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Ushi No Tane
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Azure Swallowtail

To begin this ending you must become good friends with Kurt. To do this give him at least one tomato per day for a few days. Eventually, when walking in Walnut Forest (Carpenter's Area) you will encounter a cinema with Kurt. He will mention that he hasn't seen any of the Azure Swallowtail Butterfly in a long time. He figures that if somehow they came back to the homeland, that it would be saved from the theme park construction company. Woody comes in and then mentions that the Azure Swallowtail likes the Blue Mist Flower. Now it is time to investigate.

Go check out the Goddess Pond and throw something in. She will tell you that you must find someone who is knowledgeable of flowers. There are two people, one is Lyla, the other is Parsley. Head on over to the Flower Shop to visit Lyla. Something that wouldn't hurt is to bring her Pink Cat Mint Flowers to help strengthen your friendship with her. She will explain to you that the Blue Mist Flower is a very delicate and rare flower. It is only found high in the mountains where elements can not damage the flower, and where weather changes aren't so severe. She stops there because she doesn't know any more details about it. Now go and find Parsley.

Try checking out the areas wherever flowers are found and you should find Parsley. To aid in this event, try giving Parsley a couple Walnuts to strengthen your relationship with him. As you can see relationships in this game is a big part. After Parsley listens to what you have to say, he tells you that he will go off and research more on the Blue Mist Flower and report back to you his findings. For the next few days keep on giving more gifts to Lyla and Parsley. Stop by the Tool Shop every so often as well, and eventually you should see a cinema of Louis showing Lyla a camera that he is working on to take a picture of the Azure Swallowtail when and if it arrives.

After about a week of doing all of this, Lyla and Parsley will stop by your farm in the morning. Parsley will tell you what his research has found on flower. He ends up giving you a bag of Blue Mist Flower seeds. He tells you how you must care for these seeds. Now you might want to go on a hike up to the Goddess Lake area to plant the seeds. There is a specific spot where to plant them. Look across the river and there should be a one by one plot of dirt there. Use your hoe to till the square and then plant the seed. It will ask for confirmation when planting the seed, just simply hit yes. Now you have planted them, it is time to water them. (Note: the Flower should be planted early to the mid of Summer, otherwise Fall will kill it). Make sure to come back every day and water the flower until it blooms. It will take about 9 days, but once those 9 days have passed, the flower should fully bloom. If you forget to water the Blue Mist flower and it dies, you can buy the seeds at Lyla's flower shop for 200 G.

Once this day occurs, a cinema will occur at the Goddess Lake. Parsley will walk up while the Hero is viewing the flower. He will tell you that he didn't believe that this was true but he is glad that it worked. He has decided to leave the area to go on and do bigger and better things after accomplishing this task. Now it is time to wait for the Azure Swallowtail to come along. If you go up to the Goddess Lake area around night time (after 7:00 pm) you should see the Goddess and the Harvest Sprites admiring the flower. The Goddess will note that all everyone must do now is wait.

Make sure to keep on visiting the flower daily. After 3 to 4 days of the flower blooming, a cinema should occur. You will approach the area and an Azure Swallowtail will appear hovering over the Blue Mist Flower. Lyla and Louis will eventually stop by to admire with you. At this time Louis will set up his camera and take a picture of the butterfly while Lyla poses by the flower. Louis then states that he will send in the picture and let you know how they react to it. You then must wait some time again, and no matter what you do the flower will eventually die. After it dies, don't worry nothing bad has happened.

After about seven days of waiting, head on up to the Goddess Lake area in the evening. A cinema will come up seeing Lyla busy at picking up the seeds left behind from the flower. She says that she can sell these to grow other Blue Mist Flowers. After this Louis will come running up to the two of you. He says that due to the picture of the rare butterfly being published, that the homeland will be saved from the evil developers. The homeland is to now become a wildlife preserve. After the credits a small scene with Louis and Lyla talking occurs. Then Lyla will leave and you will last see Louis chasing after her.

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