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Cooking Recipes


You cannot just start cooking meals right off the bat, first you must add on the kitchen (see House Extensions). You will be able to use 3 different utensils to cook, this includes the Frying Pan, Pot and Oven. There are many recipes!

To begin cooking, stand in front of the utensil you want to use and press the X button. You can then select up to 3 ingredients to use from your Rucksack, and then press the Start button when you're ready to cook. That's all you have to do!

If you are rotating through the ingredients and you can't remember the name of something, press the Select button and a description will pop up. The items you have stored in your Freezer are not available for ingredient selection so you'll have to put any of those items in your Rucksack if you want to use them in a recipe.

Oven Recipes
CakeMilk, Egg, Breadfruit
CheesecakeMilk, Cheese, Breadfruit
FlanMilk, Egg
Fruit CakeMilk, Fruit, Breadfruit
Fruit FlanMilk, Egg, Very Berry
Honey CakeHoney, Egg, Breadfruit
Leaf-Grilled FishFish, Herb
Simple CakeSmall Milk, Egg, Breadfruit
Special CheesecakeMilk, Special Cheese, Breadfruit

Pot Recipes
Blueberry JamBlueberry, Blueberry, Blueberry
BouillabaiseFish, Tomato
CheeseLarge Milk
Cranberry JamCranberry, Cranberry, Cranberry
Cream of Corn SoupMilk, Corn
Cream of Mushroom SoupMilk, Mushroom
Cream of Tomato SoupMilk, Tomato
Cream SoupMilk, Potato
Hard Boiled EggEgg
Hot MilkSmall Milk
Mixed Berry Jam 1Blueberry, Cranberry
Mixed Berry Jam 2Cranberry, Very Berry
Mixed Berry Jam 3Blueberry, Very Berry
Mixed JamBlueberry, Cranberry, Very Berry
Special CheeseGolden Milk
Very Berry JamVery Berry, Very Berry, Very Berry
YogurtMedium Milk

Frying Pan Recipes
Cheese OmeletteEgg, Cheese
Cooked FishFish
Fruit OmeletteEgg, Veryberry
Mixed OmeletteEgg, Tomato
PancakeEgg, Breadfruit, Milk
Sandwich 1Soft Bread, Hard Boiled Egg
Sandwich 2Soft Bread, Tomato
Sandwich 3Soft Bread, Cheese
Sauteed Fish w/CreamLarge Fish, Milk, Herb
Simple OmeletteEgg, Milk
Special Cheese OmeletteEgg, Special Cheese
Sunny Side UpEgg

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