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Ushi No Tane
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Van's Shop

Van is the overweight peddler who comes to the valley every so often to sell his goods and buy things from others. He always comes on the 3rd and 8th of each month, though he'll usually stop by on random days between those dates. He sets up shop by the Mitemi Inn. The time he opens his shop varies, but he always closes it at 6PM.

Selling to Van
Van will buy anything, and I mean anything, from you! Vegetables, tools, flowers, herbs, seeds, things you've found in the ruins, mistakes that you cooked... you name it, he'll buy it. His prices differ greatly, and you can haggle with him (just tell him the first price he named wasn't high enough) so I won't bother listing selling prices. Things like seeds tend to sell for half of what you paid for it (making tree seeds a great thing to sell to him! You can make lots of money if you have a tree and a seed maker.)

Buying from Van
There are a few things Van has in stock all the time, but there are some things that change from chapter to chapter. Note that this list is not quite complete.

Also, Van will sell records for your record player--only after you've connected the games A Wonderful Life and Friends of Mineral Town. After you've connected a certain amount of times and have gotten to a certain point in AWL, a record will be for sale in FoMT. Shortly thereafter, the same record will be available from Van in AWL.

I also don't remember the prices of everything... sorry about that.

Chapter 1 and beyond:
Brush (500G)
Fishing Rod (500G)
Fatigue-curing potion (750G)
Strength-giving potion (750G)
Hyper strength-giving potion (1000G)

Chapter 2 and beyond:
Goat (4000G, spring only)
Ball (???G - under 500G)
Wooden Car (???G - under 500G)
Blocks (???G - under 500G)

Chapter 3 and beyond:
Daachan (teddy bear) (1200G)

Chapter 4 and beyond:
Vase (????G)

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