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Ushi No Tane
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In the northeast corner of the valley is the excavation site. Professor Carter and his assistant Flora dig through the debris every day in hopes of finding artifacts. You can go down and dig around for goodies too! Carter even gives you a trowel to work with. If Carter is inside the site you can dig, but once he leaves at 5:00 pm you have to leave as well.

The Chihuahua dog that you sometimes see outside the excavation site is an item indicator, just like the wild animal fishing indicators. You won't ever get the little dog from Carter, but if you see him outside you have a good chance of digging higher selling items out of the dirt. You can give the items as presents or sell them to Van when he's in town.

You can dig at the site once per day. At each chapter in the game, the excavation site will increase in size. In the beginning chapter the excavation site is only 12 squares large, but by the time you reach chapter 6 it'll be 123 squares!

Chapter 1
Coin10 G
Human Statue40 G
Moon Ore40 G
Skull Fossil50 G
Tablet C0 g
Chapter 2
Silver Coin40 G
Fossil40 G
Sugar Ore50 G
Horse Statue70 G
Tablet D0 G
Chapter 3
Gold Coin50 G
Hip Fossil60 G
Hop Ore80 G
Jade Ball150 G
Tablet E0 G
Chapter 4
Strange Fossil80 G
Temple Ore150 G
Strange Item300 G
Tablet F0 G
Chapter 5 and 6
Prosper Ore300 G
Black Fossil400 G
Stone Disc500 G
Tablet G0 G

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