Upcoming Releases
Japan SoS:FoMT (Ps4) - November 25, 2021
image SoS:FoMT (Ps4/XBox) - October 26, 2021
Europe SoS:FoMT (Ps4/Xbox) - October 15, 2021
All Regions SoS:PoOT (Steam) - September 15, 2021
image HM: One World (XboX) - September 28, 2021
Europe HM: One World (Switch) - March 5, 2021
Ushi No Tane
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Tv Channels

Channel #1: This is the weather channel so it tells you the weather and if you have animals outside watch this channel and make sure if it is raining that there inside.

Channel #2: This is the News channels that tells you the up and coming events.

Channel #3: This channel is for the newbie HM gamers, because it helps you and tells about the tools how to use, plus how to raise your animals.

Channel #4: This channel is just static so don't watch it!

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