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Ushi No Tane
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Trees and Crops

There are quite a few crops in this game, many of them new, and all but one can grow in more than one season, so don't worry about the fact that each season is only 10 days. All normal crops take less than 10 days to grow, anyway.

You have to be much more careful with your crops, though. While you can sell crops of normal quality to Van, they don't fetch a very high price. You need to water your crops more than once a day, and if you can afford it, put down some fertilizer. By doing so, crops of regular quality (B) will become A-rank vegetables, some might even become S-rank! They will be worth more money. Only third generation crops (see the hybrids section) can be sold to town, though.

You buy all your seeds at the produce farm next to your farm. To buy them, just talk to Vesta, Marlin, or Celia. They all sell seeds and fertilizer.

ALL crops are non-renewable: even if the plant is still there after you harvest it, nothing will grow on it. It's best just to chop it down and plant something else.

One thing you'll notice right away about Vesta's farm is how she plants her crops: they're arranged in a checkerboard pattern. While this greatly reduces the amount of plants you can grow, it has two major advantages: they will grow faster and won't need to be watered as often. Certain crops (such as all the 3rd generation plants and sweet potatoes) can normally only be grown during one season, so I would highly reccomend planting them in a checkerboard pattern. Most other crops grow in two or more seasons, so they can be crowded together without much worry.


Trees can be planted at any time of year, but will take a long time until they start producing fruit. They're more expensive, too. However, you obviously get fruit from them multiple times, so they're worth it! Each tree will only produce fruit during one season each year. Do not plant any crops in the 8 spaces surrounding the trees. Doing so will kill the crops.

Seed Buying Price
(per bag)
Tomato 30G Spring to Fall
Watermelon 60G Spring to Summer
Melon 50G Summer to Fall
Strawberry 30G Fall to Spring
Turnip 20G Summer to Winter
Potato 40G Winter to Spring
Carrot 30G Fall to Winter
Sweet Potato (Yam) 40G Fall Only
Peach 1120G N/A (give fruit in Summer)
Orange 820G N/A (Summer)
Grape 900G N/A (Fall)
Banana 1500G N/A (Summer)
Apple 820G N/A (Fall)
Fertilizer 120G N/A

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