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Ushi No Tane
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Hall: Father of Ann and Grey and is the owner of green ranch this is where you buy your animals and the supplies for your animals. Found in the shop and in the bar.

Gray: His father is Hall the owner of green ranch he takes care of the animals that are raised there and he will marry Poppuri if you don't.Found at green ranch and in the field and in the barn on Thursdays found in the mountains, and sometimes at the bar.

Ann: She is one of the girls that you can marry, she lives at green ranch and Hall her father is the owner of the ranch. She is found at green ranch in the field and in the barn (when raining) and in the mountains.

Harris: The mailman is in found in town, green ranch and the mountains he will Marry Maria if you don't.

Maria: Her father is the Mayor and If you don't marry her Harris will. She can be found at the library where she works at the mayors house where she lives and in the mountains.

Mayor: He is the mayor and he can be found in town, at church on Sundays and he lives his house.

Mayor's wife: She is the Mayor's wife she can be found at the mayor's house and at church on Sundays.

Midwife: She Delivers the babies in town and she is the grandmother of the May. She lives in the Hut thing beside the potion shop. She can be found in her hut.

May: Her father is the shipper and her mother is dead. she lives in the hut thing. She can be found in the church where she goes to school or near her house.

Potion shop owner: Is the potion shop owner very wise about the body. He can be found in the shop or in the mountains.

Stu: black haired kid he is the older than his brother Kent. Found in the church for school near his house and in the mountains.

Kent: Brown haired kid he is younger than Stu his brother and his grandpa is the potion shop owner where him and Stu live. Always with Stu.

Shipper: He takes the stuff you put in the hamper things at your house and sells them for you. His daughter May and his mother is the midwife. He can be found at the bar.

Lilia: Co-owner of the Flower shop she sell you seeds her daughter is Poppuri and her Husband is Basil. Can be found in the shop.

Basil: He goes away every winter to find beautiful flowers. his daughter is Poppuri and his wife is Lilia, he to owns the Flower shop.

Popuri: You can marry her but if you don't Grey will. Her mother is Lilia and her Father is Basil. She can found outside the flower shop and inside the flower shop (rainy days), found in the mountains to or sometimes on green ranch.

Jeff: He owns the Bakery and he will marry Elli if you don't. he can be found in the shop or fishing in the mountains.

Elli: She will marry Jeff if you don't marry her she works at the bakery because she is a great cook. Can be found in the shop or the mountains some times the beach.

Elli's Grandmother: She is Elli's grand mom and she is just there.she can be found at the Bakery (outside) rainy days inside.

Saibara: He Owns the craft shop he is old. He can be found in the shop and in the mountains by the spa.

Rick: Owns the tool shop and he is related to Ann and her family. He can be found in his shop.

Bar Owner: He owns the bar and he is the bartender. He can be found at the bar.

Karen: She works at the bar at night. Her mother is the lady at the vineyard and her father is the man at the vineyard. She will Marry Kai if you don't marry her. She can be found at the vineyard in the mountains at the beach and at the bar at night.

Kai: He is a worker at the vineyard and will marry Karen if you don't. e can be found at the vineyard and at the bar.

Vineyard Lady: She is Karen's mother and her husband is the vineyard man. She can be found at in the house in the vineyard.

Vineyard Man: he is the owner of the vineyard and he is Karen's father and the vineyard lady's husband, he has a temper. He can be found at the vineyard and at the bar.

Cliff: He is a stranger that travels with his falcon Cain, he is Karen's cousin. He will Marry Ann if you don't. He can be Found in the mountains and in the cave (rainy) inside the Carpenter Cabin (rainy) and at green ranch.

Carpenters: They are carpenters. they sit by the Can doing work.

Lead Carpenter: he is in the cabin he is the one you buy your Extensions off of.

Old Couple: The own the Moon Mountain restaurant. They are found at the restaurant.

Fisherman: He is the best fisherman and he will give you a fishing rod. He is found by his tent fishing in the river and at the beach.

Evil Salesman: DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FORM HIM so anyway he comes around and does his thing sell crap.

Weird Couple: They are a weird red headed couple that comes around and says "oh look at those beautiful grass fields" or "oh look at the beautiful flowers" and then they start to kiss.I don't where they are found but are just there to complement your farm.

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