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Ushi No Tane
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In this ending you must befriend Louis. To do this just give him at least one Egg a day for about a week. When you know you have become good friends with him he will start to talk to you about more things. After you become good friends, head on over to Maple Lake after 6:00 pm. A cinema will occur where you will find Louis playing his flute. You will also see a bunch of birds flying around his head. After watching him play for a little bit, the Hero will walk over to Louis. The two of you will feed the birds together and at this time Louis will give you a flute of your own. Continue to develop your friendship with Louis giving him Eggs, and making sure to practice on the flute. You can use your flute to build your relationship with your dog, which can aid you in other events.

A little later, about a week later at that, head on down to Maple Lake again after 6:00 pm. You should see Lyla standing behind some brush listening to Louis playing his flute. After a little while of watching, the Hero and Lyla will venture down towards Louis to talk with him. Lyla asks him to play his flute but Louis gets nervous and messes up. Lyla then leaves and then Louis will start to tell you about the Bluebird. He hopes that by playing his flute he will one day see one. Then Woody steps into the cinema and explains that the Bluebirds were pretty much hunted down until they were all killed and he hasn't seen any in years. This brings an end to this cinema and everyone heads on home. Continue to develop your friendship with Louis.

After about one to two weeks, Louis will stop by your farm and ask if you have been practicing your flute. Answer with a yes of course, and then he will ask you if you'd like to go down to the lake and play some music with him. After venturing off towards the lake, a mini-game will come up. You and Louis will be standing next to each other and there will be a music note above your head. Louis will explain that you must play the notes that he is playing. When the note lights up next to the note above your head, you must play this note on your flute. The notes are color coded with the directional pad.

Green = Up
Blue = Down
Pink = Left
Red = Right

Louis will then start playing his tune and you are to join in with him. You are allowed to miss up to 6 or 7 notes out of 56 total notes available. If you fail you will be given the option of playing again (do so otherwise you risk losing this ending opportunity). Here is the code you must play below.

P, G, P, B, R, B, B, P, G, R, B, P, B, P, G, R, P, B, G, G, P, P, R, R, B, P, G, B, P, R, B, P, B, G, R, B, P, G, B, G, P, P, B, B, R, B, P, R, G, G, P, P, R, G, R, B, P

While you two are playing, a Bluebird will show up and it will drop a Blue feather on the ground. Louis will pick it up and wonder what to do. Then he runs off towards his shop. Now go and talk to the Goddess and she will tell you that she has no clue as to what is going to happen. After about 2 weeks, Louis will stop by the farm and tell you that the Blue feather he sent has saved the homeland. He explains that since the Blue feather is so rare, that they won't allow the company to develop the land. In celebration, you and Louis head out to Maple Lake and play some more tunes on your flutes.

After the credits scroll by, Louis will ask the significance of the blue feather. The Hero will explain that it is given to somebody that one loves. Lyla will then enter and she thinks the story is sweet. Louis then gives up his courage to give her the feather and the scene fades out.

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