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Marriage Rivals

This time around, you have rivals for each girl's affection! If you become good friends with a certain bachelor and either don't have a girl's affection high enough or are married to another girl, then he'll drop by your house to tell you that he's getting married! That's not all, though: Each couple can and will have their own child. Information on each couple and images of their children are below.

Kai + Karen: In order to get these two married, you must save the vineyard first (see secrets) -- otherwise, Karen will leave before they get the chance. Kai likes berries of all kinds, so be sure to give him lots. If you see a scene in which Karen becomes drunk at the bar and Kai helps her, then you know that you're getting close to seeing their wedding.
After they're married, they'll both live on the vineyard. Kai is as happy as ever, but Karen is less than enthusiastic. Both of Karen's parents are very happy to see the house liven up. After Karen's baby is one month old, she dresses him up in a Pikachu suit (of all things). Kai will mention that his child is a girl.

(Image coming soon) Cliff + Ann: Cliff and Ann pair up relatively easily -- Cliff is easy to befriend and Ann is hard to woo. One of Cliff's favorite gifts are eggs, and those are obtained fairly easily, so be sure to give him plenty. If you see a scene in which Cliff is trying to feed a rabbit to his falcon and Ann gets upset with him because of that, that's a sign that they'll be wedded soon.

After they're married, Cliff and Ann will live on Green Ranch. They fight a lot, but they always seem to make up afterwards. Hall is very happy to see his daughter finally get married. Once Ann has her child, he'll be dressed in a dinosaur suit.

Jeff + Elli: Though Jeff says he's like a father figure to Elli, he eventually develops feelings for her if you happen to befriend him. He likes milk (gold milk especially), so fork over lots of that. When they're close to getting married, you'll see a scene where Elli and Jeff are fishing, and Elli says that Jeff looks younger than he thinks, and Jeff will become embarrassed.

Once married, both continue to live at the bakery -- and, quite frankly, they couldn't be happier. Elli is eager to start a family, though Jeff doesn't seem very ready for that. Once Elli has her baby, he'll be dressed in a chicken suit.

Gray + Popuri: Befriending Gray is no easy task, but once you do, he'll begin to become more open about his feelings for Popuri. Eggs are probably the best thing to give him in this case, though he also likes to see your dog. You'll know they're close to their wedding when you see a scene in which an embarrassed Gray purchases several flower seeds from Popuri -- and, later, another scene where Popuri and Ann see that Gray has planted flowers all over Green Ranch (Ann thinks it's weird, Popuri thinks it's sweet). Gray will also begin to say things like "Yeah, you're right, I'll give her a blue feather" in the bar.

After they're married, Gray and Popuri will live at Green Ranch. If Ann hasn't married yet, she'll think it's funny and will tell you that she teases her brother about it. Popuri and Gray will dress up their child in a bunny suit, and Popuri will tell you that she's named her Mint.

Harris + Maria: Harris will tell you early on in the game that he has feelings for Maria, though he doesn't know what to do about it. Harris likes flowers and milk, so once you befriend him, he'll finally begin to take action on his feelings. You'll know they're close to marrying once you see a scene in which Maria gives Harris a letter and Harris basically freaks out.

Once they're married, Harris and Maria will live at the mayor's house. Maria will continue her job at the library, as Harris will continue his job as a mailman. Once they have their child, Maria will dress him up in a panda suit (aww). Maria often mentions that her baby is luckily quiet.

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