
Strawberry Dog: Give a strawberry to Stu
Strawberry Jam: Give a strawberry to Popuri
Strawberry Champagne: Give a strawberry to Karen

Corn Recipes
Corn Fritter: Give a corn to Ann's father
Corn Pasta: Give a corn to Basil

Eggplant Recipes
Eggplant with Miso Paste: Give an Eggplant to the midwife

Turnip Recipes
Pickled Turnips and Cabbage: Give a turnip to the old man on that owns the mount moon restaurant
Cream of Turnip Soup: Give a Turnip to Maria's mother

Cabbage Recipes
Rolled Cabbage: Give a cabbage to Maria

Edible&Medicinal Herb Recipes
Miso Soup with Sprouts: Give an Edible Herb to the Potion shop Dealer
Sesame Dandelion with Greens: Give a Medicinal Herb to Saibara
Herb Rice Cake: Give an Edible Herb to the old lady at the mountain restaurant

Egg Recipes
Stuffed Omelet: Give a egg to Ann's brother (Gray)
Spa-pouched Eggs: Give an egg to Kent
Spice Tea: Give an Egg to Cliff in the winter
Bread Pudding: Give an Egg or Milk to Elli

Fish Recipes
Fried Char: Give a fish to the Fisherman
Grilled Trout with Cheese: Give a fish to the Fisherman (or possibly one of the Lead Carpenter's apprentices)

Milk Recipes
Cinnamon Milk Tea: Give Mill to Jeff (the guy behind the counter in the bakery)
Homemade Butter: Give Milk to Rick

Walnut Recipes
Walnut Cake: Give a Walnut to Elli's Grandmother

Potato Recipes
Potato Pan Cakes: Give a Potato to the Shippers Daughter.
Fried Potato's and Bacon: Give a Potato to the Mayor
Mashed Potato's: Give a Potato to Ann
Garlic Potato Beef: Give a Potato to Harris the mail man

Mushroom Recipes
Mushroom Salsa: Give a Mushroom to the Harvest Sprite in the cave (Arthur)
Mushroom Rice: Give a Mushroom to the Lead Carpenter

VerryBerry and Wild Grape Recipes
Hot And Spicy Wine: Give a Veryberry to The Bar Tender
Veryberry Wine: Give a Veryberry to Kai
Steamed Clams with Wine: Give a Wild Grape to Karen's Father

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